EFP Caged Madness 30: Bout Order and Card

EFP Caged Madness 30: Bout Order and Card

Explosive Fight Promotions returns to the Tadmor Shrine in Akron and brings with it Caged Madness 30 featuring a main event between Jeremy "The Legion" Linville (2-1) taking on Curt Lemmon (2-0) for the Caged Madness heavyweight title. 

Linville is coming in off a win over the hard hitting Tim Dunn back in October of 2013, while Lemmon recently bested Ryan Walls back in March of this year. 

This fight is worth the price of admission alone. 

Darnell Pettis (0-0) is also set to make his professional debut taking on 2-0 Lloyd Thorton.  Thorton hasn't dropped a bout since 2012 and has a little bit of everything on his resume.   Pettis' last fight was for the Pinnacle FC amateur bantamweight title in where he stopped Davey Crockett in the 3rd round of what was one of the best amateur wars we've ever had. 

Another one worth the price of admission. 

Keep an eye on EFP as they are quickly separating themselves from the rest of the Ohio pack with serious cards like this one.

Check out the full line up below:

Bill Hutchinson Will Fight Aug 16th For BKB In Vegas:

       Bill Hutchinson Will Fight Aug 16th For BKB In Vegas:

Bill Hutchinson (8-1-4) recently announced that he will be heading to Vegas August 16th to compete in the "BKB" or Big-Knockout Boxing event. Yes, this is different than your typical boxing event.  Here is a description from the website:

Big-Knockout Boxing (BKB) is a new combat sport that is developed and owned by DIRECTV. The Nevada State Athletic Commission sanctioned BKB which will now make the new fight sport official. Headquarters  for BKB will be established in the state of Nevada sometime in the near future. Big-Knockout Boxing is an aggressive new combat sport that matches two fighters together in a pit. "The Pit" is smaller than a boxing ring and encourages more action than the traditional boxing ring .

BKB creates a new level of fighting intensity, competition consists of two-minute rounds and encourages aggressive punching and rewards offensive fighters. Big-Knockout Boxing format pushes fighters to engage in offense from start to finish and provides an experience that both casual and hard core fans will enjoy.

So it's more or less pit fighting with boxing gloves on. I have also read (and watched a similar) production also called BKB that featured fighters competing in the same pit using gloves with the top of the knuckle cut out. So there's really no telling what the hell is going on, but either way it feels a little gimmicky.  

Wait, looks like I found another site that has some insight:

After marketing research likely revealed some negative feedback on the name, BKB made a name change. What the change does is balance, or tries to anyway, the harsh reality behind the new sport with how it’s actually sold. 

I know what you're thinking and yes, I am figuring this out and writing it in real time.  It's mostly because I can barely spell journalism but the other side is that we're on this journey together. 

Here is a video of one event

The main event features Gabriel Rosado taking on Bryan Vera who are two tough guys that have some serious fight experience and love to stand and exchange. 

At the end of the day, Hutch is a tough, talented guy and I'd pay to watch him fight in alot of things so what the hell, looks like we're going to Vegas. If you would like to join me/us, you can order your tickets here.

Jake Schilling Vs. Ethan Goss: Full Fight

                 Jake Schilling Vs. Ethan Goss: Full Fight 

Jake Schilling (6-1) took on road warrior Ethan Goss (6-4) at Pinnacle FC 8 for the amateur featherweight title in what was one of the more anticipated bouts of the night.  Both guys are experienced, dangerous and have a bright future ahead of them going forward and their match up did not disappoint.

Check back for more videos as they are release.

Chris Dempsey Vs. Illir Latifi: Results and Recap

Chris Dempsey (10-2) made his UFC debut this weekend taking on Sweden's Illir Latifi (10-3).  Here is the semi-official recount and replay of the fight.

It was interesting to watch Dempsey learn certain things on the fly, like where to stand to get checked by the ref and what corner to go to, but I guess you don't know until you're in there. Anyway here we go:

Dempsey vs. Latifi

Rd.1 They agree to touch gloves and do.  Latifi lands a lead hook.  Dempsey is moving well but not putting alot of offense together. Latifi is landing a nice jab and blasts home a hook to the body followed up by a low kick. He blasts dempsey with two more low kicks and Chris is now limping noticeably. Dempsey lands a right hand, but Latifi follows up with another low kick that knocks him off his feet.  Dempsey tries to stand and Latifi charges him.  A left hook, over hand right puts Dempsey down against the fence and they waive it off. 

  • Illir Latifi Via TKO Rd.1

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Chris Dempsey Vs. Illir Latifi:

Chris Dempsey (10-1) is in Ireland this weekend facing off against fellow wrestler Illir "The Sledgehammer" Latifi (9-3) in what maybe the stiffest UFC debut I can remember in a long time. 

The stakes are high and the threat here is real, very real. Latifi has international experience facing off against Gegard Mousasi, Cyrille Diabate and Emanuel Newton. Not too mention he's UFC star and analyst Rashad Evan's training partner. Are you starting to grasp the levity of the situation? But should Dempsey pull off the upset, he will almost guarantee himself a place at the biggest table in the world.  Below are The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Chris Dempsey Vs. Illir Latifi:

1. Dempsey is as local as it gets.

Born and raised in Ambridge Pa, Dempsey is a product of southwest PA's brutal winters, rough around the edge natives who are brought up with the stark reality that there just isn't all that much opportunity here.  Here in Southwest PA we grow 'em tough and durable and honestly If you're not at least a little interested in seeing a local kid get his shot, there might be something wrong with you. 

2. Dempsey is getting a hail mary pass of a call up.

Dempsey has ran roughshod over any of the regional talent that has been cast his way but this fight is on a whole different level. To put it in perspective, it would be similar to being a really good high school running back coming from a pretty tough division, skipping college entirely and starting in the NFL against the Seahawks defense on your first day. Oh and without a full training camp because you got the call roughly 3 weeks before the start of the season.  But if he wins, he skips ahead into the playoffs.  It's a big risk with an even bigger reward.  

3. There actually is a way Dempsey could win here.

The deck is officially stacked against Dempsey and if he wants to come back to the states in one piece, he's going to need to put together a near flawless performance. 

How does he do that?  Well the game plan has a few moving parts but isn't completely impossible. Latifi is a Swedish amateur wrestling champion and can do a little bit of everything. Dempsey needs to use his jab like Mousasi did in the past to break up Latifi's bull rushes and then control where the fight takes place by either moving and countering or trapping and clinching. 

The middle ground here is a bad place to be when you're fighting a guy nicknamed "The Sledgehammer". Latifi's striking is obvious but effective. He likes to drop in hard overhands and rifle off chopping low kicks but his maneuverability is questionable. Dempsey needs to control those exchanges, score where he can and take over the fight in the later rounds. Everyone becomes more vulnerable when they are tired. If Dempsey can keep Latifi expending energy and drag him into the latter half of the fight, he can use his smothering wrestling to maintain control and maybe, just maybe pull off a huge upset here.

4. Dempsey is the first of hopefully many locals hitting the big time.

Now that the door has been opened, I am expecting even more local stars to get the call up to the biggest circuit in the world.  Guys like Cody Garbrandt, Mark Cherico and more have already gotten the calls, it's only a matter of time before the next generation of UFC stars are hailing from these here hills. 

5. Support your local pugilist.

If nothing else, as a fight fan, you should support your local representative when he gets a Rocky-esque shot at the big show.  This is more or less why you attend (hopefully) local events with the hopes of seeing the next Chris Weidman or Jon Jones before they make it to the top tier.  Win or lose, Dempsey has made it farther than nearly anyone from this area before him.  Mac Danzig made it pretty far, but he moved to California 10 years ago and for whatever reason has fallen off of the local radar.  Dempsey has a shot at opening some doors here, especially with a win, but even a good performance could be enough to keep him on the payroll for awhile.  It's time this community stopped drawing lines and started supporting each other.  

To watch Dempsey's fight, you would need to sign up for UFC Fight Pass, which you can do so here

Mark Cherico Vs. Luis Guerra: Full Fight

                     Mark Cherico Vs. Luis Guerra: Full Fight 

In our main event of the night, Mark Cherico (7-0) defeated last minute replacement Luis Guerra (4-2) over the course of 3 hard fought rounds to earn the first Pinnacle FC featherweight title. Guerra came  out looking for the upset but the Pride turned out to be too technical, too strong and too determined to keep his undefeated record intact. Cherico has been getting some looks from the UFC matchmaking team and one would guess this win inches him closer to getting the nod to head on over to the big tent. 

Could this be the last time we see Mark Cherico in a regional production?

You never know.

Check out the full results here