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A Closer Look At James Brasco Vs. Eli Garshnick

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 07 June 2012

                      Eli Garshnick | James Brasco

The WCC main event this Friday pits two Westmoreland county natives against one another in front of a hometown crowd in what will be the second official fight in Greensburg, Pa ever.  James Brasco (7-5) has a pretty hefty wrestling pedigree and represents Pablo Popovitch’s jiu jitsu school in Miami, Florida.  He moved to southern Florida for whatever reason but continued his ground pursuits and has amassed an impressive resume.

Eli Garshnick (7-4) decided to stick around.

He has been training and fighting in the same circles for years now and has gotten pretty far doing so.  Garshnick is the type of fighter who has a brilliant talent of application and has ruined a lot of people’s records and dreams over the years.   This fight puts pedigree squarely in the sites of talent and application in a way I haven’t seen live in a while.

Check out the breakdown after the jump:

The Breakdown:

Brasco is your standard pre-2008 wrestler. His ground skills are pretty spectacular in reality and on paper and his skills on the feet are rudimentary but get the job done.   Brasco looks like a primetime middleweight and should be significantly bigger than Garshnick here.  He still uses folkstyle wrestling takedowns, like doubles and singles, but has rounded out his game nicely with a serious jiu jitsu camp.  

Garshnick is a natural fighter.  He is heavy handed, defensively aware and has a knack for timing. You may never use tape of a Garshnick as tool for teaching, but he may KO your teacher.   The same things that make Eli dangerous are the same things that hold him back from progressing to the next level; his footwork is unorthodox (to put it politely) his striking is basic and his attacks are single minded. But when everything is put together and firing at once, it is a pretty effective combination of unorthodox attacks and familiar techniques.

My guess is that Brasco will waste no time in trying to get this fight grounded.   Garshnick’s movement and techniques on the feet will be awkward and hard for him to time so once he gets tagged a few times with some leaping right hands Brasco’s going to try and get this on the floor.   Garshnick is very effective on the ground.  He will move through positions constantly attacking and applying pressure while waiting for something to open up. Brasco will need to be careful in these moments because one arm left in too long or a roll that puts Garshnick on his back and you have yourself an upset folks.

Let’s Get Real Here:

Garshnick has a really nice submission game and if you don’t believe me just youtube anyone of his fights on line and you will quickly see that Eli can fight on the floor.  Garshnick’s biggest attribute on the feet is his cannon right hand that he times pretty well behind some in and out footwork.   Neither of these mean much though if he is stuck on his back getting punched in the face for 15 minutes.  Brasco’s top control is good enough that he can Mark Coleman his way through three hard rounds and keep Garshnick defending instead of flowing like he has in his past wins.

With that noted and acknowledged, logic is telling me that Brasco wrestles his way through this one.

James Brasco wins via decision

You know what; let’s go with the wild card;

Eli Garshnick via submission Rd. 2

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That's a huge upset call there mat and by submission, lol

Brasco is a black belt under Pablo papavich. He is also a pan am brown belt and black belt champion. Nothing against garsnick, but he is out of his league on the ground.

I might be a little partial, but that's only because brasco has tapped me twice in competition way back in the day before he was even that experienced with Bjj. He's a beast.

"Pain is merely weakness leaving the body."

Well you're right but I have some history working for me on this gamble. Brasco hasnt posted a win since 2010. He won 1 by DQ but for the sake of making my point we'll leave that out lol.

Hes been stopped 5 times, so it's not impossible and finely that is why I went with the wild card instead of the more logical decision.   Who doesn't like upsets?

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