So A&E Called And Asked Me To Make A Few "Revisions", Here They Are:

         Just a random group photo bros, don't read into it

So I'm sitting at my job, hating my life and my phone rings.  I notice that the area code is an odd one but being a nationally recognized thousandaire I decide to take the call because you never know who could be on the other line.  Bill Gates asking for financial advice? Elon Musk requesting assistance with developing new Tesla features? Smith drunk dialing from a Los Angeles pay phone (this has happened)?

Nope it's producers from  A&E "A television network" calling and telling me I need to revise my last post. I know bros, I'm only helping the cause here with my eloquence but apparently it's a touch "premature".   We all have learned by now that my life is a book and therefore, ask you and shall receive (that makes no sense at all just keep reading). And now, listed below are the things I am actually allowed to tell you:

  • There may or may not be people here in Pittsburgh, working on something. 
  • It's possible there is a TV show happening somewhere. 
  • If this TV show were to happen, the title may or may not rhyme with *Cod fodder loves Dipsberg*
  • The people in the show are not named Vince or Enzo, like not even a little bit. They are also not named Mark or Mick and my name isn't actually Matt. 
  • If you google stuff about this show (like this) that may or may not be happening and read about it on any other site, that would be fine but just don't not read it on here. 
  • I need to be more vague. 
  • They would like me to talk about it after this show, that may or may not exist, airs.  Should it turn out that this "show" does in fact exist obviously. 
  • I was totally kidding about that cool fight scene thing.  

Here is a list of networks that may or may not have been here shooting Monday and at our last event: 

  • MTV
  • MTV2
  • USA
  • Playboy
  • OWN
  • ESPN
  • DIY
  • LOGO (google it)
  • QVC

Yeah a little different than last time but that's life in the "biz" bros. 

Check out my revised gallery after the jump: 

Anthony Durnell Vs. Jimmie Rivera Set For CFFC Nov.1:

     Anthony Durnell Vs. Jimmie Rivera Set For CFFC Nov.1 

Fight Club Pittsburgh's Muay Thai instructor Anthony Durnell (11-3) has accepted a title shot against current champion Jimmie Rivera (14-1) for the CFFC Professional bantamweight championship.  Rivera recently posted a win over Cody Stevens and is currently riding a 13 fight win streak.  Durnell was originally slated to compete for the Bellator promotion this spring but the fight fell through and left “The deathdealer” with the decision to step away from professional fighting indefinitely.

Until now obviously.

Durnell’s last fight was for Pinnacle FC where he went to war with Bomb Squad member Amran Aliyev in one of the most impressive displays of muay thai striking I have seen in long a time ever. The CFFC organization is one of the larger promotions in the Jersey, eastern PA area and has moved a lot of guys up into the UFC, like Pinnacle vet Paul Felder.  A win here could be huge for Durnell’s career.

Shameless side note:  I have been brought in to help Anthony with his boxing for this fight and frankly I am honored to have the opportunity.     

This fight will be broadcasted live on and available on Pay Per View for

Here is Rivera’s last fight with Stevens and here is Durnell’s war with Aliyev at Pinnacle FC 4.

Keep your eye out for videos, pictures and more as they are released. 

There's A New Gym In Town And It's Opening Next Month:

Top Tier MMA

Good morning bros, I just wanted to inform you that there is a new gym in town and it will be opening within a few weeks.  Top Tier MMA will be up and running by mid September and offer classes to all ages and skill levels.  Top Tier is ran and owned by a personal friend of mine and all around good guy, Josh Erdner. Erdner has been in this game as long as I have, if not longer, which if any of you know it's kinda like meeting a civil war vet.  There's not many of us left hanging around. 

The gym is located at 300 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh Pa 15202 and has been completely remodeled from the ceiling down.  I have attached a few progress pics for those of you who like that sort of thing. 

We will be putting together a photo shoot and some other things for the gym's grand opening scheduled for September. If you have any questions about signing up, class schedules or just need someone to talk to, you can call 412-925-0661.

You can like that on Facebook at

Check back for more information as it is released and check out the progress pics after the jump.

Boxing Standout To Make Pro Debut For Pinnacle FC 11/26:

  Boxing Standout To Make Pro Debut For Pinnacle FC 11/26:

Set your faces to stunned and your phasers to pumped bros, cause I got a good one for you this afternoon. 

Wait for it.

My personal friend and professional boxing standout Bill "Hutch" Hutchinson (8-1) has decided to take the leap and make his professional MMA debut for Pinnacle FC this November against a soon to be announced opponent.   This in itself is the biggest crossover fight we have had in this area, probably ever.  "Hutch" has had a few amateur MMA back in 07-08 but has since taken up the pugilistic trade.

Until now. (#boom)

Bill was originally scheduled to fight in the BKB series but a problem with an opponent postponed the fight and during our conversation about up coming fights, it hit me; "Professional Mixed Martial Arts Debut".  It was kinda like the whisper from Field of Dreams accept on Facebook chat. 

Here is a video of one of Hutch's fights that ends abruptly and furiously in a way that makes this whole thing that much more interesting.   Hutch will be making the appropriate camp changes to adjust to cage fighting rules and who knows, maybe Bill turns out to be the Daryl Strawberry of combat sports? 

Check back later for more information as it is released.

The Top 5 Best Knockouts In Pinnacle FC History:

It’s hard to imagine, but we’re just 8 events into Pinnacle FC history, and already the organization has made its name as a top regional promotion, in part because there have already been so many memorable moments to happen inside the round cage.

Many of those memorable moments have come in the form of fantastic finishes. I mean, who could forget Gregg Rudolph’s home run walk-off shot in his amateur debut last month at Pinnacle FC 8? And that’s just the start of it. Guys like Eric Bledsoe, Matt Patterson, Paul Felder, and more have all put themselves on the map with knockouts while competing for Pinnacle FC.

That’s pretty damn cool.

And who could forget Khama Worthy? The Death Star has become a knockout machine himself, and it was almost impossible to pick just one of his performances for this list.

Honorable mention:

Khama Worthy over Jacob Butler (Pinnacle FC 6), Paul Felder over Khama Worthy (Pinnacle FC 1)

5. Darnell Pettis over Dave Crockett (Pinnacle FC 6):

The fun part of this knockout was seeing Pettis methodically pick Crockett apart for two rounds, then go in for the kill shot in the third. It earned him the Pinnacle FC bantamweight title, and propelled him into the pro ranks as one of the top prospects in the area. Check that out again here

4. Matt Patterson over Ron Krisch (Pinnacle FC 7):

This is one that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, but then you remember that it happened and it’s kind of like finding a bonus fry at the bottom of the bag. Patterson showed the poise of a fighter much more experienced than one in just his second amateur bout, as he put away Ron Krisch with a 4-punch super combo and burst onto the scene as a contender in the lightweight division. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure.

3. Gregg Rudolph over Brandon Eckhardt (Pinnacle FC 8):

This may not have been the prettiest knockout ever in terms of technique, but you have to marvel at just the brute strength displayed by Rudolph in his 68-second demolition over Eckhardt. He even made AXS TV, which is pretty impressive for your amateur debut. Watch it again here.

2. Eric Bledsoe over Matt Conahan (Pinnacle FC 5):

A lot of people expected Conahan to steamroll Bledsoe, but it was the complete opposite in this fight. Bledsoe was very hush-hush leading up to his fight, but he let his impressive striking do the talking. After showing some of the prettiest boxing skills shown inside an MMA cage in recent memory, Bledsoe put Conahan to sleep with a picture perfect right hand.  Here is the full length version of the upset.

1. Adam Milstead over Nick Smiley (Pinnacle FC 8):

I think that this is my favorite KO just because it was an amazing mix of perfect technique and pure power. Milstead had kind of become a forgotten name in the burgeoning MMA scene in Pittsburgh, but he returned after an 18-month layoff and showed exactly why he could be one of the next area fighters in the UFC. In true Rock‘em Sock’em Robots fashion, Milstead extended Smiley’s neck with a sneaky uppercut, then finished him off with a nasty right hand and some extra shots to put the icing on the cupcake. Relive that chaos again here.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Support A Local Fighter:

There are alot of reasons why you should support local combat sports, some are obvious, some might not be but when the smoke clears and the curtain drops we are all in this together.  Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you should support your local fighter. 

1.  Fighting is still cool regardless of what your hipster friends say:

Yes, MMA! is watered down, yes it has some cliché elements to it that are .. well, douchey at times, but at the end of the day watching two people step into a cage or ring and apply techniques they have worked on for weeks in an effort to KO, choke or force the other to quit is still one of the greatest sporting ideas of the early 2000's.  I love fighting in a way that I have trouble describing.  It hits me in a raw, animalistic way that very few things out there can do and I could watch it all day everyday, regardless of how many events or bad fights, blatantly incorrect decisions or side shows they may come up.  

2. Just think back to when we had nothing:

10 years ago, none of this was possible. Well technically 4 years ago.   MMA hasn't been legal all that long in Pennsylvania and even during its inception the early amateur rules stifled its progression.  So if you ever find yourself thinking "There have been a lot of fights lately" just think back to the days where there was one event every year and most of them fell through before they even started. 

3.  Mark Cherico could be the next Chris Weidman:

You might be watching the next Jon Jones or Anderson Silva and seeing them start from the beginning of their career and reaching the pinnacle (#shamelessplug) of sporting success is pretty awesome.  I have watched Mac Danzig go from training in a garage to fighting on the UFC 100 main card, Stipe Miocic competing in an armory in Cleveland to headlining a main event just a weeks ago.  There will be more, and you can be the smart guy in the bar who saw their talent(s) before anyone else.

4.  Fighting is in our DNA:

We love fighting here (southwest PA and Northeast Ohio, West Virginia Etc.). I grew up around guys who would skip school to watch an after school scrap, just to ensure they get a good spot in the park. Why fight it?  Even my mom is a Khama Worthy fan for christ sakes.

5. You’re a part of something bigger:

Finally, without fans and their support, there is no sport.  If we didn't have someone showing up and buying tickets to watch these contests we wouldn't be able to put on the events that give the local fighter a place to compete. As a promotion we need you to follow the guys and girls fighting for us, because without you the wheel doesn't turn. And how guilty would you feel if the sport went under because you didn't feel like watching Cody Garbrandt or Khama Worthy ply their trade for an average price of $40.00? My guess is that It won’t be much longer for people in the rest of the fighting world to recognize the homegrown talent we have here in the area.  It will get there faster if you buy tickets from your favorite fighter, share videos and interviews on social media sites, introduce new fans to the sport and anything else I am forgetting.   It takes all of us to make this thing happen, just figured I would put that out there. 

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