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My Quick Take on Pacquiao v. Marquez III:

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By Edward Latimore - Posted on 10 November 2011

Ed "Worst Case Scenario" Latimore is currently ranked as the #4 amateur heavyweight in the country.  Before he was a high profile pugilist, he was a lowly writer on this site putting together self help blogs and how to's.  After a move to LA to train under the tutelage of the American Heavyweights squad kept his free time to a minimum, I was able to talk Mr. Scenario into writing out his opinion on this weekend's bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao.

It's been a while since I've taken the time to contribute some musings about the combat arts we practice and worship like a pugilist religion, but I thought I'd take a moment and give my quick take on the upcoming fight this weekend between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. In my writings I have a tendency to ramble on to the most interesting tangent I find myself writing to, but I want to keep this one short and sweet. 

Follow me after the jump for my breakdown and prediction:

So to prepare myself to give a breakdown of the fight, I sat down this evening and watched 3 fights: Pacquiao v. Marquez 1 and 2 as well as Marquezs last fight. I didn't bother watching any of Pacquiaos fights because I've seen them all and other than a few quick views to verify some ideas I had in my head, there was pretty much nothing I needed to be reminded of. And there in lies the first advantage that Pacquiao has over Marquez. While both men have fought a comparable number of times since their last meeting (Marquez 6, Pacquiao 7), Pacquiao has been polishing off top names and talent (Hatton, Clottey, Margarito, Mosley)  while Marquez's biggest two names are Mayweather (we know how that one turned out, of course) and Juan Diaz (who he actually fought twice). My main point in bringing this up is not to demonstrate how busy either one has been, but rather the quality of the stones they have been sharpening their swords on to improve. Turns out though, this is not the only angle of improvement my eye caught.

The first meeting of the fighters is notable in boxing history because Marquez fought back from being downed 3 times in the first round to a draw. This is spectacular, without a doubt, but any boxing fan will tell you how technically terrible Pacquiao looked. His incredibly athleticism--and Marquez's underestimation of it--are what allowed Pacquiao to spring ahead early. Had Marquez stayed on his feet in the first round he would have won easily, barring a blatant robbery. 

A robbery is exactly what many people think happened in their second meeting despite Pacquiao flooring Marquez in the third round. This Pacquiao looked MUCH sharper more technically sound, though not nearly as sharp and sound as the Pacquiao we have been seeing lately. This is the same Pacquiao that has the power to stop opponents that are a few steps up in weight. 

After stating these facts, this is how I believe the fight will go. It will be entertaining as hell, for starters. This is the type of opponent people who are long time fans of Manny need to see him fight again. Marquez is going to bring the heat the way only a Mexican can and much like he did in their previous two fights. The difference is that he will be facing a strong, faster, and even more technically sound Manny Pacquiao. Not to mention there is a 6 year age difference. In the lighter weight divisions, that is a death sentence. Marquez is not skilled in a super slick Mayweather type of way to compensate for it so he will be left dealing with this speed with his main weapon--speed. But he'll be tough, he'll last, and he'll make it a lot more interesting and Shane Mosely did. 

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Don't forget to watch the Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 on December 8 and for updating this boxing fight. The supporters of Manny Pacquiao including me will pray for him.

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I congratulated Manny Pacquiao for the awesome punch that he did against Marquez and being the greatest boxer of all time. I want to go to Philippines for the autograph of my idol.


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