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Drugs, Drunks And Drives:

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 22 May 2012

One of life's little lessons that every can abide by still holds true today;

Always be prepared. 

In this case it's Nick Diaz and his "trial" with the NSAC over his failed drug screening examination a few months ago after his loss to Carlos Condit. PED(s), alcohol and marijuana are apparently just part of normal life for Zuffa employees and will continue to wreak havoc on major pay per view cards until the UFC can find the handle on these guys.  Back to my original statement of always being prepared, Diaz in typical Diaz fashion showed up to the hearing with out his medical marijuana card or doctor referral and apparently hadn't even though about what questions the commission may ask.  Below is a snippet of the trial transcribed by a member of the UG, which means it could be total bullshit, but it's funny none the less:

Athletic Commission: "Mr Diaz you tested positive several years ago for Marijuana and you told the Commission at that time it was a isolated incident and it wouldn't happen again"
Nick Diaz: "Yes"
Athletic Commission: "you tested positive again so how soon after testifying did you start using again"?
Nick Diaz: "when I got home"
Athletic Commission: "so you just told us that to get through the hearing"?
Nick Diaz: "Yes"

So just to keep count, this week Champ Jon Jones was arrested for DUI, Nick Diaz was suspended for pot use even though it is considered legal and Chael Sonnen was granted use of testosterone replacement therapy.  Personally, I feel like "strict regulations" are going to waste alot of money and time while hardly putting a dent in the problem.  Not to mention the UFC handling their own drug testing will create a huge conflict of interest(s) for everyone involved.

The problem is human nature  and that leads people to do things outside of "the norm" in some scenarios and no amount of money will change that.

That's a real fancy way of saying you can't fix stupid.

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