Pittsburgh Boxers Are Heading To Cleveland This Weekend:

Boxing in Cleveland Saturday

There are some Pittsburgh boxing teams making the trek to Cleveland this weekend to compete at the "Battle In The Ballroom" event put on by Kincaid-Godhard promotions.  Conn-Grebb Heavyweight Jordan Roussos will be taking on champion Alante Green for the heavyweight title,  along with a few other notable gyms like Boyce PAL and even Southside Boxing Club will make an appearance.  

Check out the press release below:

2 Title Fights Highlight “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV” On Jan. 31ST                                            

WHAT: Live Amateur Boxing

WHEN: Sat. Jan. 31, 2015

WHERE: Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom

(6417 St. Clair Ave. / Cleveland, OH 44103)

 Cleveland, OH – January 13, 2015 – After 13 straight packed to the rafters, standing room only crowds, boxing returns to Cleveland with “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV”, on Saturday, January 31st.

The 10-bout card will take place at the Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom, located at 6417 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Built by immigrants in 1924, the ballroom was designated a Cleveland landmark in 1984.

“The Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom is an amazing venue to showcase Cleveland’s top talent and we’re thrilled to be back for this event. The crowd is electrifying, and the intimacy of the venue makes everyone feel a part of the show,” said Kincaid.


  • HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Alante Green (3X champion) vs. Jordon Roussos (Conn-Grebb Boxing)
  • MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Jamar Watkins (challenger) vs. Craig Kido (challenger)

In a “NE OHIO HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP” bout, Empire Boxing Club’s Alante Green puts his title on the line against Pittsburgh’s Jordon Roussos from the Conn-Greb Boxing Club. The explosive Green captured the title on January 19, 2013 in a thrilling 3-round war. He then defended the title with a crunching 2nd round KO on September 23, 2013. And he defended the title with a bruising 1st round KO on November 1, 2014.

In a “NE OHIO MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP” bout, PAL-Thurogood’s Jamar Watkins meets up with Pittsburgh’s Craig Kido from the Boyce A.C. Boxing. Watkins was the 2014 Cleveland Golden Gloves champion, while Kido was the 2014 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves champion. 

Doors on the evening of the event will open at 6PM with the first bell at 7PM. Adult beverages, food, and refreshments will be available. FREE secure parking is located directly behind the venue.

A limited number of tickets for “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV”, starting at $25, can be purchased through the Kincaid-Godhard Promotions box office at 440-223-7409 or online atwww.ProBoxingOhio.com.

Check Out This Awesome Khama Worthy Highlight Video:

                        Khama Worthy's New Highlight Video

Since his first amateur fight where he won with an uppercut KO, I knew khama worthy (7-2) was something special.  Over the years he has proven me right time and time again by going to war with anyone and everyone we can find willing to try their luck against the Deathstar.
This new highlight clip is filled to the brim with "fuck yeah" moments topped off with a few fights you may have forgotten about but are really, really happy to be reminded of. Visually of course.  From his stoppage wins over Anthony Morgan and Jacob Butler, to his war with Reggier Merriweather and his most recent win over Matt Dimarcantonio this video has bucket loads of good ol' fashion violence.

Worthy is headed to Virginia to take on William Quarantillo (5-1) February 28th for the featherweight Strike Off strap. I'm not sure if the event is available on pay per view yet or not but keep your eyes open for a link as we get closer to the fight.  

Justin Steave Vs. Nate Landwehr Results and Recap:

Justin Steave (6-5) and Nate Landwehr (5-1) put on a helluva show last night.  The upside is that the fans finally got what they were looking for.  The downside? Well the fight turned into a war when it should have been a 1 minute TKO stoppage for the hawk who crushed Landwehr with a right hand in the first exchange but instead of following up for the mass destruction style finish we have seen from Steave before, he followed Landwehr down which inevitably gave him time to recover.  

You see bros, when someone is hurt in a sport where holding is allowed, the chances of guys recovering increase significantly whereas in boxing holding is not allowed and therefore these type of moments are considerably more dangerous. Most people watching probably missed this moment because it happened pretty quickly and Landwehr played his hand out correctly by biding his time til the lights stopped spinning and slowly but surely worked his way back from survival mode to stalking Steave around the fence.  

Obviously there's no way for me to actually know this, but I would have to guess that Steave missed this opportunity only because he was not aware to the extent of which Landwehr was hurt.  It's easy to sit outside and point judgments and offer corrections but when you're in the moment things move in real time and real time seems really fucking fast when you're in there.

Landwehr's game is a tough guy to beat if you're not ready for it.  Much like Nick Diaz ( I use this reference loosely) Landwehr pressured Steave on the feet constantly sliding forward while throwing decent enough combinations and finishing off with some really hard, loud low kicks that accumulated over the course of the fight. After his initial success, Steave was looking to find a home for the right hand again and his chances lessened as he tried to force it back; almost willing it through like a lottery ticket that was just one digit off.   Landwehr finished off the ground with a strong takedown and scored some damage all the way up to the bell and the fight just seemed to change hands in that moment.

The rest of the fight was great for the fans but tough for the friends of Steave (myself included) who know what he can do when things are firing off on the right cylinders but unfortunately as the fight settles and moves through its phases you start hoping he finds his mark kinda soon. To his credit, Steave never stopped trying to close the show, even when he was visibly hurt, tired, kicked and all of the other things he absorbed over the course of 15 minutes worth of exchanges. You can't package that in a belt system and sell it to a teen, you either are willing to die in there or you're not.  You are either willing to keep moving forward while suffocating on your own exhaustion looking for a chance to turn it around or you're not. It's what Mike Tyson calls "the fighting thpirit" (spirit* sorry had to).

Justin Steave is the baddest motherfucker at 6-5 in the game today, but he needs to figure out where he goes from here and get back on the right track.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Justin Steave vs. Nate Landwehr

Justin Steave (6-4) steps back into the cage tonight to take on Nate Landwehr (4-1) this weekend at the GOTC's first effort in Williamsport, Pa.  This is one of those match ups that will fly under the radar, for most people but loser's like me know that this is going to be one fuckload of a good time.  Below are the top 5 reasons you should care about Justin Steave vs. Nate Landwehr

Justin Steave has big potential 

If the right stars align and Steave avoids the high risk, average reward type of fights for as long as he can, he has as good of a chance as anyone to get the call to the higher tiers of the sport.  The more this game evolves the more it becomes entertainment based and there aren't too many guys more entertaining than the hawk. This kid comes at you like a fucking ninja.  If nothing else he always keep things interesting. If he's not trying to punch your face in, he's looking to kick your fucking head off or hit you with some other crazy ninja shit even he hasn't thought of yet. He also has a very sound, base game of sneaky techniques that if landed correctly can put your light out.  

Nate Landwehr is kind of a big deal on the kentucky circuit

I have kept my eye on this kids career since the first time I watched one of his infamous post fight interviews where he ran in circles and screamed something to the effect of "woo" alot.  Yes, he's definitely a character but he got here mostly because he's 4-1 as a professional and has taken on some of Kentucky and Tennessee's finest.  I don't exactly know what region Kentucky/Tennessee is considered - whether or not it's part of the mid west region or not-  I wish there was something on the internet I could use to look it up.  Possibly a "search engine" where I could type a question into and get a fast response and an even faster answer.  " I know I know calm down judy jetson it will be here soon enough".

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Dom Mazzotta Vs. Bhrandon Poindexter:

January 23rd Dom Mazzotta (4-1) and Bhrandon Poindexter (1-0) take center cage to exchange fist laced pleasantries for a hand full of cash and a chance to improve their respective records.  Below are the often imitated but never duplicated top 5 reasons why you should care about this match up.  

Dom Mazzotta is a serious regional prospect

The line between national talent and regional superstar is not that far apart depending on what region you are from.   Judging from the talent pool we have locally with an attempt at being as objective as possible here, in my “pretty much” professional opinion, we have one of the tougher regional circuits available second to only New Jersey and a few-one off promotions I have seen in the Midwest.  Here is how I define a tough and producing circuit; fighters acquire the experience they need without the need to travel for better competition e.g Cody Garbrandt, Stipe Miocic etc.   With that being said, Dom Mazzotta is somewhere near the top of that circuit.  My point is bros, he’s not all that far away from taking the next step should the right dice fall at the right time.

BP has been putting wins together

Anyone who has suffered through my grammatical errors and egregious misspellings for a while (aka read my shit) knows that I am a big fan of Bhrandon Poindexter. More on why later, but lately he has seemed to have figured out what he needs to do to be successful again and has put 4 wins together in a row.  Yes, this is an easy “go to” stat for anyone in my position but these 4 straight wins were on the tail end of a typically career ending 6 fight losing streak.   That alone speaks volumes for where Poindexter is at mentally; resilient. He is making fewer errors and better decisions while under fire from experienced competition and it is turning into checks in the right column.