Cody Garbrandt Signs With UFC, Faces Marcus Brimmage At UFC 182

You bros ready for some awesome news this weekend?  

Cody "No Love" Garbrandt (5-0) has been officially signed to the UFC and will face off against Marcus Brimmage January 3rd on the Jones Vs. Cormier undercard. 

I'll let that sink in for a moment. 

Looks like the move to Team Alpha Male has officially paid off.  Garbrandt recently smoked Charles Stanford back in October and apparently that win paved his path to the world's biggest stage.  

I can't say that I'm shocked he got the call, Ive been saying it for years; the kid's a star.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Eric Bledsoe vs. James Mogollon

Let's see here...devastating knockouts. Check. Slick ground game. Check. Intense motor. Check.

All of those things describe one of the fastest rising Pinnacle FC stars, Eric Bledsoe (2-0), who will be back inside the round cage next week when he takes on James Mogollon (2-1) in a featured lightweight bout at Pinnacle FC 9.

Bledsoe burst onto the scene almost exactly a year ago when he flattened Matt Conahan with a nasty right hand, and his stock has only risen since then. He's now 2-0 as a pro, looking to extend that record against what will easily be his toughest fight to date.

If you haven't reserved your tickets for this event, do so now because they are going very quickly as this is one of our biggest events to date.  And if you can't make it out to the beautiful Iceoplex, be sure to order the iPPV now by clicking here.

Bledsoe’s got some swagger and it's fun to watch

Is it still called swagger, or do we call it swag now? Clearly I’m out of touch with most of society, but Bledose isn’t. I mean, his nickname is “Sizzle” for Christ's sake. He has that perfect balance of pure technique, brute strength, and a little bit of flash all mixed in one. He carries himself with confidence and poise, and if he were an NFL quarterback, the talking heads on ESPN would probably be blushing about his “moxie.”

His style is glaringly similar to one Mr. Cody “No Love” Garbrandt, and it’s no wonder he’s quickly becoming a big star for Pinnacle. He has the ability to throw slick combinations and pick an opponent apart with pure boxing, but he can also pick a guy up, slam him on his head, and tie him up like a pretzel on the ground. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in marveling at the guy’s impressive base and transition game when he stymied the ground game of Fadi Shuman back in March.

Mogollon is a serious prospect

He may be a bit unfamiliar to the Pinnacle FC fans in Western Pennsylvania, but Mogollon has been wrecking guys over in Indiana for a little while now. He’s a wrestler by trade, but he’s super aggressive and is always looking for the finish. He has a suffocating ground game, allowing him to pick up submission victories in his first two pro wins. His striking isn’t as polished as Bledsoe’s is, but he has a lot of power and is built like a tank at 155 pounds.

It’s the first true pro test for both guys

Nothing against their opponents, but the four fighters that these two have wins over came into those respective bouts with a whopping two wins – combined. True, Mogollon did face a 2-1 guy in his second fight, but he was ultimately submitted. It’s obvious when using the eye test that both fighters have talent, but finding out exactly how much happens against tough opponents like this.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Bledsoe

Let’s just say that I’ve made this very mistake more than once, but I’m committed to not making it again. Bledsoe has passed every test put in front of him with flying colors, and that’s why he’s the next big star in the lightweight division. He’s slowly starting to pop up on the national radar as a serious prospect, and being on the same card as guys like Cherico and Worthy – and putting on memorable performances – is certainly helping his stock quickly rise to the point here he could eventually be cashing paychecks for fighting in the famous Octagon.

The fight is bound for a finish

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t overlook this fight is the simple fact that it could end at any second. My guess is that Bledsoe will try his hand at striking early in the fight, much as he did against another dominant wrestler in Matt Conahan in his amateur days. The beauty of being so well-rounded is that he can comfortably fight in any aspect of the game. Bledsoe could end things quickly with a devastating knockout, or things could hit the mat and the ref could end up waking up one of the guys after a vicious choke.

Check Out This Awesome Bill Hutchinson Promo Video:

Bill Hutchinson along with the help of Kangaroo Bungie-jump productions went hard on this promo video starring you guessed it, Bill Hutchinson preparing for his 11/26 fight against Charlie Gathers.  Keep your eyes peeled for a guest promo featuring your boy (me) getting a little work in.  

This one (Hutch/Gathers) is going to be a war bros. 

Tickets are probably going to sell out and we are completely out of table seats at this point.  

My take on Rod Salka's Win Over Monty Meza Clay:

Salka Post Fight ------>

I figured I'd take a break from waiving the Pinnacle FC 9 flag to talk about the match up between Rod Salka and Monty Mez-Clay that happened over the weekend. 

First thing is first, my hat goes off to Rod Salka in his ballsy performance in pulling off one of the toughest fights of anyone's career the Saturday night. 
Frankly, I didn't know he had it in him. And honestly, you probably didn't either. We knew Monty would show up and fight until his face fell off but Rod was a question mark until Saturday night. He executed a difficult but viable game plan and won the fight with better speed, technique and a healthy dose of heart. 
Technically speaking Rod did a great job of extending the pocket while putting a ton of jabs and straight right hands into the air as Monty tried to close the distance Rod had just created as he consistently moved away. He also did a pretty good job of picking up Clay's right hand and covering most of his lead hooks. That's not to say that Monty didn't get through on multiple occasions, they were both beat up pretty badly over the course of 10 rounds, but Rod was able to avoid and inflict more as the fight rolled on. Rod did this all the while endlessly moving backwards.
Obviously not the easiest physical feat or even game plan, ever but he was able to pull it off and get the nod. 
The fight itself was a great one aesthetically speaking because both guys were having strong moments and both were showing the physical signs of wear and tear (IE: they both were bruised up and bleeding pretty significantly).

My initial take on this fight was that Monty would eventually break Rod down with his seemingly endless pressure and eventually Rod would be forced to brawl instead of box which would eventually favor Clay.  To some extent I was right, the fight turned into a brawl and fairly quickly at that, but Rod fought smarter in those exchanges by using his range and feet to force Monty to chase him.   Not too mention, it's always hard to guess whether or not a guy will rise to the occasion when the chips are down and the fight gets rough.  Salka hung in there and put on a cowboy type performance, risking everything for the win and it paid off, big time. 

We all have ideas of grandeur and what we would do in the do or die type situations; well if you think you're built for it, here is a way you can re-create this at home: Run a few miles (3 maybe 4), sprinting every minute or so, then we will cut half your eyebrow off, followed by gloved (8oz.) face and body punching (roughly 30-40 times)- this would be step one. Step two would be that we invite all your friends and family to watch this experiment so they can either raise you up or tear you down (depending on your performance of course) while we bring in an opponent who has gone through the same test multiple times before but also has his own set of life necessities invested in beating you at this experiment and it all centers around him taking you out -as brutally as possible. He's actually awarded more based on brutality and effectiveness; just an added note.   Then if after all that, you still feel like you're ready to fight another 6, closely contested, rounds this sport maybe for you.  My point is, aside from the chance to pitch an athletically geared Saw plot, this shit ain't easy bros.  

Finally, I think overall the fight turned out better than expected and was necessary to save the event, which until that point had started to slow down considerably and little did we know (but some could have guessed) that Vasquez would waste whatever the guy's name was that they brought in, in under a round.  See you on the 26th. 

HT: Shawn Eisler

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care about Khama Worthy vs. Matt DiMarcantonio

STU scribe David Mckinney has detailed the top 5 reasons why you should care about our co-main event of the night featuring 'The Deathstar' Khama Worthy (6-2) taking on Matt DiMarcantonio (6-4) in what is pretty much guaranteed to be a shoot out from the opening bell. If you haven't reserved your tickets for this event, do so now because they are going very quickly as this is one of our biggest events to date.  

Check out the top 5 reasons below:

The MMA Math actually adds up in favor of DiMarcantonio

These two guys have a common and fairly recent opponent in Reggie Merriweather, and while Worthy admits he hit Reggie with everything he had, he still wasn’t able to finish the fight and ended up winning a unanimous decision. DiMarcantonio faced Merriweather in August, and he became the first person to knock him out in his pro career. It was also the first career knockout for the Canadian.  If you haven't had a chance to check that one out click here and be prepared to be a little shocked. 

Khama doesn’t know how to be boring

Have you ever walked away from a Khama Worthy fight wishing you hadn’t wasted your time? Me neither. Each and every time Worthy steps inside the cage, he puts on a show and doesn’t disappoint; that folks is by design. Sure, that’s a cliché, but it’s true when it comes to Khama. He told me last week on The Kyote Ugly Show that he’s willing to die each time he steps in there, and the way he riskes his vitals leads me to believe that’s true.  Talking about the fight for a second, Khama and Matt are two tall, rangy fighters with a penchant for punishment (#boom) and bring long , powerful striking styles to the table.  Both have one shot KO power and both look for the kill every time out.   Khama has shown huge improvements in his game since the early rough patch that started off his career.   DiMarcantonio has faced off against some serious competition and he is definitely going to try and take Worthy out in a dominating fashion.  

DiMarcantonio has never been finished

Through 10 fights, “The Cat” has only been defeated by the judges’ scorecards. And he’s faced some tough opponents, including current UFC bantamweight Rob Font and Bellator vet Desmond Green. It will be a true test for Worthy, who has built a reputation as a finisher with four of his six victories coming via knockout.  This is a testament to Matt's durability and heart which will more than likely be on full display Wednesday night.  He recently bested Wes Hansen in a lopsided decision in October and hasn't lost a bout since dropping a decision to UFC new comer Rob Font. 

Both fighters are on a roll

Worthy has won 5 in a row and is 5-1 inside the Pinnacle cage, giving him one of the best resumes in the organization. Adding to that, his last two finishes have been featured on AXS TV and he is becoming known as one of the most vicious fighters on the East Coast. DiMarcantonio has started a bit of a roll himself, first knocking out Merriweather with a head kick/overhand right combination and then handing top prospect Wes Hanson his first loss last month. Confidence is everything in this game and both of these guys have plenty of reason to be confident here.  Prepare yourselves for a war bros and don't say I didn't warn you. 

Worthy is building a case to be picked up by a national organization

It’s going to be hard for “The Death Star” to make it to the UFC for at least a little while longer with two losses already on his resume at a stacked weight class, but his style is the perfect fit for the new Bellator, or even an organization like Asia’s ONE FC.  If he continues his winning ways and keeps dropping the hammer in highlight reel fashion, it won't be long before Worthy is smashing someone's dream on a TV near you.


The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Mark Cherico vs. Brian Kelleher

We are less than 10 days away from one of our biggest cards of the year and from all accounts, everything is coming together smoothly (knocking on digital wood). David Mckinney has penned our first of many, often imitated but never duplicated, top 5 pieces and that is listed below.  

I probably shouldn't have to tell you why you want to see such a fight that has grabbed main event status for Pinnacle FC 9, but I'm going to anyway. A pair of fighters looking to make their way through the thick of the 135-pound heap will square off on November 26, as Mark "The Pride of Bloomfield" Cherico (7-0) puts his unblemished record on the line against New York product Brian "Boom" Kelleher (10-7).

Tickets are on sale now but are going fast, so reserve yours now and then come back to read this article.

Check out the 5 reasons why you should care about Mark Cherico vs. Brian Kelleher below: