You are hereBellator's Mercedes Terrell Is Not Going To Be Out Done:

Bellator's Mercedes Terrell Is Not Going To Be Out Done:

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 08 May 2012

I found these on the interwebs today and after taking a knee, regaining my grasp on reality, I decided that I would share. 

Mercedes Terrell is one half of Bellator's card carrying divas and has taken it upon herself to document a scantily clad pool party with her and some of her equally hott friends.

Who says women with daddy issues need to be avoided?

The next time I spot a dead beat dad on the street, I will congratulate him on a job well done because he may have created another beautiful, attention starved, morally bankrupt hottie with a camera phone and a dream.

Check out the rest after the jump,  be ware they are not 100% work appropriate which is ironic because I am posting them from work:

Check out the rest at It'sfighting,



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