You are hereBhrandon Poindexter Vs. 'Karate' Mike Williams: Full Video

Bhrandon Poindexter Vs. 'Karate' Mike Williams: Full Video

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 09 July 2012

Check out this nice scrap between Bhrandon Poindexter and 'Karate" Mike Williams at the RFO Mansfield Mayhem Event.  

Karate comes back from a crushing body kick in the first round that almost put him down and out.  Poindexter swarmed him but wasn't able to get him out of there and heading into the second, Williams hung tough and found the submission for the win in a interesting bout between two game fighters. 

Win or lose 'BP' has a knack for keeping things interesting.  Subsequently Mike Williams has recently announced that he is trying his hand at professional fighting after the win.


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