Charlie Gathers Vs. Chris Mitchell Set For Pinnacle FC 12:

Not only is today Chris Mitchell's birthday, but as of last night he is officially slated to square off against veteran mercenary Charlie Gathers (9-7) on November 25th for Pinnacle FC 12.  Mitchell is heading into the bout on the heels of his professional debut win over the very talented Tobiaus Taylor at Pinnacle FC 11 back in August. Check that out here.  
Gathers recently choked Jeremiah Yeager in the 3rd round back in April of this year in a nice rebound after his loss to UFC vet Dustin Pague. 
We are planning on putting together another huge thanksgiving eve event and like always are working very hard to bring you the most compelling match ups available. Even with the new influx of additional organizations adding events, we still feel that the sport can be pushed to a higher tier than where it's sits currently. 
Here is the reality of fighting and advancing the sport of MMA in our region, to get fighters to the next level Ie; WSOF, Bellator, The UFC, the best guys in the area need to face the best available opponent every time out. Once you reach a certain level in this sport (some get there right away, some never get there) it is imperative that you test your skillset against the stiffest competition available. Unless of course your goal is not to advance your career/skills and in that case just close this window out. HOw do you get better if you don't know what to fix?

Mitchell is stepping up to the plate here by agreeing to face a veteran with 16 professional bouts who holds wins over legit competition.  That is what this sport was all about before record padding and soft match ups became common place.  However there is also a distinct difference between taking too much of a fight too early and taking a fight that test your abilities but that's why you need good mentors who can help you make these decisions as objectively as possible.  More on that some other time. 

Tickets will be available shortly along with the entire line up. 
For those of you who check this site out on a daily basis, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a few days, I have been busy with some stuff and it set me back a little. 
Check back for more as it is released.

Caged Madness 38: Full Card and Thoughts

EFP Caged Madness is going down this weekend at the Tadmor Shrine in sunny Akron, Ohio.   Matchmaker Scott Corbin together with promoter Dannon Svab have put together another banger of a card.  After reviewing said card I have some half assed opinions you may or may not find interesting. 

Those are listed below along with the full card. 

                               (PRO) Dustin Kempf vs Michael Shields

Let’s just be honest here, who doesn’t want to see Dustin Kempf win anytime he competes?  The kid is a local legend and one of the few active guys left from the dark ages who comes to fight every time out.  Sheilds has an ugly record but from some of the tape I’ve seen he’s not a complete push over.  The odds are that Kempf was going to approach this situation the same way whether Sheilds was 1-10 and 10-1; fist first.  

                                 (PRO) Josh Rohler vs Marc McDonald

Both of these guys have had pretty serious amateur careers and are now looking to get paid for it.  I would have said this match up is a touch early in their respective careers but who cares what I think. No seriously, I’m taking a poll right now, who actually cares what I think?  Raise your hand. 

                                 (PRO) Devonte Smith vs John Mosley

I’m not sure who John Mosely is but a quick glance over his resume tells me that he is probably going to be tough. I mean the kid has already beaten a guy named Leonardo for Christ sakes, whether it’s Da Vinci or Di Caprio or that turtle from the show, that in itself is impressive. He’s going to need all that and more when he takes on arguably the most dangerous match up for a debut since the first human decided it might be a good idea to wrestle a grizzly bear at a carnival.  I saw Devonte Smith’s amateur debut and I’m still a little shaken.  Smith is a legit prospect with a high ceiling so my message to anyone, not just John Mosley has remained the same over the years: Your’re fighting Devonte Smith? Good luck with that shit.

                                        Austin Meese vs Darell Alford

Meese is son to boxing coach to the stars Bob Meese, who also happens to be Cody Garbrandt’s original (and current coach).  So guess what that means? Austin can punch a little bit you guys.  I guess now we will find out if he can do anything else.

                                        Ahmad Douglas vs Cody Hier

Hier is a Renzo Gracie student which means he should be pretty good. Douglas hasn't competed since 2014 and it was a tough year for him dropping 2 out of 3 bouts that year respectively.  

                                         Jeffrey Offak vs Alan Wilkins

Alan Wilkins is brother to Mike Wilkins who is one of the better prospects in the area.   I would guess that A.J has some of the same natural gifts his older brother has and now with the guidance and influence of someone who has been there, he may even take it farther.  Offak is pretty young in his career as well so it’s hard to get a good read on him (#noticethepun) but I would guess it probably doesn’t really matter anyway.

Check out the full line up below. 

Professional Bouts

  • Dustin Kempf vs Michael Shields 
  • Josh Rohler vs Marc McDonald 
  • Devonte Smith vs John Mosley 

Amateur Line Up

  • Eddy Faison vs Nick Brashear 
  • Nikolai Gionti vs Dante Pennachio 
  • Austin Meese vs Darell Alford 
  • Logan Urban vs Robert Johnston 
  • Ahmad Douglas vs Cody Hier 
  • Kayla Potts vs Leigh-Ann Baskey 
  • Jeffrey Offak vs Alan Wilkins 
  • Dustin Bates vs J'Mar Moore 
  • Dornes Butler vs Joshua Barbee 
  • Hersley Robinson vs Chris Roe 
  • Joe Wheeler vs Tim Hayes 
  • Josh Faison vs Daniel Kimble 
  • James Neff vs Chris Harvey

Bill Hutchinson KO's Hardass From Texas: Video

Bill Hutchinson (9-1) got back to his winning ways over the weekend KO'ing a last minute hardass from Texas in very unfriendly fashion.  Not that there is a really friendly way to knock someone unconscious other than maybe a wide, overly enthusiastic high five?  It probably happens way more than you think, or it has never happened once and I’m just confirming that I will literally say anything to try and make a joke “work”.  

Editor note: As it turns out, there is actual video of a guy being KO'd by a wild, overly enthusiastic high five and it's probably in the last place you'd ever expect. 

No matter how you look at it, Bill handed out what is defined in the urban dictionary as an “Ass whooping” and you can check out the highlights in this neat little documentary style film posted above.

Special thanks to Kangaroo Bungee Jump productions for putting this one together.  Make sure you check out their youtube channel.   Also thanks to Chris Nolan for putting together yet another fantastic portfolio of photographs. Keep your eyes peeled for guest shots by yours truly. 

Everything you need to know about Sammy Vasquez Jr. Vs. Jose “piston” Lopez

I have listed more or less everything you need to know about Sammy Vasquez Jr's (19-0) fight tomorrow night against Jose Lopez (25-3) live and free on Fox Sports 1.

                                    Where: California university (PA CalU)

                                    When: Tuesday Night 9:00PM

                                    Why:  Stay Busy

                                    What network: Fox Sports 1

What does a win here mean?

For Sammy: This match up is fairly pedestrian so look for Vasquez to try and be the first to stop Lopez while adding another clip to the reel and another notch on the belt. 

For Jose:  A win here would be considered a pretty big upset and move "the piston" higher up the national food chain. 

Ok, so now that approximately 20% of you are left let’s take a look at the matchup between rising prospect Sammy Vasquez Jr. and his woefully outmatched adversary Jose Lopez.

First believe it or don’t (whatever I barely care anymore) there are a ton of Jose Lopezs out there which make it increasingly difficult to get a good read on this guy.   But I will tell you this, after what felt like minutes of google searching I found a video that told me pretty much everything I needed to know.  For those of you who don’t like to watch videos or read stuff, you’re going to have to make a decision here soon (sorry).  This latest video shot and posted roughly a year ago features Lopez throwing wide hooks at his opponent while shuffling around what looks like a homemade ring in what can only be described as something made by Frank Fontana.   The canvas is a blue camping tarp, the ropes are actually ropes with cray paper wrapped around them – like piñatas, get it cause they’re in Mexico- and what looks to be cheap beach towels for corner pads.   

Ok, so the condition of the ring isn’t what’s important here, I mean I get that, but let’s be honest here for a second you guys, do you really think based on what you already know – which ain’t much- that this guy is the guy to beat Vasquez?  I have a better chance of catching a falling airplane engine.  But just because I can’t legally end the article here ( I totally lied I could literally end this any time, like any time) let’s see if this kid has any chance outside of an errant meteor or maybe like tagging in a partner or some shit. Spoiler: He doesn’t.

His record is 25-3 with 15 KO’s and hasn’t dropped a fight since 2012 where he lost to aging vet Humberto Soto.  He’s never been stopped before but also hasn’t really fought any gunslingers yet and so I have a feeling Tuesday will probably be his first.  

Vasquez is coming in with the momentum of his huge PBC win over Wale Omotoso in what was one of the wilder shootouts of his boxing career to date.  With the addition of former amateur coach Ryan Rimsek, Vasquez showed off a more responsible offense against his most dangerous opposition thus far in a match up where most “in the know” were concerned he may get hit a little too much to pull it off.   In the end Vasquez did more than enough to get the decision and proved a point, he’s getting better every time out.

Tomorrow he will more than likely prove that point again and hey at least it’s on free TV and features a local guy on the A side for once.  Would ya look at that? No I mean seriously look at it tomorrow night at 9:00 pm on Fox Sports 1. 

Jeff Crum Vs Tom Gormley: Full Fight

Tom Gormley (1-1) put together a very dominate performance in his Pinnacle FC debut knocking out Jeff Crum (0-1) in the first round.  Gormley's striking is very deliberate and accurate for a guy with only a handful of live fire exchanges and this fight should give you an idea of his potential. 

From what I've heard, Gormley is already back in line for the November 25th event.