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Former Rocktagon Promoter Blasts CEO:

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 03 August 2011

Mike Musselwhite, now former employee of Rocktagon MMA, has taken to his Facebook to blast the controversial promotion.  Musselwhite was head matchmaker and co-promoter for the Ohio based event, but has reportedly left the organization after apparent disputes with Rocktagon brass.  He now joins former promoter Bryan Klaus in voicing his irreconcilable differences with the promotion's CEO James Jeda.

Is this the beginning of the end for the company known for it's aggressive promotional tactics and turning off it's own employees?

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i might be able to agree with bedo if i could make it through one of his posts. i have no idea what he is saying and cant understand half of it, but overall, i think he is right about promoters just wanting money (if that is what he was saying, lol.)


Instead of you hamster hearts coming at me one at a time, would'nt it be a lot easier if you lames just all squeezed into a booth at Applebee's, and formulated an assault over some strawberry lemonades and tato skins?,take some time to get your insults and discrediting remarks written down in order of importance, It would make things easier for "Yinz" lol, matter of fact why not vote on a spokesman and let him lead the inquisition against me, "I'm not gonna bite my tongue to win friends or avoid making enemies" I got plenty of folks round me on the regular "The bestest in the world" So I don't care who secretly don't like me, "Dan Stack and the We all boys"
bedo-"don't worry I'm gon die someday"-jones

p.s but not tonight ya lamez! Lol

1. I met bryan k .as a man looking for a fighter for one of his shows. Since then, Ive trained w him, ive fought for him, and he's went out of his way for me outside the business. He is a great guy with good intentions for everyone involved for whatever maybe going on at the time.
To come on this page and bash him in any way, shows you dont know him on any level.

2. I dont know Dan S. But sounds like he acts like he knows more than he does.

3.BENDO.... I read your posts and can only think of one word, CLOWN. how long does it take you to come up with your retorts? You take what people say, twist it around, try to add comedy and put them down. You are fake.
im not tryin to put my name on here, im not going to have any of you bash me. But i will say i have had almost 20 ammy fights, ive met atotta promoters, been to many events, met many managers,trainers, ecct. Everyone has their agenda. To better themselves. The only thing we as
fighters can hope for is to not be taken advantage
of..and keep working hard at what we do because even though we love what we do. Our goal is without a make money..

Yet and again another ghost,,,,well considering that you saved Me for last, I'll take that as a compliment "casper", and I see you coming to your boys defense as an admirable thing, which understandably you should feel compelled to do, since Your dealings and interactions with him have all been favorable up til now, and say what you will, but I don't twist anything that anyone says, "they of their own freewill post what they do" one key stroke at a time Spartan, All I ever did was,,, form an opinion based on what was posted on a public forum and respond to it, using common sense and applying the principles of (stare decicis): similar cases should be tried in similar ways, and (res ipsa loquitor):when the act speaks for itself, like take what you just posted for instance,,now I'm quoting letter for letter OK? "The only thing WE as FIGHTERS can hope for is to not be taken advantage of" No man under any circumstance should be reduced to HOPING for equitable treatment,,(You should feel slightly dumb for that),,but especially if he's a fighter!, Everybody ain't gonna like Me this I know,,,,but since I don't plan on running for mayor or harvest queen no time soon it don't bother Me, besides "I got the love of My children, an the respect of My parents" and although I refuse to go in on You, because you are a fighter (or so your post says anyway), I will say that you lack some backbone,,(We Got 15yr olds on here threatning to dig up mobsters to throw on Me,,LOL "badazz Dante' you lil twerp" and I respect that he put his stamp on it, "and you should too" Don't use decorum as a shield or excuse, It is your "insecurity and fear" that restrict You from defending "A Great Guy with good intentions for everyone"lol in the light of day, I got some family members that ain't worth a $#!T, but when/if its called for I'm booted, strapped & laced without a mask on about them, hey!!!!! I'm Fake? "I heard ya mom's tittiez are made of plywood, and she breastfeeds babytermites for a living".

"I heard ya mom's tittiez are made of plywood, and she breastfeeds babytermites for a living".
my point exactly.
i have plenty of backbone, i also have a family, 2 jobs, and a fight coming up to get ready for.
I don't have the time to keep seeing if the site was updated to see what trash was said about me every 5 min. I dont want to get wraped up in the childish crap..just putting my 2¢ in.
Now im done.

hahaha! "And you still have'nt said they were'nt or that she does'nt yet" Lol "You opened your post calling Me a clown, fake, bendo, and probably a few other things I forgot already Son, You shoulda known that I might have something to say in response" (and I still don't feel like I'm attacking You Killer) but I'm not gonna let you're "anonymous azz" just sit in the shadows and pop-off shots at Me, I sincerly hope you come to understand that although we happened to land on opposite sides of the coin on this topic, I'm not against You or any fighter,,,,, its much to the contrary Dude, "I watched one of the strongest Men I've ever known,,hide his face in his gnarled disfigured hands and cry, in reflection upon the way he was used, taken advantage of, and discarded by the vultures that he wanted to believe had his best intrest at heart," this is why I feel like I do about "Most" of em, that "I" have come in contact with, (not All,,but MOST of em) the future proves to be grimy bazterds, and If I see something in a person that makes My spidey sense tingle,,,I go with My gut, and more often than not its the right call, and when I'm wrong I apologize to that Man in his face, Every man is a culmination of his expierences and the roads that he has walked, I can't help that my road has brought me to feel this way "Bunny" (thats you're new name by the way, since you ain't got one that you like enough to share with everybody)
bedo- I don't want to do this with You, Spartan!

P.S I did'nt mean to say You're momz breastfeeds babytermites for a living, "I meant to say babywoodchucks with gold teeth" Lol

Being here stating that you don't have time to be here isn't a viable defense for not willing to say whom you are, the fact that you indeed did come back to see if the site was updated (And you should more often) kinda defeats the point that you dont want to do exactly that.


Fact is, I stick my neck out all the time, and sometimes people swing at it.  I don't give a shit about what other people say, my opinions, are mine, and I have no problem putting the TM on them.



I would much rather have a no one put their name on the line for me, then someone claiming to be something support me anonymously. Just some food for thought...

that is some very nourishing "food for thought" thank you "CHRISL" "How can he even claim to be a friend,,,and not leave his name".

I told him who did it.

don't tell him!!,,, show the world what kind of solidarity exists between the two of you guys, Truly being a friend sometimes means exposing yourself to ridicule, humiliation, and somtimes even injury or death, so you might be a friend to him "but only when its nice outside", (Bryan you should put on a show with this dude matched against himself) hahahahaha!

On a more serious note than what someone named "bedo" thinks about people who make more money than him, Rocktagon has as of today lost another major employee. Chris Lozier, their director of operations, has pulled the plug and left Rocktagon too after not being paid and being sick of the lies and grime that is rocktagon. As far as we can tell the organization is down to two people, the king of lies himself james jeda and his right hand patsy lorenzo gentile. Well see how long these two last on their own after turning off damn near every fighter in a five state radius.

Folks that know me can attest to this, and "you're" more than welcome to come out of the shadows, and check first hand if what I say is bullshit, I'm from Homewood on the eastside of PGH and if there's any belly to the beast of this city, thats it (ask around), that was my youth 3rooms Mom, Sister and Me, but in that dirt I grew into a full blown exhortionist before my 16th birthday, and by 18 I was pulling cars off showroom floors twice a year (ya insecure bastar@ ya), and by the time I was 22 I was stepping out of showers onto marble floors, and every one of My cubs had their own shitter,(mmmmkay) I wasted more money making whores feel like queens, than most cats invest in their childrens education, You don't know Me or how I dance, I been fuxn with "get it get jews" and "downazz niggaz" My whole life, and I ain't never gonna be broke,,,,,cause I learned early, that in this country, if you are without remorse and capable of ignoring the angel on your shoulder, "getting rich is not that very hard", and even with all the deplorable things I did during that time when maphuxerz tried to recruit me to become a promoter I said FUX NO!!, because I was only into victimizing other pieces of shit like "MYSELF" that chose to sell dope or rob, and with maturity and rationalization I came to see that some things supersede financial gain, (but make no mistakes if I want anything I see you, or anyone else with),,,I have the wherewithall to take from you in your livingroom.
you know who it is: B to the E to the DO bitc#.

psssssst put a name to it and I can respect you're opinion.

Just heard from a fighter buddy of mine that the guy handling their local operations walked. Musselwhite, who is he? Why's he quite?

PS Bedo... No show sells out... Not even NAAFS. Most venues hold more then 100 spectators and most MMA Orgs are lucky to have 500 with the help of the fighters.

Again Best Regards
Mike M

Im pretty sure there were more than 500 ppl at the NAAFS show in June, more like 2000.Are you really suprised that all of the more well known teams are now trying to fight there and not these other half assed promotions who cancel shows every other month. MMA Business is full of slimeballs, in fact all of combat sports in general is. If your not a good judge of character you shouldnt do business with these ppl, they will look for many ways to make money at the expense of the fighters. random title fights with no relevancy, mismatches, you name it they do it.

Oh yeah, one more thing, Dan Stack please SHUT UP, nobody cares about your opinion. the majority of your posts are bashing someone, be it a fighter, clothing company, whoever. I seriously doubt youve ever even learned to throw a proper punch yet youre some type of MMA savant with intimate knowledge on how to run a clothing company, fight camp, promotion, etc...PLEASE SHUT UP RETARD.

Bam Bam Gigolo's picture

Sounds like all you boys are getting all fired up over this. I absolutely love this kind of drama. 

I'm the muthafuckin man. Kinda.

Naw you're sensationalizing it way bigger than it is Gigolo, Gigolo, Gigolo,,,,just two guys with varying perspectives respectfully disagreeing on some things and agreeing on others, I'm not at all attacking the "Character of Man" that Mr. Musslewhite is by any means, and I can't do nothing but respect the fact that He addressed it Himself, and put his name to it, For that alone I hope He becomes one of the few that have proved me wrong a few times.


You sure were attacking his character. I know the stuff that you write is hard to read Through all the slang But you basically insinuated that he was less of a man for several posts For eating at the same table as jeda. Then when several people to send it to him and he defended himself you backed off and acted like you never did it but it's too late. We all know you're formula now you attack and criticize Until people to send themselves and make you look dumb Then you play it off. Time to get a new formula. - dan stack

DAN I would'nt give a fux if the whole third regiment is shaking pom-poms for him, I'm always the "same" in person I'm "no diffrent" than I am when I'm posting on a forum, and as far as the "slang" goes the post I'm responding to sounds like that dude with the hockey helmet off of "crankyankers", dictated that shit to you over a set of kids walkie-talkies, next time you post don't chew gum at the same time, its just to much multi-tasking for you obviously, He's obviously you're buddy to some extent, and thats why you got something to say, but let me assure you if I was attacking his character, he'd have been all kinds of fatherless faggitz and needle d!@k punkz before I was done poking at these keys, I simply availed myself of My right to post what I felt, "just like you are doing now" so whats the problem Danielle fa real? and who the fux constitutes "We All" anyway? hahaha! "Yall" should get something to do other than collectively agree to not like Me, because that ain't gonna work but for so long "cause I'm cute as two kittens slap boxing in tudo shorts", Lol and don't let me find out "We" is codeword for "gerbils".

P.S nnaw mean cuz, juz chillin homie, whoomp there it is, "BECAUSE I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LIKE THE SLANG"

Dan Stack is back on the attack!!!!! Heres a question, does anyone think promoters are in it for any other reason but money? All Promoters care about $$$$$$ first, fighters second. Everyone(including NAAFS) is getting rich at the expense of YOUR hard work. Dan Stack is a reactionary troll who gets all hot and bothered and feels like he has to lead a crusade against posters he doesnt agree with. he bashed Russ Brletrick earlier in the year, and suprise, suprise Russ is on his way to being 3-0 in NAAFS and ranked in the top 4. You bashed Intimidation clothing next, I agree that their designs are generic but you once again made it your mission to troll Luke Jernigan on the poll that was created. Get a life, dont you have a hobby????


In closing:

1. ALL promoters are greedy slimeballs, all of them.

2. A Rhesus monkey could be a amateur mma matchmaker, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to match up 2 fighters with similar records.

3. Rocktagon was destined to fail, did you guys really believe all of Jedas blatant half truths? you must of if you were so quick to do business with him.

4. Dan Stack is a TROLL

I agree about this Dan Stack dude, its obvious he wants to stir the pot. Heres an idea Dan, stick to running into burning buildings and let fighters and promoters hash it out without your interference. You remind me of a troll who used to frequent the CAGE OF CHAOS forum, I would be suprised if you and him are the same person. As far as posting anonymously, you posted anonymously many, many, many times and every single one of your posts was negative!!! you try to discredit people who are actually COMPETING, not sitting behind a keyboard. You bashed the Independent Crew several times, their coach, specific fighters, etc.......thats just one example. Ive been going to MMA shows in Ohio since 2006, and Ive seen many promoters come and go. Ive seen many fighters put in a full camp only to be told the show was cancelled the week of the fight. Sorry if some of us arent exactly brimming with confidence every time a new guy comes along and promises to do it different(better) than all the previous promoters who failed. Straight Shooters will always gain the trust of fighters/fans.

Scott Malone
Independence, Ohio

First of all fight fan post your name or even a second picture of you so we know you're not just a fake. Second of all the boys at thick as thieves want to know who you are still from when you criticised their shit. Third of all I think you ought to talk to nicole long for just 2 minutes before you say how easy amateur matchmaking is. I've seen her ready to pull her hair out on multiple occasions from the complexities of getting a show together and keeping it together. You are a fool.

Once again Dan Stack proves what a retard he is. Nobody cares about wanna be gangsters or MMA clothing. Im just gonna keep trolling you because your so easy to bait into an argument, so easy!!!!! I doubt its that hard to match 2 fighters up with similar records..........never knew you had such an intimate knowledge of what Nichole does, maybe you should be a matchmaker then genius. Keep getting upset and posting like a fool, nobody cares what you say anyway.

Your right I did continue to eat at the same table. I have a family to support and would have been retarded to mess that up.I know many people who assosiate and work for scum. Its part of survival. As for making enormous ammounts of money?... Guess your not aware of the ammount of money I make per event. 500 dollars is what I made per event for Rocktagon. My tab after the event hanging with fighters and showing them a good time was half my pay! That isn't nothing. Second I am a fighter for the fighter... I have nothing but respect for every fighter rather they like me or not. Cause your right with out them there is no mma. For that Thank you to all fighters. As for not defending Bryan K. Him and I spoke many times and we have always been on good terms and will remain that way for a long time I'm sure. He and I both agreed I would be dumb not to take a pay check. And no matter where I'm at my mission for matching fights is always the same. I will never set a fight for one guy to have more of a chance to win. I get them as close to 50/50 as possible and when the cage door closes my job ends and the fighters job starts! However... Good or bad I truly appreciate your input. I like to know how people feel. As for this entire post. I posted it public so nothing I can do at that rate. But I never wanted this to get so public I try hard to be professional. After publically blasting Lorenzo and James they did contact me with all of my personal information in tact. They agreed to give it back under the agreement that I would retract my previous statements. For those untrue I will... For the truth there is nothing I'm willing to do or say different. So to live up to my word... I would like to publically make everyone aware that after a public blast I did receive my personal files back. Since I did get them back I'm sorry for saying that Lorenzo robbed them from me. As for everything else... Truth, Honesty, and Hard work will show for itself and pay off.

Best Regards to All
Mike M.

I would'nt care if My Mother needed money to get one of her testicles removed,,it still would'nt justify an honorable man aligning himself with "snakes", and if you're only seeing $500 for promoting a show, where at average the ticket is $25-$45 per seat (and most sell out) then,,,we'll just say "you ain't much of a hustler homie", if thats how you handle your own business, a fighter would have to be a damn fool to hook his star to your wagon, More of You guys than not get into MMA promotion after going to a show, seeing a thriving, "paying", consistent, supportive, growing, fanbase, and subculture, then you start thinking how can "I" blow-up on this, thats when you become Janky PROMOTERS, and since We on it now and "You" put his name out there, I know first hand from Bryan Klaus's mouth to my ear "That he got into promoting Cagefighting with money as the motivating factor" and that was the first time I met him, TRUTH, HONESTY, and HARD WORK very rarely in the past have these words been used in describing "You Guys"

bedo-Yep! "and I will"

BryanKlaus's picture

Wait a minute? Are u saying i cant know truth honesty or hard work because i started a business with the goal of making profit? No connection at all there. Profit isnt evil or the enemy. And u said i told you the very first time i met you that i was out to make money. Id say thats right fuckin up front honest.

whats wrong Bryan you don't like what I said about your (historically crooked azz choice of profession)?,I was gonna sit on My hands about the whole promoter issue, because I may have went unfairly deep on Musslewhite because of personally how I feel about promoters, But since you asking I'll walk down memory lane with Ya "My first impression upon meeting you was (after hearing your pitch) heres another soft ass milktoast, spoonfed, strawberry valley raised, lame azz young whiteboy trying to become the next Dana White,,w/o having to fux around with real gangsters to do it", and My 2nd thought was "about how many others just like you, I've met in cities all over this country and two others, and how slimy they were" and My 3rd thought was "I hope he does'nt get lost robbed and raped around here, Hows that for right fukn upfront honesty.

since you asked!

BryanKlaus's picture

Actually thats not at all what i asked but lol thanks for your honesty lol

and I deliver in 30 mins or less (depending on the parkway traffic conditions), always free, hot,& available 24hrs a day,, "and your welcome" lol

bedo, you are one of my favorites on here so let me let you in on some shit you missed. Klaus isnt as milktoast strawberry valley soft and distant from the fight and promotion game as he looks. for what its worth hes a relative of frank klaus the old school boxing champ. hes more importantly vincent gigante (for those of you who know who he is)'s nephew. if you google image him, you'll see the resemblance immediately. bryan may look soft, but dig a little deeper and his family, his past, his businesses, the company he keeps, and his attraction to fight promotion make a lot more sense. bryans super cool and real good to fighters and trainers too man. you two should go out and have a couple beers. i see you both having some fun after some of the things you posted on here. And @mattl i love the site bro.

Dante Romito

Thanks for warning me brotherman, (but My Mother "is" an ANGEL, and My daddy "was" a demon, so that means that GOD protects me for her sake, and the devil cheers me on as payment to him.) and as far as familial relations go "I once heard an aunt of mine, try to explain how we were related to "Gary Coleman" hahaha! so when I say I don't give a squirrels nuts from last year, whos family tree he shares a connection too, what I said stands in the rain, on a train, in a car, on a star, at the mall, or the inaugural ball, lol and I'm rumored to be related to the cat in the hat as well (Google him and look you'll see we share the same stubby pug nose's and taste in headwear)LMAO!!! I bet every (last call for alcohol young bit@h) in the club done heard that "Vinny G's" nephew story by now,haha! My "bitch net story" back in the day was that "I'm a casting director baby!"hahah! "WHERE YOU COME FROM MATTERS VERY LITTLE, WHO YOU COME FROM MATTERS EVEN LESS" so short of him getting a shovel, digging em up, reanimating em, and telling em where Maddog gym is,,,,,,"I'm still gon be MY regular with it," but I totally agree that he should buy me some beers,, hey!! friend me on fb Dante, I got to get you away from around that type of element.
bedo-if it ain't ruff it ain't me

P.S "D's six & dogs" on braddock ave in regent sq has a nice selection of beers, "juz saying" Ya never know, enough STella Artois "4 pitchers" might make me feel diffrent about the whole promotion thing, especially if its delivered in between slices of pizza.

BryanKlaus's picture

so everybody knows, my little cousin Dante is 15 years old and is trying to sound big. Weve never even met either of those people. Lol. Everyone that knows me on here can attest to the fact that im no gangster and havent benefitted very much from the genetics of a boxing champion. Sorry for his stupid post.

I like lil Dante!!!!! now thats a promoter in the making for ya azz right there, haha! did you see how comfortable he was? lying his lil azz off the whole time, LMAO! see folks you can't teach that kinda deceptive behavior,,,it has to be observed and reinforced with smiles and finger crossing, You stay with it Lil Soldier and you're gonna be the next DANA, and the fact that he left his name at 15yrs old and rolled out with a forethought of deception,,,,SALUTE!!! "yeah they must be learning you up right over there" he must be training under the great "DAN STACK" lol

unfortunately my page is probably not appropriate for someone his age, so I have to retract My invitation to be his friend right now,,,but you can come to the Gym and work with me whenever he wants, hahaha! lil lyin-azz smurf, hahahaha!

Thank you sir.

Follow Me @StandThemUp


On Facebook

Your talking about the money I make makes no since. Because I except low rates for something I love I'm not a hustler? Well damn right! I'm not a hustler... I am a hard worker who found something I truly care about! BEDO you sound kinda foolish... you continue to talk about money? MMA is about the fighters!! Good Day!


Mike M

Wrong dude to come at with that "in the fighters best intrest bullshit" (lil dude let me tell you this) I get up before 5am so that I'm ready when My fighter pulls up 20 mins later, and I make MY tithe to him and contribution to the sport in sweat, til bout 7:30 "Don't gas yourself up on hype" My first expierences with this boxing $#!t came at 8yrs old, and I been collecting and giving back in one way or another ever since, "thats 37 summers if you counting" Now lets be honest here do you think you could step out of being a promoter and do what I do? nope I know you don't, now I ask Myself "self can you fux guys over, lie to em, exhort, and manipulate em, because they love what they do so much that they'd let me do it even once I'm caught,,because they LOVE what they do that much? and I answer "yeah I could" but "I would'nt" Now back to the 2nd part of that day, at 6pm I'm back at the gym, or on a trail, or on some train tracks or holding some pads, or wearing a body band ,,,,not for money ever, "so your moralistic low rates,,,lose their shine parked next to no rates"(oh an how silly lilboy) and then bout 10ish I usually go home and watch fight film that focuses on where we need improvements and go to sleep happy waiting for God to wake me up so I can do it again.


p.s The definition of a hustler is somebody, anybody, in any given field or profession, that keeps it moving, a sure nuff go getter, a grinding machine "WHERE YOU BEEN THAT I EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS KINDA THING TO YOU?"

Bedo what do you have against promoters making money? Hell they lay out tens of thousands of dollars on a show to give your guys a stage and you think they dont deserve anything for their risk? Whats wrong with you? Whats wrong with trying to make a buck? And why do you hate so much on how another man chooses to make his money? How do you pay your bills? What do you do to earn money? Maybe people can criticize your career. Maybe people dont like your job.

You seem to be extra pre-occupied with ME, but so you know "title abstractor" and "Mendi Fiegelstock" left Me an intrest in a couple commercial properties around here when he passed away a few years back, also I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, last night I shot craps til about 4am and left out holding about $450, and I don't hate on maphuxerz getting paid, I just hate maphuxerz that take from the game and the fighters, as "PROMOTERS" have a historical reputation for doing DAN!, and I pay my bills the old fasioned way at the mailbox on the corner from my house, and if they are laying out "tens of thousands of dollars",,and if ya man was only seeing $500 a show? you and him need to follow Me back down to the dice tonight, oh danny boy oh danny boy Mike is calling,,,he must need somebody to shake it for him, don't forget your mouthpiece and headgear.


Sad but true "most" Promoters are some grimy ba$tardz from the womb, and it is'nt as if "Musslewhite" and "Klaus" did'nt know He (Jeda) was a piece of $#!t, when they started doing business with him, but as long as He was'nt bending them over it was'nt a problem, but as always is the case when hyenas run out of food they start biting on each other, Why did it take so long for Musslewhite to speak in Bryan Klaus's defense? because He was still eating over there with ol grimy azz "Jeda"(thats why) and was'nt no reason to mess that up, These guy's make enormous amounts of money off the sweat, blood, love, and courage of other individuals, and contribute very little,,,,that sounds like the actions of a parasite.

bedo-an you can hate me NOW or LATER.

BryanKlaus's picture

Hold on a minute. You dont know what i knew about jeda in the beginning. Who are you to say what i knew and when? And who are you to say that i make money off other peoples backs and contribute very little? You dont know what time and effort i put into a show. And most of all Bedo, of all the businesses that i own, fight promotion is the least profitable one and it eats the most of my time. Sounds like a bad formula for a purely greedy sweatshop owner. I do it because i love the sport though. And i expect to make money every time i invest my time and money into something. Theres nothing wrong with that. Youve got every sentence that came out of your mouth wrong. Do your research before you point your finger at me next time.

,,,,,,,,but just so I know, what are the cosequences if I happen to forget? because if the penalty ain't all that severe, sometimes I like to break the rules just for the hell of it, "B your only recourse is to chew, swallow, or spit"

Ill tell you what a parasite is. Its somebody that likes to have their boys fight in nice pretty shows but doesnt think that they guy that lays out the money for it deserves anything. Maybe promoters OWE you a good show. Maybe they should spend their hard earned money providing you with a stage just cause you are the shit. Maybe they should buy you dinner and pay your rent too just cause they can afford to and you resent that. Im not sure what you call enormous money but did you ever consider what it costs to put on a show? And what about the shows that lose money? Ive been part of a couple promotions and ill tell you that nobodys made any type of killing off one once the bills are all paid. The profit margin isnt all that great considering the hundreds of hours of work that goes into it. Let me open your eyes and tell you what every honest promoter will come out and say is the biggest thorn in their side. They lay out big money as a risk and irresponsible fighters jerk them around and lie about how many tix theyre gonna sell only to come up short and wreck the budget or they change their mind and two weeks before the fight drop out without any care that they gave their word and a promoter has a lot of money on the line. Whos JANKY now? Lets say you had 20 large sitting out there hoping to get a return on but knowing you could lose it all and it was all based on the responsibility of a bunch of guys in their early 20s. How would you act when they start jerking you around? JANKY maybe? Man youve got to think about the other side of the coin. Sure a fighter has put in 8 weeks of hard work but a promoter could EASILY lose the equivalent of a slightly used nice car. Id say the promoter has way more on the line and way more to lose in the transaction. Dont be too quick to criticize. a lot of us are friends with promoters that we like and respect. Do you really need to call names and refer to their mothers womb? As for promoters contributing very little, how many fighters do you know that could pay to have a show? Id say promoters contibute quite a bit. Without them where would all your boys have to fight? Bedo you just sound jaded.

Because it will be ever so apparent to any fighter that reads that post, that you're first loyalty is to reaping a profit, before even considering what more serious personal factors might exist that make it neccessary for him to pull out of a fight two weeks out, and it sounds like you resent the fact that these guys are in their twenties (which by the way, is the time that God allots us to do dumb irresponsible sh!t), these are'nt robots these are human beings,,and in most cases the most complex types of human beings,,we all know they gotta be a lil throwed off to want to get punched in the face for fun anyway, Dan I'm gonna leave you with this "The very worst fighter, is worth three of them former roctagon "Butt Sore wannabe dana white prototypes" and probably worth a bakers dozen of your weak troll'n azz, and just so you know, I get just as much excitement and enjoyment watching a sharktank where that Man is in his zone and putting in the work, I'm at the top of lungs like HELL YEAH, so no I don't need that pretty show $#!t you were talking about.

BryanKlaus's picture

There is no shame in my game. The fight game is a business for me. I do it to make money. I own several businesses and the goal in every one is profit. Im not sorry if some of you are offended by that. I like nice shit and expensive toys and most of all my family never worries or stresses about where the next paycheck is gonna come from. I was raised by my grandfather who said that the most important thing for me to remember in life is that the truest mark of a man is how he works how he earns and how he provides for his family above all else. He worked his ass off and gave me the best of everything and im here to live in his legacy and make him proud by bringing every cent i can home to my family to ensure their ultimate comfort in life. On another note i was actually stupid enough to think jeda was cool at the beginning. If you remember though, I was the first to jump ship and expose him as a liar and a snake the minute he started that shit with me. Everyone that knows me knows that I might be a money grubbing businessman but Im honest as fuck about it. There's no room for lies and underhanded shit in good business. That's the kind of stuff that makes the castle crumble.

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And let me get musselwhite's back here too. When i told him about all the lies and garbage i caught jeda in, his reply was that he was out to make good mathups for good fighters and do whats best for the fighters and the sport. He didnt want to get involved in the political and administrative bullshit that was going on. Sounds like his heart was in the right place to me. Hes never been in it for the hustle. Hes in it for the love of the sport and the respect of the fighters. He kept it simple and i applaud that. And i cant blame him for getting out when the bs was shoved so far down his throat that he couldnt take it anymore. Hes a really good dude and if you spend ten minutes with the guy you like him forever.

"Yeah, yeah you do that,, get his back now",,you sure did'nt have it when you "realized the truth about the evil JEDA", did ya? even with them other prosperous business's you speaking on, You could'nt do something to get him away? ,,after all he is the kind of guy that "if ya spend ten minutes with the guy you like him forever"(or up until its time to offer him a job) LMAO! Look B You might succeed in convincing everyone else that visits this site, that in putting on you're shows, you did'nt make the intrest of the fighters, the gyms, the trainers, and even the fans secondary to your $ bottom line,,but I know better (Because I used to be a grimy baztrd too,) hahahaha! but I have always held myself to a fiduciary standard and duty, where Fighters or the Gym in any regard were involved.

Ooh how scandalous. Jeda's a creep and it's really good to see folks keeping the pimp hand strong on him lolllz

I have heard some things, none of it good, but I don't really know the story. I like to hear the whole story before I pass judgement. Could somebody maybe enlighten me as to what went wrong here to cause all this....

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James jeda the man behind rocktagon - whos real last name is armogeda went around ohio and pa introducing himself as someone who hung out with dana white the fertitas and who had starbucks almost every morning with randy couture. He also said that he owned the ad/marketing agency that was employed by every major band from maroon 5 to metallica and that his ad company made jagermeister famous. Turns out they were all lies. I did one show with them and when i found out that he was a farce i bailed and exposed him.

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