Top Tier Photo Shoot And Video:

                             Top Tier Photo Shoot And Video

You may remember me telling you about a new gym opening up in the Pittsburgh area a few weeks back.   We held a photo shoot for the gym's opening and the results were pretty awesome. A good day was had by all and even yours truly spent some time getting punched in the face by some of the area's local savages.  Top Tier is officially open for business and accepting new members every day.   

If you are interested in signing up, you can do so by calling (412) 925-0661 and/ or liking their Facebook page.

Check out some photos courtesy of Shawn Eisler after the jump:

2014 Western Pa Grappling Championships 10/25/2014

It's that time of year again bros.

The Keystone Oaks grappling tournament hosted by Steel City martial arts is set to go down October 25th and pre-registration starts now.  

You can save some money by pre-registering here

Below is an official message from the powers that be:

2014 WPa Bjj Gi & No-gi Grappling Championship. We are looking forward to another successful competition that displays the finest grapplers that this area has to showcase. We are constantly striving to improve your experience when you come to our event. In past years a few competitors expressed that they would appreciate an expedited event for the children and teens. In response to that request we have decided that any competitor under the age of 18, will only be able to compete if they are pre-registered, on- line only by the October 19th cut-off date. Children/teens will not be permitted to register at Steel City Martial Arts the evening before or at the Venue, the day of the event. This will allow us to have this group organized, bracketed and ready to compete first. Gi and no-gi children and teens divisions will be the first group of competitors to to enter the mats. Please inform anyone on your team or at your academy who may benefit from this information.

Adults can continue to register online until the cut-off date and take advantage of the on-line pre-registration discount. The cut off date for pre-registrations this year will be midnight October 19th, 2014. After this time pre-registration will close for everyone. Adults only will be able to register the night before the event at Steel City Martial Arts, 3842 Library Road, Castle Shannon Pa 15234, or register the morning of the event at the venue, Keystone Oaks High School. If you choose to register the night before or the day of the event you will be required to pay the full price, cash only. Please remember, only the first 150 pre-registrants receive a free event T-shirt.

Check out the weight classes and other "stuff" after the jump:

Complete Devastation 10: Full Card

                        Complete Devastation 10: Full Card 

Complete Devastation is coming back to Altoona, Pennsylvania and putting together a pretty strong effort as far as regional MMA is concerned.  

The main event features recent WSOF vet Brett Shoenfelt taking on Robert Corpora who is currently riding a 2 fight win streak.  Charlie Gathers will be rematching Daniel Yeagley in an effort to avenge a second round guillotine loss back in June. Mike Putnam is back and this time he is taking on Jeremiah Yeager in what should be a pretty good scrap.  I always like watching Putnam work, the kid has some potential and if he's training right, he's a tough guy to beat. 

Rich Cantolina and Ethan Goss have decided to run it back one more time on the amateur under card main event. Goss and Cantolina put together on one helluva a show back at Pinnacle FC 5 and obviously the guys over at CDMMA is hoping that chemistry is still there. Caleb Dobosh makes his return to the cage to take on the undefeated Jacob Kozorosky in what should be an interesting match up.  

check out the whole card listed below.

Professional Line Up

Amateur Line up

Training Durnell Week:1 & 2

Training Durnell Week:1 & 2

I decided to blog my experience training Anthony Durnell for his title fight against Jimmie Rivera the other day, more or less, on a whim.   This will be a 9 week camp where I will be his boxing coach for what will be the biggest fight of both of our careers.  Obviously this is a pretty big honor for me to even be considered, let alone chosen to work this side of Anthony's game.

Editor note:  If any of this seems to be more difficult to read that usual, it’s because I am probably half punch drunk right now.

So over the course of the next 9 weeks or so I am going to be putting together updates of our progress along with videos and pictures of what we are getting into as we prepare for this fight.

Week 1: This is always an interesting time.  Anthony and I have never worked together prior to this week, so early on it is all about learning each other’s tendencies and I would like to think this happened relatively smoothly considering he has a traditional thai background.  During the first few weeks I like to talk about the game plan and tactics a lot.  There is always a reason for everything and I don’t do anything idly.  Durnell understands this point of view and seems to be in the same mind set.   Our timing on the pads seems to be coming together quickly and I am starting to have a good feeling about all of this.  I am also very impressed with Anthony's ability to pick up and make the necessary adjustments on the fly. 

Week 2/today:  Our session Tuesday went very smoothly.  Anthony is picking up the tweaks I am showing him and we are improving noticeably already.   Without giving too much away, Anthony and I are working on a few improvements to his game while touching up the rest of his style that may have gotten overlooked during his transition to MMA.   Tuesday, I left for work with both elbows throbbing and some grip problems with my left hand.   All the indicators of a good day. 

This morning (Thursday) Anthony was supposed to get some work in with the Lumberjack Gregg Rudolph but Gregg’s strength and conditioning workout ran over so we were left partner-less.   This is when I should have just chalked it up as a sign and got back to work but that’s never been my style. 

As I am walking out to my car to get my handwraps I thought to myself “You ain’t never gonna learn are you?”. - My inner dialogue doesn’t a give a shit about proper grammar- I walk back into the building and I hear the Rocky IV ballad “hearts on fire” which almost immediately makes me start to regret my decision of volunteering, especially when I see how excited this song makes Durnell.  There's nothing worse than getting beat up to a Rocky song, I have learned this before.  I normally stay up late and wake up early, and today was no exception.   Before heading to the gym I was grouting my newly finished subway tile and instructing my less creative brother on how to finish this project off.  Why is this relevant? Maybe it’s not but I think in some ways you will understand that my mindset was not necessarily “you’re going to spar with a guy fighting for what is more or less a world title this morning”.   So with zero warm up and roughly 3 air punches we were off. 

I have been fighting since I can remember so I can normally put together what could be consider a respectable performance, but when you are working with a guy as good and as experienced as Durnell, it’s just not that easy.   Four very hard, very long rounds later and we were done, well at least I was and now here I sit, a little bruised, pretty tired with a nice shiner and a funny story about Rocky IV. 

Durnell has a surprising type of power; it’s sneaky and very consistent.  I would define it as “battering”, especially now.   Jimmie Rivera is going to have his hands full.   If you see me over the weekend and I don’t remember the conversation or seem a bit off, blame Durnell.  

I might run the video at a later point.   Till next week bros. 

The Official Combat Sport State Of The Union Address:

Four years and several weeks ago, a few drunken idiots decided to create this here website and since we have been left with a moderately funny, relatively informative, sometimes bias place to connect ourselves to the combat sports world in our lives. 
And hence forth bros, below is my official state of the union in our great region as I know it to be today. 

Things have shifted and now Pittsburgh is the fighting hotbed we always knew it could be.  

We have great events, big turnouts and some of the best regional fights around.  InsideMMA literally loves us; don’t believe me? Just check out our Pinnacle FC twitter feed.  Do you know how many grainy, shitty, KO and stoppage videos they get weekly and they continue to feature us multiple times after every event.  Our last event had 3 clips featured on their weekly installment of Friday Finishes.   That’s pretty awesome when you think about it. 

I always knew that we had the right environment to grow some decent talent should the right systems be put in place and as it turns out, I was correct (I know huge surprise).  It’s probably the wrestling programs, the ugly weather and the hard nose neighborhoods that help produce guys like Josh Stansbury, Adam Milstead, Mark Cherico, Dom Mazzotta, all of whom have played a role in elevating this area and there are more waiting in the wings. I have seen some talk about the “floodgates to the UFC” being opened now that we have had a local guy make the jump.  Reality check time, the UFC does not contract fighters via proximity to other fighters that they have previously signed.  In other words, because Chris Dempsey was signed recently it does not mean Adam Milstead will be signed, simply because they are both residents of Beaver County.   The only way they will get there is by winning notable fights and maintaining an active, connected management team.  My point is that although we are helping create the structure for success, there is still a process to these things.   But we are getting there bros, we are getting there.

The Ohio scene is cooling off.

From what I can tell, the Ohio MMA scene is starting to thin out, which isn’t a huge surprise.  There was a time when you could really only find a fight in Ohio and there were plenty of promotions to choose from.  And then that shifted into there being really only one promotion that everyone fought for.  This is usually not a good thing and as it turns out all promotions struggled while working in this space. It is mostly because of some shady practices, mishandling of fighters and other “not great for business” type shit that everyone suffered.  This is a good lesson for anyone attempting to work in the same space, these bullshit, negative practices turn into a pissing contest where everyone loses.  And for the most part, they did.  

Check out the rest after the jump:

EFP Rumble At Ridgewood: Quick Results

EFP Rumble At Ridgewood: Quick Results

Explosive Fight Promotions put together yet another top rated card that went down over the weekend featuring a host of Pittsburgh amateurs.  I didn't go to the event because I was busy with other things like trying to avoid unwanted pregnancy, whittling and practicing my bow staff techniques (it's more or less swinging a stick around).  

FCP's Ryan Arreola moves to a 5-0 with his decision victory over Tim Isaac and is the new featherweight EFP champion.  So congratulations to him.

Results from Explosive Fight Promotions Rumble at Ridgewood are listed below:

  • Mark McAfee over Josh Kinnet by TKO 1:55 1st
  • Marcus Fowler over James Neff by TKO 2:56 1st
  • Kevin McCallion over Tyler Cavalear by TKO :45 1st
  • Dereck Hornback over Keifer Roberts by TKO :44 1st
  • Criston Williams over William Sutton by Rear Naked Choke :31 3rd
  • Dornes Butler over Ja'Rhon Henderson by Split Decision
  • Tyree Johnson over Josh Farley by Kumara :59 1st
  • Josh Riley over Jamie Randles by TKO 2:01 1st
  • Nikolai Gionti o er Aaron Woods by Rear Naked Choke 1:44 3rd
  • Justin Smith over Travis Dietz by Guillotine Choke 1:07 2nd
  • Ryan Arreola over Tim Isaac by Unanimous Decision (145 Title Fight)
  • Coy Bissett over Josh Rohler by Unanimous Decision (155 Title Fight)
  • Jesse Maloy over Ray Hollis by Armbar 2:18 2nd (HW Title Defense Fight)

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