Bobby Emmons’ game plan: “(Punch) him back when he punches me”

Bobby Emmons Takes On Justin Steave Nov. 26th For Pinnacle

Bobby Emmons (4-4) is the type of fighter that I love. I’ve also never been afraid to tell anybody that Justin Steave (6-4) is one of my favorite fighters, period. And it just so happens that these two have signed on the dotted line for a date on November 26th, where instead of flowers and wine there will be fists and arm bars.

Emmons became a favorite of Pinnacle FC brass in May, when he stepped up on 8 days’ notice to take on the ultra-tough AJ Bosley at Pinnacle FC 7. Not only that, but he drove 500 miles, ate a Primanti Bros. sandwich and drank a beer. And oh yeah, he submitted Bosley with an arm bar in the first round.

“My last four fights combined have actually ben on 8 weeks’ total notice,” said Emmons. “But I try and at least stay in decent shape, so the difference here will be game planning/cardio confidence.”

On that very same card, one Justin Steave was busy moving his record inside the Pinnacle FC cage to a nice and shiny 3-0 by submitting former Bellator mainstay Brylan Vanartsdalen in just 57 seconds. So after that event, Pinnacle matchmaker Dave Klick came up with the brilliant idea of pitting two of the more intriguing fighters to ever step foot in a Pinnacle cage, and he decided to do so as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

Sure it may seem like a striker vs. grappler on paper, but Emmons isn’t afraid to put his “White Trash BJJ” on the back burner for a nice little scrap, and Steave may have the footwork of a beautiful ballerina, but he also knows some White Belt Survival techniques and has actually earned half of his wins as a pro via submission.

Still, Steave probably knows that Emmons will want him on the ground, and Emmons probably knows that he’ll get punched in the face. That’s why it’s a fight, and Bobby has a pretty simple game plan for what to do when that inevitable jab does snap his head back: “by punching him back when he punches me.”

It’s also no secret that “The Hawk” has struggled a bit against dominant wrestler-types who do nothing more than hold him down. That’s what has happened during at least two of his losses, and for the other one a guy ran from him for 15 minutes and got a hometown decision. That’s part of why this matchup is so fun. It could either end with one punch or a quick submission, or we could get 15 minutes of two iron-willed fighters slugging it out.

“I’m not there to hold anyone down,” Emmons said. “[That’s] not my style at all. We both go for finishes and that’s what will make this fight exciting.”

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The Top 5 Fights To Keep An Eye On This year

Believe it or not this year is quickly coming to a close and oh what a year it has been.  Just because it's almost over doesn't mean there aren't some things left to look forward too.    Below is a list of fights (in no particular order) that I think you should keep an eye out for.  

Mark Cherico Brian Kelleher Pinnacle FC 9 (November 26th)

Mark Cherico is inching his way closer to the UFC and every opponent is getting more decorated and more dangerous.   Don't let Kelleher's record fool you, this kid has smashed his way through the regional circuits and has fought some of the best guys in the area.  Kelleher is going to come in to this one in-shape, ready to upset the apple cart and a win here puts him back on the map as the Cherico hype continues to grow.  This is a statement fight for Cherico, let's see if he can make one.  You can reserve your tickets here.

Rod Salka Vs. Monty Clay (November 14th)

Two Pittsburgh guys who have been on the regional circuit together for alot of years are finally going to let them fly at the Consol energy center November 14th.  If you know any background on either of these two you know that this is going to be a barn burner from the jump. If you don't know anything about these two, I'll keep it simple Monty moves forward through hell or high water and Rod likes to box, both guys have had some regional success and come to fight every time out.  This is far and away the most interesting boxing match-up that has gone off around here in a long time.   Whether you're in the building or watching from home, don't miss this one. 

Dom Mazzotta Vs.  Anthony Jones GOTC (December 6th)

Mazzotta is one of those guys that everyone keeps an eye on.  His fight with Jones will be the GOTC main event and will be Mazzotta's first fight back since he kicked his foot in half against Chris Dunn back in August.  Jones is coming in on a 3 fight win streak and has a pretty serious resume.  This is Mazzotta's chance to show dominance over a tested veteran on the circuit after more or less waltzing his way through the amateur divisions and early professional bouts.  Mazzotta fought Chris Dunn for 15 minutes on one foot, so with any luck, he'll have both feet operational for this one and that could make a huge difference -- pause to identify obvious sarcasm--  not too mention the kid is one of the more talented guys to come out of this region in a long time.  This one goes down at Stage AE December 6th. 

Bill Hutchinson Vs. Charlie Gathers Pinnacle FC 9 (November 26th)

Who isn't interested in seeing "Hutch" make his professional debut?  I get asked about this fight probably more than any other one we've had in quite awhile.   Charlie Gathers has turned his recklessness into confidence and wades into each opponent slinging hammers until you get him out or he takes you out.  Of course we all like to ask the "who wins a boxer or MMA fighter" question but that has obviously already been answered; a few times over.   Hutchinson has been taking this fight very seriously and that's great to hear because Charlie will bring the heat and is looking to take Hutch's lunch money.   Nothing like two guys who just want to meet up somewhere and settle shit the old fashion way, inside the state of the art Pinnacle cage.  

Anthony Durnell Vs. Jimmie Rivera  CFFC (November 1st)

Fight club instructor and all around good guy Anthony Durnell was called out of retirement to take on reigning CFFC champion Jimmie Rivera in a 5 round title fight for the CFFC bantamweight belt. Obviously they are running out of options for Rivera and are hoping this is his last regional effort before making the jump to the world's proving ground; the Ultimate Fighting Championships.  Durnell is coming in with nothing to lose and everything to gain all the while positioning himself to make a huge statement with a win over an opponent who has not lost since 2011 (and it was to UFC wrecking machine Dennis Bermudez). We all love the "underdog rises to the occasion" type of stories and here is a great one for you to keep an eye on.    You can watch this on pay per view at GFL.TV

Other ones to pay attention to:  Cantolina Vs. Goss 2 CDMMA Nov. 1, Khama Worthy Vs. Matt DiMarcantonio Nov. 26th

The Godfather of Pittsburgh Debuts November 10th:

              The Godfather of Pittsburgh Debuts November 10th

So it looks like that whole show they weren't sure if they were really shooting or not is actually happening now.   Which makes this whole thing kinda awkward now bros.  

Especially after I went and wrote all this. 

Anyway this show may or may not feature your boy (me, hopefully you knew I meant that) and some other familiar combat sports faces so set your DVR to record this 8 episode show that starts on A&E November 10th

In an effort to avoid anymore scolding from the network, I'll just leave it at that. 

The Rich Cantolina vs. Ethan Goss rematch goes down Nov. 1

  The Rich Cantolina vs. Ethan Goss rematch goes down Nov. 1

Some of you may have heard already, but the rematch between Rich Cantolina (10-7) and Ethan Goss (6-4) goes down on Nov. 1 in Central Pennsylvania at CDMMA 10. Sure, it's a bit of a drive, but for once Goss gets to fight on his home soil in what could be one of the best rematches of the year in this area.

Both guys are grizzled veterans of the tough amateur scene in this area, and they have a litany of top names on their records as trophies for the battles they've been in. Both guys have also come a long way from their war at Pinnacle FC 5 last Thanksgiving Eve, which was the clear fight of the night on a card with a handful of great scraps. A lot can happen in a year.

Goss is just 2-2 since that fight, but those losses were to Jerrell Hodge and Jake Schilling, which is nothing to be ashamed of. He also has those two wins over a pair of respected fighters in Joshua Espinosa and Cody Karlheim. But as a fighter your last fight is the one that sticks out in everybody's mind, so he'll have to wipe away that loss to Schilling in order to get back on the winning side. He'll also have the obvious desire to avenge the loss to Cantolina on his mind.

Cantonlina's only fight since his win over Goss was a loss to Hodge in March, a disheartening defeat for a fighter who was planning to make the jump to the pro ranks win or lose. But his toughest battle came after the fight, as a health scare had him thinking that he may never fight again. Instead, he gets to step back into the cage and take on his perfect foil in a matchup that certainly won't disappoint.

It all goes down Nov. 1 at CDMMA 10 in Altoona, and there are also four pro fights on the card, including notables like Charlie Gathers, Steve Smith, and more.

His Name is “Eric Bledsoe,” Write That Down

Our newest addition to the STU squad, Jesse Saxon, put together a nice little interview with featherweight killer and Pinnacle FC mainstay Eric Bledsoe. No additional filler necessary for this one, check that out below:

In the local scene, there isn’t much talk that doesn’t go on in the circles that doesn’t eventually shift to talking about Eric “Sizzle” Bledsoe. Every time I’m talking about local MMA, his name always comes up with much (well deserved) hype behind it. When Bledsoe’s name comes up in conversation, it is quickly accompanied by his stand-up and striking power; which, is pretty lethal. But one look at his record will tell you that his ground game is becoming his bread and butter, winning 3 of his 5 amateur fights by triangle chokes, and splitting his two pro wins with a triangle and rear naked choke, respectfully.

Bledsoe is one of those rare fighters that can really put it all together. In his most recent win over RJ Buck, Bledsoe went into hostile territory and unleashed an assault on Buck that left everyone in the arena (besides Leyshock and myself) in astonishment. Bledsoe was able to put Buck on his heels, fast, with his hands; and then used that attack to force Buck to the ground where he sunk in the rear naked choke to get the tap and a Round 1 victory. And, that to me, was one of the more impressive wins I’ve ever seen. I asked the man about how his hands helped open up his ground game and he said: “My striking gives my opponents something else to worry about and opens up my ground game. If I stun them on the feet first, it makes submissions easier,” something that’s been extremely evident over the course of his career.

Check out the rest after the jump:

RFO Big Guns 14: Quick Results

RFO Big Guns 14: Quick Results 

The results from last night's RFO Big Guns 14 are in and looks like there were some upsets and a few surprises across the board. Cody Gabelman took out the very dangerous and frankly pretty scary Darnell Pettis in the second round via rear naked choke, Charlie Gathers took out Raymond Yanez via second round choke and Josh Longood put Lloy Thorton away in, you guessed it, the second round via choke. Time to renew that jui jitsu club membership bros. "Karate" Mike Williams armbarred professional boxer turned professional MMA fighter Marc Salser in the second round in what I hear was a pretty interesting scrap. 

Check out the full results below: 

Amateur Results 

  • Tyree johnson over Daniel Haubiel /3rd unam dec
  • Shane Hutcheson over Quentin Shumard / Tko 1st 2:11 
  • Jeremiah Leviege over Ryan Depugh / 1st guilitine choke :41
  • Jason Bevly over Levi Shifflet / 1st guilitine choke 1:30 
  • Blake Bitticker over Luke Nelson / 2nd rearnaked choke :44 
  • J'mar Moore over Caleb Stewart / 3rd KO 1:12 
  • Tyler Tschuor over Eddy Faison / 3rd split dec
  • Danny Moore over Brandon Odom / 3rd split dec
  • Mesmaran Sunsearay over Aaron Garrett / 3rd Tko 2:41 
  • Aaron Neighbors over Jeff Mack / 3rd unam dec

Pro results 

  • Charlie Gathers over Raymond Yanez / 2nd rearnaked choke 3:52 
  • Cody Gabelman over Darnell Pettis / 2nd rearnaked choke 4:48
  • Josh Longood over Lloyd Thorton / 2nd anaconda choke 2:09 
  • Mike Williams over Marc Salser / 2nd armbar 1:54