Mazzotta And Cherico Headline Pinnacle FC 11:

          Pinnacle FC 11: 8/29

Well ladies (probably lady but whatever) and gentlemen, I am pleased to provide you some information about our upcoming event August 29th that is going down at the Iceoplex arena in sunny Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.  It probably feels like I should have released something sooner and that’s probably true, but until a week ago or so, there wasn’t a ton of information to report. When there are multiple events going off around the same time, it makes things more difficult based on availability and other stuff so here we are.   But after some typical grinding and unexpected turn of events, it looks like we have put together one of the better cards in a while.  Here are some of the features:

The Pride Of Bloomfield Mark Cherico (8-1) returns to take on Solon Staley (6-2) in a serious fight between two very talented, very dangerous guys looking to take their respective careers to the next step.   Both Cherico and Staley are coming in off of big wins and both are noted finishers. Staley has finished every bout as a professional ranging from knockouts to submissions and looks to continue that trend August 29th.  Mark has stopped all but two opponents as a professional (and amateur) and has put together some of the most dominant performances in Pinnacle history.   Below is Staley’s last fight, yes he is coming out to KRS-one which in some ways could be considered an added advantage (I have no idea how I justify that last part).

Dom Mazzotta (7-1) returns to the Pinnacle FC cage taking on Varon Webb (8-2) in what is probably going to turn into a wild shoot out relatively quickly.  Webb comes into the match up with a huge amateur career with +15 fights and a strong professional record of 6-2.   He’s fast, he’s experienced and he has the technical abilities to make it a long night for anyone who signed the contract.  Mazzotta is touted as one of the area’s top prospects and with good reason, he has moved through each opponent with relative ease and looks like he is the real deal leading off with a combination of athletic ability and high level technique. Below is video one of Webb’s more recent outings:

Like a pre-crack Billy Mays once said, “But wait, there’s more”.  This event also features the professional debut of Chris Mitchell, the MMA debut of boxing destroyer Jason Bergman (yes, that Jason Bergman), the return of Dave Gabig, Brandon Seylor, a OTC versus Fight Club bout – Jackson vs. Jaquay- (who doesn’t like one of those) and a lot more.  

Tickets are available now at or through your local fighter friend.  Stay tuned for more as it is released. 

Everything you need to know about Jessica Eye Vs. Miesha Tate:

This weekend Cleveland Ohio's queen bee, Jessica Eye (11-2), steps back into the octagon for the 4th time as a professional to take on her most high profile opponent to date in Miesha Tate (16-5).  Both women have taken some shots at one another respectively and even though they may have a difference in opinion there, neither can deny what a win here means for each other's career in their own right.  This is a classic match up of striker versus grappler with the winner facing off against arguably the most dominant woman combatant on the planet (Hint: sounds like Londa Lousey). 

Below is everything you need to know about Jessica Eye Vs. Miesha Tate

When: This Saturday starting at 8:00pm 

Where: Free TV more specifically FOX

For what: This is being touted as a number one contender’s bout for the division which means the winner should receive a title shot afterwards. 

The storyline here is pretty straight forward the Striker (Eye) will look to thwart the smothering efforts of the Grappler (Tate) and with a win will fight the winner of Rousey/Correa or in other words the winner will fight Rhonda Rousey.  Jessica is the more polished striker with the better footwork, better handspeed and stronger techniques across the board.  Combine that with a penchant for following a game plan and enough pop to knock an ear off and you have a high potential for hand to face connections.   Tate on the other hand is the more obvious, more raw of the two on the feet but every once in a while that can work surprisingly well.  I am constantly preaching technique but once in a blue moon the flaws in technique are compensated by execution using the “By any means necessary” approach.  Jessica will look to float and slide from outside angle to outside angle using the lead jab as a rudder to steer Tate into or away from her position all the awhile looking to stick her with straight right hands that have enough pop on them to make Sarah Kaufman look like a freshly fed vampire and knock Zolia Gurgel into the spirit world with one shot.  Tate's style is less refined but none the less effective.  She'll tuck her chin and wade in while rifling straight punches in combination that her opponents are forced to acknowledge while using the opportunity to close the distance for a variety of clinch style takedowns.  She has a strong wrestling base and uses it very effectively by controlling and manipulating her opponents into positions where they are exposed and eventually trapped. 

Caged Madness 37: Full Card

Caged Madness 37

Looks like the bros over at EFP are set to do it again with another huge card taking place at Tadmor Shrine on July 25th featuring some of the area's better amateur talent.  Hats off to matchmaker Scott Corbin for putting together another packed card of interesting match ups.  

It looks like Branko Busik (3-1 :3 via Destruction) is back in the mix which is awesome for everyone.. well.. except his opponent.  If that ends up being you may not feel exactly the same way I do right now but hey thanks for showing up anyway and when all else fails remember to protect your head and neck while pretending to be dead. With any luck he will eventually get bored and move on.   Wild animal self defense 101. This kid is high on my lists of prospects for obvious reasons and it's good to see him on a local card again. 

Khama Worthy's brother is making his debut and from I've been hearing he has a ton of potential. I wasn't exactly shocked to hear that and it should be very interesting to see how this kid's career pans out factoring in his brother's influence.  The rest of the card is stacked with a bunch of up and coming regional talent and is definitely one of the better efforts going on in Ohio MMA. 

Check it out below:

  • Darryl Booker vs. Isaiah William
  • Travis Soto vs. Sean Felton
  • Tyree Johnson vs. Branko Busick
  • Sam Daviduk vs. Joe Riley
  • Alex Quinn vs. Tywan Claxton
  • Jerome Black vs. Dornes Butler
  • Chaka Worthy vs. Victor Christian
  • Cameron Caldwell vs. Justin Clevenger
  • Dominic Bolasky vs. Christopher Smith
  • Shayne Britton vs. Charles Woods
  • Zachary Hall vs. J'Mar Moore
  • Brian Lawver vs. Christopher Roe
  • Chris Harvey vs. Brandon White
  • Jesse Terwilliger vs. Morgan Cavanagh
  • Roger Rice vs. Jon Hudson
  • Bryan Allen vs. Robert Johnston

Everything You Need To Know About Cody Garbrandt Vs. Enrique Briones:

Cody "No Love" Garbrandt (6-0) is set to make his sophomore appearance this weekend on the Mcregor/Aldo the McGregor/Mendes card and will be taking on tough Mexican (I think) prospect Enrique “Henry Bure” Briones (16-4).  This is obviously a huge fight for both guys, as is every fight in the UFC, but one of these two men are on the cusp of MMA stardom and I'll give you one guess who that is.  I’ve seen it before and I’m telling yinz right now that Cody Garbrandt is just a few highlight reel performances away from becoming a division standout and some could argue that he already is.  I have noticed countless articles, pictures and other important sounding shit that leads me to believe this quasi fact and just the other day I read something about him on TMZ, seriously.

TM fucking Z.

That is how you know you’ve made it, when TMZ is harassing your suspected girlfriend about your relationship.  What it must be like to be famous, I’ll never know.  Anyway to keep that ball rolling No Love needs to put another huge win on the board this weekend which will be live and free on Fox Sports 1 starting at 8:00pm. 

So here is what you need to know about Garbrandt/Briones:

                                  Enrique “Henry Pure” Briones 16-4  

Everything about this guy screams average –at least on tape- but he's in the UFC for a reason.  Well technically it's not really a reason more of an action. Believe it or look something else up and prove me wrong, but Briones' bread and butter is a rear uppercut that he wields with absolute fucking impunity.  He has literally built and destroyed careers with this single punch and this shot alone is the only thing that I, an unabashed, un-ashamed, No Love mark am worried about.  Briones has stopped quite a few guys with this shot and obviously has become very adept at throwing it.  This could pose some problems for the president of the 922. Which leads me to my next point:

                  To maintain his current status, he has to keep winning

This win is important to Garbrandt because let's face it, as humans we only really remember people's failures, especially in fighting and if he hits a wall, or more specifically a small 5 inch wide wall hurling upward towards him with the power of years of practice and nervous angst, he will have a helluva time rebuilding.  You're only as good as your last fight in this game and even though it is very much a "what have you done for me lately" type affair, the pressure to win here is probably less than the actual pressure of factoring in what a loss really means.  The reality here is Cody Garbrandt should beat this kid and beat him handily which means that the equity in a win won't even come close to covering the value lost in an upset.

                                Check out the rest after the break:               

Vasquez Jr. Dominates In A Firefight:

Yesterday's showdown between Pittsburgh's Sammy Vasquez (19-0) and Nigeria's Wale Omotoso (25-2) was everything it was billed to be and more with both guys showing why they received a top slot on the PCS production.

Vasquez started off early using the jab and sharp counter movements to land some serious heat on Omotoso that kept him shelled up for most of the early rounds.  The MVP of this match up was Vasquez's straight left hand that scored big, multiple times a round whether it was straight down the pipe or by way of spearing body shots.  Aside from landing hard, meaningful punches consistently throughout the rounds, Vasquez used intelligent angles to move himself into better positions during the exchanges.  In one instance he turned Wale into a huge left hand that knocked his mouthpiece clean out.  He also used great set ups and entries to keep Omotoso guessing and missing when he was on offense.

The facilitator of the offense always takes some damage in the process.

Sammy’s beautiful offensive onslaught did not happen without sustaining some punishment of his own as Omotoso was a live dog all the way until the final bell and produced more damage on Vasquez physically than all of his previous opponents combined.  Two of Vasquez’s most significant cuts were from a head butt and an early elbow but Omotoso put some missiles in the air and caught Sammy with some pretty legit punches.

They just weren’t enough and Vasquez wouldn’t be denied.  

Vasquez proved that he has the skillset, the physical tools and the ability to absorb damage at the higher levels of the game yesterday and truthfully after a showing like that, the sky really is the limit.  There was a moment towards the end of the fight where one of the guest commentators Virgil Hunter or Paulie Malignaggi  were discussing how Sammy should just box and run for the last round or so because he appeared to have slowed while Omotoso looked like he was rallying a bit. Instead of getting on his bike and safely riding towards the decision he had already clearly won, Sammy hopped back in the tank and met Omotoso in the middle, tamping him down one last time and proving he’s here to fight every second of every round regardless of the score.

I can’t really remember a better time to be a boxing fan than right now with all of the outlets available for higher level match ups.   Boxing needed a shot in the arm and PBC is exactly that, they still have some one-sided “works” (where one guy is clearly supposed to win) but that’s the sport and they aren’t afraid to make the match ups that need to be made.