Austin Warman Out, Cortland Woodard in Against Rich Cantolina February 27th:

There are a number of reasons a fight falls apart, most of the time it is avoidable, some times it is not.   This is not one of those (unavoidable) times.  
However there are times where one fight falls through and the subsequent replacement fight is arguably much better than the original.  This my friends, is one of those times. 
Austin Warman pulled out of his fight with Richie Cantolina due to being seventeen and in his place steps quasi youtube legend and Facebook savant Cortland Woodard. Before the Facebook war starts and let me tell you that this is a fight that didn't require much of a sales pitch to either guy. Especially considering this is a rematch of their closely contested first fight.
It went something like this:
Chris: "Hey Cort"
Cortland: "Yes Chris, I would love to fight Richie"
Chris: "We didn't even ask you yet"
Cortland: "Well I just wanted to let you know where I stand in case you did"
Chris: "Ok, well... You kinda ruined Christmas but do you want to fight Richie now that Austin pulled out"  
Cortland: "Uh yeah? Did you really even have to ask me?"

Chris: "Well it is kind of my job, I told you, you ruined it."
I could do this all day but you get the point. 
So everyone head back over to Facebook for the unavoidable shit talking extravaganza that you all love to read and then comment on as though you are disgusted by it. Well, shall we?
I'll start it off. 

Dom Mazzotta Vs. Rob Hanna Set For Pinnacle FC 3/26:

Every once in awhile a fight comes rolling across my desk that seems to just make sense for everybody.  And once it hits that part of my brain that recognizes great ideas, I just can't seem to figure out a better solution.  

The odds are because there isn't one or I'm getting punchy.

It's hard to say at this point.

Pinnacle FC is starting this year off with a bang and the headlining match up of our March 26th event just became one of the most important fights in the region overnight.  

Undefeated, multiple title holder and Pinnacle FC Vet Rob Hanna (7-0) will take on one of the most dynamic martial artists in the country and current Pinnacle FC Bantamweight champion Dom Mazzotta (9-1) at featherweight, for the now vacant featherweight title.

I'll let that settle in.

Dom Mazzotta is now going up a weight class to take on a guy who hasn't lost a fight since his amateur days some 5 odd years ago and who also holds recent wins over top flight regional stars including Joey Holt, Mike Wilkins and Todd Bevan. Not too mention a host of other names he beat as an amateur that will make you blush.  

Mazzotta has clearly separated himself from the regional pack blasting through anyone we can find and in unfortunate fashion (think face kicking and slamming).  In his recent outings, Mazzotta has proven - with relative ease- that hs is just on another level.  It really only makes sense for the two top guys in the area, who don't train together or hang out on Saturdays to fight each other for regional supremacy.  The last guy to hold the Pinnacle FC title was featherweight technician Mark Cherico (9-1) who retired as champion and still remains one of Pinnacle’s top prospects of all time.

The tickets for this one will be available shortly and we’re back at the Shriner’s hall in Cheswick this time which means you would be best advised to grab them quickly because we will be turning last minute purchases away at the door, again.

John Jaquay posts cryptic Facebook message promising embarrassment and more:

It looks like John Jaquay is taking his upcoming bout with Gregg Rudolph pretty seriously based on a recent Facebook post.  He obviously doesn't mention Rudolph by name so technically there could be more than one target on his radar but yeah, he’s talking about Gregg.

Which draws two immediate reactions from me:

  1. As a fan it’s more of a “ohhh shit this is gonna be great”.

  2. As a promoter it’s more of a “fuck yeah, this is gonna be awesome”.

Real moment time you guys; fights with real heat are always a touch more fun because you really want to see two tough guys who don’t like each other settle it the old fashion way. So in other words, this doesn’t hurt our cause (or yours).

I am also going to go out on a limb and say that this maybe the first shot fired but probably not the last.

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Oh yeah, tickets here.

Everything you need to know about Sammy Vasquez jr vs. Aaron Martinez

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I took a small hiatus from writing because honestly, some of this shit is pretty redundant and therefore I found it hard to work up the motivation to actually write something.  But let’s face it You don’t care that much and neither do I, so let’s talk about Sammy Vasquez Jr. taking on Aaron Martinez this weekend on the Garcia/Guerrero undercard live tomorrow night.

                                                  Where: FOX

                                                  When: 8:00 Pm

Here are some things I find notable about the Martinez match up in no particular order:

  • Martinez is the first “named” fighter on Sammy’s resume

Vasquez recently ran over Jose Lopez in a fight that surprised no one, probably not even Lopez. Before that he took on battle tested Wale Omatoso in what leading up to the bout could only be described as his most dangerous to date.  Note that neither of these guys are what you would call “household names”  The matchup this weekend is his first bout featuring a relatively higher profile opponent in Aaron Martinez (yes, probably not a household name either but getting closer).  Most, if not all, of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering who Martinez is and why his profile is considered high.   A quick google search will show you the following names on his resume:

                                    Robert Guerrero (Main event)

                                             Devon Alexander

                                                Joseito Lopez

                                                Jessie Vargas

If you’re still wondering why he is the most high profile opponent to date, then it’s time you start following a different sport.  What this means is that Martinez is a real opponent, with real experience and rounds against some of the sports better names and that my friends is what this next level is all about.  Taking out someone visible.

                             Vasquez is getting a good push from PBC

Vasquez is getting a good publicity push from PBC and with good reason; he beats the shit out of people.   That’s what boxing has been missing and Vasquez has brought back in his own effectively brutal, technically beautiful left handed assaults.  Some people like technical boxing matches but the vast majority of us want to see two guys step in the pocket and throw non stop day ruiners until one of them is gone.  Sammy has split the difference with a flashy offense that meshes well with the technical skills to pull it off and a cracking power that has left 14 of 20 opponents counting lights.

With that being said it would appear as though Team Vasquez has figured out the formula.  I’ve mentioned it before and I’m going to say it again; no one gets to this level without the help of a supportive, devoted team that sacrifices everything for one man’s glory.   The latest addition being former amatuer coach Ryan Rimsek who is essentially the lead designer of Vasquez’s pugilistic endeavors.  The slick technical movements coupled with flashy angles and swagged out hand positions are all products of Rimsek’s design.  

                                                   What to expect:

Martinez is the perfect nail to vasquez’s hammer.

Martinez is durable and a skilled boxer with good recovery techniques but is not a big puncher and tends to become a beta quickly.  He was stopped by a much smaller Joseito Lopez, who is not a huge puncher for the weight class.  Martinez is a live dog here but he will need to get lucky, albeit really lucky to catch Sammy crossing territory carelessly and or have the performance of two lifetimes to survive this one.  Sure there is always a chance Martinez could put on a boxing clinic using his counter hook and above average footwork to keep Vasquez turning but those odds are low at best. Vasquez has him out gunned in the footwork area along with the actual gun area.  My guess is that Vasquez draws the stoppage somewhere around the middle rounds if not earlier.

Gregg Rudolph Vs. John Jaquay Set For Pinnacle Boxing 2/27

We decided that if we were going to start doing some boxing events, it would only make sense to start off with a couple bangers on the first show. 
I mean it's kinda promoting 101 duh. 
And as of yesterday, we have just the amateur showcase type fight we were looking for.  Two heavy handed sumbitches who also happened to dislike each other for whatever reason have agreed to fight on our inaugural boxing event February 27th. 
The most popular guy in Pittsburgh combat sports, Gregg Rudolph will be trading shots with OTC's John Jaquay in what is sure to be a heated affair starting, probably like right now. 
I have a fairly good idea why these guys don't like each other and I will give you the 4th hand gist if you have a moment, which who doesn't have a moment for a little drama?  
Answer: No one. 
Immediately following Rudolph's hulk smashing of a rugged but woefully under tooled Brandon Eckard, myself and the rest of the Pinnacle team kind of scratched our heads wondering who the hell we could get to fight this guy now. 
About 15 minutes later (probably like a week but 15 minutes sounds way better) we get a message from John Jaquay asking to fight Rudolph in his next outing. The general consensus was, "holy shit, yeah ok".
Rudolph didn't take to kindly to the call out and these two have been circling each other since.  When we asked Jaquay if he wanted the Rudolph fight his response was "100% yeah". 
Fun times here at face punching incorporated.  

Anyway prepare yourselves for this thing to get crazy probably sooner than later and I usually hold these type of fights for awhile but I figured, why not let yinz in on a little secret.  Here's why I like this fight; both guys have some MMA experience, both guys are big punchers and both have alot at stake here.  A win for Jaquay here puts him on the map and more or less makes him a local legend, where a win for Gregg brings him back in the picture after some time off and over legitimate competition.  Isn't fighting way more fun to watch when you know the guys don't like each other?  Dumb question yeah I know. 

Anyway tickets will be on sale here eventually (worst promoter ever) and I'll let you know when that happens.  There are some more very intriguing fights on this card that are already booked but I'll save those for later.