MadeMen Promotions Doubleheader, This Weekend:

Don't miss the double header night of boxing going down at the Wheeling Island race track and casino this weekend featuring some named fighters including Travis Clark, Jason Bergman and Josh Baker. 

There is also a 155 pound semi pro tournament that spans the two day event.  I have a kid (well adult) fighting in the tournament for the first time so if you are in attendance you may notice me ringside.  I'll be the one holding the big paper check at the end.   These shows are always a good time and are relatively affordable at  45$ for two day entry. 

Tickets are available online at

Cody Garbrandt Training At TAM: New Video

                         Cody Garbrandt Prepares For UFC 182

Pinnacle FC bantamweight champion and personal friend Cody "No Love" Garbrandt (5-0) has been doubling down on his efforts in preparation for his up coming UFC debut against Marcus Brimmage (7-3).  Garbrandt has been sharpening up the swords in lieu of this debut and has looked lightning fast on the training videos he has been releasing. 

Brimmage is a stiff test for most UFC newcomers but being a betting man I would bet the house, one dog and the beater car that Garbrandt takes home a win in his first try. 

Check out his latest video above. 

Eric Bledsoe Vs. James Mogollon: Full Fight

                  Eric Bledsoe Vs. James Mogollon: Full Fight 

James Mogollon (3-1) is a tough guy who was able to stifle another very tough guy in Eric Bledsoe (2-1) with strong pressure and a granite face.  Bledsoe did what he could to try and turn the fight around in the 3rd, but the judges decided that Mogollon had successfully secured the 1st and 2nd rounds and awarded him the decision. 

Check out the full fight above. 

GOTC Results, Recap And Mazzotta Details:

GOTC Results, Recap And Mazzotta Details: 

So I stole these results off of Jim Aujay this morning.  Just felt like I needed to confess that.  Anyway GOTC's latest effort went down over the weekend and for an event that had some disastrous beginnings the end result seemed to be pretty good all things being considered.  I am referring to the originally scheduled main event between Dom Mazzotta and Anthony Jones. 

Jones showed up 8 pounds over the agreed upon weight of 135 which obviously causes some fairly major huge issues.  Coming in 8 pounds over means, you either don’t have a good understanding of how numbers work or you just don’t give a fuck.  After some brief negotiations and some additional weight cutting on jones’ end, he was able to get down to around 140 and so the catchweight bout was set.

Oh wait, under one stipulation, Jones was not to come in any heavier than 144 which would put him in the next weight class.  Pretty reasonable request.  Saturday morning Jones weighed out at 148 instead of the agreed upon 144 and the fight was pulled off the card.    Jones is either the worst weight cutter of all time or was playing a dangerous game of leverage. I am leaning towards the latter.  Jones knew that he was the main event fighting the hometown guy who sold a ton of tickets; the odds of them scrapping the fight for any reason are really low.  So I would guess he decided to play the weighting game (#pun) and came in wherever he felt comfortable knowing that Dom would be sucking a ton of weight to make 35 and even if he was over, the promoters would still be heavily incentivized to make the fight happen because of the tickets already sold.   The only problem with that is the PA state commission “don’t play” and Gregg Sirb, acting commissioner, doesn’t give a shit about your main event and shut that fight down in the same amount of time it takes someone to decide between Red Lobster or Olive Garden. 

“They are both Darden chains bro, what’s the difference?”

“Two words bro, Cheddar. Bay.”

Sometimes you play the game and win and other times they cancel the main event and you have to call your mom for a ride back from Pittsburgh “because the promoter said you’re fat and you’re just not going to put up with stuff like that anymore so you told him he needs to appreciate you for what you are and left.”  – How many people are going to read that last joke and totally miss what I was saying? My guess; everyone but I’m leaving it in.  

The best part (read #sarcasm) is that there’s not much anyone can do about this type of behavior and it will happen to another  local promotion near you sooner than later.   Dom held up his end of the deal and GOTC got stuck holding the bag.  

The results are listed below:

Amateur Results 

  • Melissa Gasdick VS Sarah Click Winner: Gasdick Via illegal head kick by Click at 1:10 of Round 2
  • David Shim VS Jeremy Sakuta Winner:  Shim    29-28 Shim, 30-27 Sakuta, 29-28 Shim.
  • Jon Rearick VS Cody Hier Winner:  Hier via unanimous decision all three judges scored it 30-27
  • Tony DiPietro VS Corey Vail Winner:  Vail via Guillotine choke at 1:01 of Round 1.
  • Dino Juklo VS Raliegh Abbott Winner:  Juko via tap out due to strikes at :43 of round 2.
  • Jena Baldwin VS Jamie Driver (Amateur Featherweight Title) Winner:  And new featherweight champion, Jena Baldwin via split decision 29-28 Driver, 29-28 Baldwin, and 29-28 Baldwin.

Professional Results 

  • Dann Cacuta VS Kyle Dunmeyer Winner:  Cacuta via Knee TKO at :26 of round 1.
  • Jessica Zomick VS Stacey Sigala Winner:  Zomick via Arm Bar at 1:16 of round 1.
  • Francis Healy VS Manny Millan Winner:  Healy via Rear Naked Choke at 1:19 of round 2.
  • Michael Wilkins VS Chris Coggins Winner:  Wilkins via TKO at 2:10 of round 1.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Dom Mazzotta Vs. Anthony Jones

Dom Mazzotta (4-1) hops back into the cage this weekend to take on one of the trickier opponents he has faced off against in awhile in Anthony "Superman" Jones (7-5).  I have listed the top 5 reasons why you should care about this fight below. 

Mazzotta is still one of the best in the area

The Honeybadger was able to disarm Chris Dunn with half of one foot kicked off bros, that being said he was still able to do enough to get the win.   His ground work is ever improving, made evident of his black belt that was recently awarded by Eddie Vincent (With or without Dan Swift’s approval) and he is continually improving his striking and overall approach to this ever evolving game.   One of the most important attribute to any fighter, in my opinion, is their ability to self-assess and make the necessary changes.

Jones is riding a 3 fight win streak

Jones hasn’t lossed since 2011 and because I am a promoter I know the first thing yinz are gonna scoff at when you look him up.  And that is, you guessed it, his record is 7-5.   In my professional opinion; his losses are to relatively difficult opposition based on a regional scale and realistically those losses are far enough in the past to not really be a big factor.   This game is tough and if you do it right, you fight tough guys sometimes.  Sometimes when you fight tough guys you lose, that’s the nature of this beast.   Jones has some losses yes, but they are all to legitimate opposition, most of whom are still actively fighting with winning records.

Mazzotta has been working on rounding out his game since his lone loss to Garbrandt

I was fortunate enough to be brought into Dom’s camp for the last few weeks and during that time I got a good idea of where he is as a fighter and a person.  Dom has taken his lone loss in stride and is working out the folds in his game to improve himself overall.  In other words, the loss might turn out to be a good thing.  A few tweaks on his overall approach and an adjustment in his training style has put him into the next category of striker.  During my time at Mat Factory I was very impressed by Mazzotta's technical abilities and other subtle skills that are some times lost in translation during a real fight.   If Mazzotta is able to perform at even 50% of what his actually ability is, you probably wouldn't even recognize him, at least on the feet anyway.  But more often than not, that gets cast over into the "easier said than done" pile. 

Jones can bring the heat

I have watched enough tape on Jones to know that he can fuck around and whoop some ass if you’re not careful.  Here’s how:  He moves really well in comparison to today's typical MMA striker, he’s a southpaw, he sets traps and he has a very good lead right hand.   His athleticism and ability to changes angles makes him a very tricky, very hard to read opponent in the moment and frankly it’s the part that has me the most intrigued/concerned.  He is agile enough to put together uncommon strikes as they open up, all the while moving off in an angle.  Fairly complicated stuff, but he probably started with a good base and slowly evolved into what he is today.  

Real talk

Mazzotta is the more well rounded guy here in my opinion.  His ground work combined with his karate background and overall striking ability makes him a tricky guy to deal with. I would lean towards describing Jones as a counter puncher because he is perfectly comfortable with moving backwards and working short range techniques as you close the distance.  He has a great check hook he uses almost every combination and puts his strikes together very effectively, especially if his opponent makes the mistake of standing in front of him.  

On the feet I think that the fight is going to be decided by who applies their strategy better.  If Mazzotta can get his techniques off while avoiding Jones' traps and counters, he will look like a superstar in the making.  If Jones can keep Mazzotta in range and get his weapons off while moving in a way that keeps re-aligning Mazzotta in the cross hairs, it's going to be a really long night for the New Ken Kid.   This is the type of opponent that can really highlight Mazzotta's striking abilities or exploit some currently unknown, unseen weakness. 

On the floor Jones is strong but predictable and more or less fights for positional advantage rather than any one technique or submission (as evident of his one lone submission victory).  Depending on who is stronger in the scrambles, Dom should have a fairly clear cut advantage here as long as he stays busy even if he ends up on the bottom or against the fence etc.  When you strip all this away, Jones' best chance of winning is probably standing and working his angles and if the fight hits the floor, he needs to land on top.  Dom's best chance to win involves him taking away Jones' angles, not allowing him to settle in and controlling where the fight happens whether it be on the floor or on the feet. 

 I believe that because Dom has more ways to win, he probably will.  It's not going to be easy and there may even be a few dicey moments but when the smoke clears I think Mazzotta walks away the winner against a very underrated opponent. 

Victor Guarriello Vs Alec Hohman: Full Fight

                 Victor Guarriello Vs Alec Hohman: Full Fight 

Alec Hohman (3-0) took on 15 fight veteran Victor Guarriello (7-8) in just his 4th fight ever which also happened to be his first title bout ever as well.  This was also Hohman's first time fighting under the advanced PA rules, ever.  So you can see that the stakes were pretty high. All factors aside, Hohman was able to pull off the gutsy win when the chips were down and become the new Pinnacle FC flyweight champion.  

Check out the showdahn in the video above.