You are hereChris Lozano talks Jay Hieron on Verbal Submission Radio:

Chris Lozano talks Jay Hieron on Verbal Submission Radio:

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 16 May 2011

The "Cleveland Assassin" Chris Lozano was on the Verbal Submission Radio show the other day and had some interesting things to say about fellow Bellator Competitor Jay Hieron.

Props to MMAmania:

"I think it was garbage. Bellator did a great job of setting up one of the greatest tournaments ever in MMA history and judging totally just skewed the whole entire thing. I think Jay Hieron lost his last two fights. That's my beef. He lost both of his last two fights. They set him up with the easiest route possible to make it to the finals and he lost his last two fights and he still ended up winning the tournament and I can't wait for a chance to fight that dude. I know all the other Bellator welterweights can't wait for the chance either. "

Chris is referring to Hieron's razor thin victory over judo star Rick Hawn earlier this month.  He then breaks down Hieron's road to the title:

"I don't care who gets mad about it. (Jay Hieron) had the weakest opponent in the first round. They lined him up with the guy who got hurt, Steve Carl, weakest opponent in the tournament. When he gets hurt, they get Anthony Lapsley but everybody in that tournament could have beat Anthony and everybody knows that. I like Anthony, he's a good guy, but I mean they give (Jay) the weakest guy in the first round and in the second round he got beat. Whatever, even if you want to give him the second round fight, he definitely lost to Hawn in my opinion."

"I might be a little biased because I don't like the dude but that's the way I saw it. You asked my opinion, you're not asking for the truth. I'm giving you my truth but Bellator might see it differently, the judges in Oklahoma might see it differently or whoever they had judging the fight but that's what I saw. I saw a guy get slid through and handed a gift. Someone owes Rick Hawn a $100,000 check."

Lozano has a point, Hieron was arguably the most experienced fighter in the group,  based on facing GSP (see how that went on left) and a gaggle of other UFC welterweights. It also did appear that his path to the check was a little less strenuous than oh I dont know, fighting Lyman Good in your first go-round with the promotion. 

Either way, Lozano tossed out, what we in the neighborhood call "fightin words" and it will be interesting to see Hieron's response. 

To listen to the interview click HERE also featuring Jessica "Evil" Eye:

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Good move on Chris' part. If he stays on the Bellator radar and create some sort of rivalry with Hieron, he's far more likely to be invited back to the next Bellator Welterweight tournament. 

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