The Golden Gloves Tournament Start This Weekend:

The first leg of the Golden Gloves tournament kicks off this weekend at the Royal place on route 88 in Overbrook.   The card will hold roughly 16 bouts featuring Pennsylvania state hopefuls slugging it out for the coveted Golden Gloves title. Winning the Golden Glove title is a lifetime achievement that will proceed the winner every where they go. 

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, head on down to the Royal on 88 and watch these kids and young adults go for Golden Gloves glory.  Southside boxing club will have our first combatant ever fighting this weekend as well, so there's another fun fact. 

Here, Have A Cody Garbrandt Highlight Reel Of Destruction This Morning:

A few years ago (5?) I was running a podcast from my basement and one of my first people on the "show" was Cody Grabrandt (6-0). Justin Steave pulled me aside and told me that someday we'd be watching this kid on TV.  Steave either has the most accurate magic 8 ball ever created or he knows a thing or two about talented people. 
Fast forward to February 2015 and Garbrandt is all over the internet.  Funny how that works sometimes.  
Check out this awesome highlight with clips from Pinnacle FC, his war with Mazzotta and exchanges from his UFC debut. 
There is no word on when No Love (You liked that huh) will be swinging again but my guess is that it will be sooner than later.

Pinnacle FC Returns May 9th

Ok bros, a handful of you have been asking me when the next Pinnacle FC event is happening and I am pleased to tell you that much like an electoral recount or placing an order at the Cheesecake Factory, we have finally made our decision.  

Our next event, Pinnacle FC 10, will be held May 9th at the Iceoplex arena in Canonsburg and feature a serious line up of some of the area’s best including Khama Worthy, Mark Cherico, Bill Hutchinson and Dom Mazzotta.

Yes, you read that right; the honeybadger will make his official Pinnacle FC debut May 9th.  

This card will also boast a stout amateur line up including Jake Schilling, the return of the lumberjack Gregg Rudolph, Ryan Aerrola and more.  Tickets will be made available shortly and we will be releasing the official card when it’s, you know, official and whatnot.  In 2015 we promise to give you more of what you are looking for in a regional promotion; deeper cards, tougher match ups and better access.  

If you are a fighter and reading this, contact our matchmakers Dave Klick, Joe Demore or recently added Rich Miller and we will see if we can get you on.

Also like us on Facebook when you get a second, like right now would work.  Thank you to our sponsors who have helped up along the way, Diane Tressa Bail Bonds, Toast Pain Relief and the Micro Diner in Mount Washington.

Check back for more as it is released because things are going to escalate quickly.

Caged Madness 34: Quick Results

It looks like Scott Corbin and company put together another well rounded event last night that featured an interesting combination of submissions, Knockouts and a couple scrappy wars. Pittsburgh fighter and Pinnacle amateur featherweight Jake Schilling (7-1) picked up a win over veteran Dru Schottenheimer (7-7), which I am currently waiting on the video for.  

Check out the quick results below:

  • Keith Barr defeated Cameron Caldwell  at 1:17 of Rd.2 Rearnaked choke  
  • Jeffrey Offak defeated Matthew Rhodes at 1:09 of Rd.1 Rearnaked choke  
  • Marcus Torres defeated Adam Wadian via Unanimous  Decision   
  • John Jaquay defeated Billy Sutton at :11 1st Rd KO
  • Shawn Rall defeated Joe Myers at1:27 1st Rearnaked choke  
  • Dustin Bates defeated Justin Middlehurst via Unanimous Decision   
  • Sam Daviduk  defeated Justin Meese at 2:59 2nd Leg Triangle  
  • Kevin Mccallion defeated Aaron Woods at 3 round Unanimous  Decision   
  • Chris Smith defeated Nic Lute at :53 1st Guillotine   
  • Nikolai Gionti defeated Roosevelt Archie at 1:34 Rd1 via Leg Triangle  
  • Frankie Festa defeated Mike Seibert via round Unanimous Decision  
  • Jake Schilling defeated Dru Schottenheimer via round Unanimous Decision   
  • 205 Title Fight  Lionel Woods defeated Raymond Hollis at 1:41 of Rd.2 Kimura / Fight Of The Night

The Top 5 Things Killing The Sport Today:

I have been a fan/participant of this intriguing game since adolescence and since I have watched the same sport create its own market, get ushered behind closed doors and then eventually explode into the “everyone does MMA” category over the course of the last 15 odd years; which makes me feel pretty old when I start doing that math.

We are at a interesting time in the sport’s trajectory and after careful thought, here is my opinion on the top 5 things killing our sport aka the UFC.

Promoting fighting not MMA:

Fighting is very much like the “rap” music industry in that the best rappers are not normally the highest sellers in the general market.  The same goes for fighting.  Floyd Mayweather is arguably the most technically sound fighter of our generation but because he is more defense oriented, people find him boring and prefer his more reckless, more one dimensional but never the less offensive minded nemesis Manny Pacquaio.  The UFC has figured this out after 15+ years in the business and has made it very clear that they would rather fighters go out and windmill haymakers, eat a few bombs in the process and vanquish their foe in a blood soaked war than fight a strategic but relatively “safe” fight using all the elements of fighting the sport itself has created. Back to my rap analogy again: International stars  Macklemore and Lewis is easier to sell than say underground legend Action Bronson because middle America can understand their lyrics and basic rhyme schemes more easily, even if it’s obvious that it’s technically inferior compared to the latter.   This may sell more albums and create more catchy songs but it doesn’t raise the bar on technique or push the boundaries of rhyme schemes either.  Wild, basic slugfest style wars maybe fun to watch but without the technicians working towards the perfect performances and techniques, regardless of how boring they might end up, the sport will stop progressing. 

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