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NAAFS Night of Champions Results and Play by Play:

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 05 December 2010



Brett Gruber vs Isaiah Chapman 135lb Title

Rd 1: Fighters agree to touch and do right hook by Chapman lands hard and they exchange some kicks. Leg kick by Gruber misses and Chapman comes in hard. They are down and Chapman lands on top and is working. They are back on the feet and chapman lands a few nice hooks and a straight punch. Chapman goes for a slam Gruber defends. Chapman with a trip and is in side mount. Knee to the body and Chapman is working. Chapman lets him up, is picking his shots and throws off a Gruber takedown attempt.  Chapman ends with a nice kick to the body. Gruber shoots Chapman defends and works to mount. He pushes him to the fence and is raining down punches. Gruber turns and Chapman is on his back, rear naked attempt and its in tight.  The fight is saved by the bell. Gruber is out. They wake him up and he appears to be ok.

Rd2: Chapman lands a straight left and a body shot to start the round.  He clinches for a knee and Gruber goes for a head lock. Chapman lands on top and is working from Gruber's guard. Chapman stand ups and throws Gurber's legs aside and is back in side control. Gruber is working for an arm on the bottom but loses it and Chapman is in side mount now. Isaiah passes to mount nicely but loses it quickly and is now standing over Gruber.  Two nice shots land and hes back in guard. Gruber is working for the arm and Chapman is caught. Wow he works out but falls into a triangle. Chapmen stands out of it. Gruber is working for a modified shoulder lock from guard and champ backs out. Gruber follows and Chapman holds the front head lock.

Rd3: Straight left lands for Chapman, he throws a combination followed by a right hook. Another right hook lands hard for Chapman and  then another. He's picking Gruber off nicely here. Straight left lands for Chapman with a big body kick to finish.  Gruber shoots for a takedown and Chapman catches him on the way in with a uppercut. 50/50 Tie and Gruber pushes Chapman against the fence. Chapman reverses and dumps Gruber, now hes on top in half guard. Gruber gets guard and is working for a arm triangle but gives it up. Gruber slides out for the arm but comes away with nothing. Gruber tries the other side and buts eats a few for his time. Gruber is trying to make something happen and looks like he may have an arm caught but the round ends.

Chapman By Uni. Decision 30-27  Isaiah Chapman is the new NAAFS 135 pound champion.

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 Clint Mussleman Vs. Justin Steave 145lb Title

Rd1: No touch and they are circling, Steave is light on his feet and moving well. Steave is using feints and Mussleman is keeping his distance. Steave throws and Mussleman shoots, Steave defends and they are back to center. Nice jab by Steave followed by a short uppercut off the shot and Steave is looking sharp.  Right hook misses by Steave and Clint shoots which Steave defends. Clint pushes Steave against the fence. Nice knee by steave and he works out.They are in the center of the cage, Steave is unloading and Clint dives for the takedown. Steave is defending well, but is against the fence. Mussleman is pressing and Steave is trying to work. Clint with a body shot a and a hook on the way out. A Steave combination lands as the round ends and Mussleman goes down. The shot was right at the bell.

Rd2: Jab by Steave and he is looking to set up a combination. Clint shoots and Justin sprawls well. They are against the fence and Justin lands a pair of knees. Mussleman swings a hard combination while walking forward and ends with a shot. Steave is on his back and Clint is working from gaurd. Steave pushes off the fence and pulls a slick armbar, Clint slams his way out. Clint is working from Steave's guard and is trying to land. Steave is defending well. Steave goes for the other arm and just misses. He's back in guard. Clint with a pair of right hands and Steave covers. Steave is pushing off the fence and gets the arm. Clint taps.

Winner Steave Armbar round 2 and is the winner of the featherweight championship series belt.

***Steave announces that this is his last amateur fight and he is turning pro.

Joe Goyette Vs. Clint Musser 155 title

Rd1: Musser brought a crowd with him. They touch gloves and circle. Lead hook from Joe, and he misses with a leg kick. Musser shoots and Joe defends well. Musser gets the takedown but ends up in guard. Musser posturing and Joe is holding. Musser takes him to the fence and is trying to create space and does. A shot lands and hes back in guard. Musser postures and passes but Joe retains guard. Musser stands up punches and passes to half guard. He's trying to make something happen here. Joe is doing a good job of tying him up. Musser postures and lands a few. They are still in half garud, hes got Joes neck and is cranking hard. Joe survives.

Rd2: They agree to touch and do. They circle and a hook lands for Joe. Leg kick by Musser and a wild shot from Joe misses.A spinning back fist attempt from Musser followed by a superman punch, he then walks into a jab and shoots. Joe defends but is pressed against the fence and Musser is working. Musser punching down and joe lands a few of his own from bottom. Joe postures and lands a pair of straight punches. Musser misses a shot, looses his ground but ends up in side mount. Musser is staying busy and lands a few nice hooks to the body. Round ends

Rd3: Musser is in serious shape. They touch and exchange jabs. Straight right lands off a kick for Joe. Musser shoots a beauty of a high crotch and Joes against the fence. They are back on the feet and a hook just misses for Joe. Musser with a straight right and a shot. Nice slam off the fence for Musser. Joe pushes him off and is back to his feet. Joe is working a guillotine and may get Mussers back. Nope, but he lands a pair of shots. They are back on the feet and Joe defends a take down and lands a straight punch followed with a hook. Musser shoots but joe defends and land two more . Musser gets him down and is in gaurd. Joe throws up his legs for the armbar or triangle and eats some big shots for his trouble. Musser moves to mount and is throwing as the round ends.

Musser wins uni. desci 30-27 and wins the lightweight national championship

 Josh Oppenheimer vs George Comer 170 lb title

Rd1: A glove touch and we're off, Comer shoots but its defended. Josh is throwing straight, probing punches. A  front kick by comer and another shot. Josh catches a kick and lands hard. Comer shoots again and josh defends. nicely. A kick by Comer misses and he eats a jab coming forward. Comer lands a right hand. Josh's high kick lands and he eats a body shot. Josh lands a hard hook as comer comes forward. Comer cant get him down,because Josh is defending very nicely this round. Front kick by Comer misses and josh follows with a nice straight right. josh jabs and throws a hook, comer shoots and josh defends again. Josh pushes comer against the fence and they are out in the center again. Jab, uppercut misses for josh and comer lands a body kick with a shot to end the round.

Rd2: They touch and Comer shoots immediately. Its stopped by josh and they exchange kicks. Comer gets the takedown this time and they are center cage. Josh has comer in his guard and comer is trying to create space. Josh is working for a kimura but dumps it and comer traps an arm. Comer has josh against the fence and the crowd is asking for the stand up. josh is working for a guillotine but loses it. Comer is working from top, landing where he can. Josh sits up for the guillotine again, but comer pops out.

Rd3:They touch and josh throws a jab. Comer looking for the takedown shoots and misses but lands a leg kick. Comer gets the takedown. Josh works for the kimura and almost gets it but comer defends. Josh is trying to make something happen from bottom and comer gets into half guard. comer is trying to pass and stands up. Josh is threatening the kimura again, but comer is paying attention. Comer passes nicely and is moves to mount. Comer postures and lands as the round ends....

Winner Uni. Decision George Comer New 170 lb champion. Comer says Jason Dent told him between rounds " Dont get punched" and Comer Said "that sounds like a great idea"

Bob Rech Vs. Chase Owens 185 title

Rd1: They touch and two nice kicks by Owens. Rech is pressuring and they are jockeying for the takedown Rech did a nice job of avoiding getting slammed their. Owens lands a few knees against the fence. Rech works the guillotine but dumps it to stay on his feet. It doesn't work. Owen's has Rechs foot trapped is working to pass. Rech looks to be using a rubber gaurd and maybe in mission control. Its hard to see from here. Owens is out and tries to fire shots but Rech answers with a nice pick up and slam. Rechs on top and looking to pass. and makes it to half guard. Rech postures and tries to land.. Owens is defending and the round ends.

Rd2: A touch and we're off. Owens jabs and just misses with a right hand but lands a loud body kick. Chase throwing hard but Rech gets him down. Rech Grabs owens neck and lifts him, Owens follows him all the way up and Rech somehow manages a throw and is now in side mount. Hes passes nicely but owens pulls him off and is now in side mount. Ownes passes to Side control and is working some punches with his free hand. owens is trying to pass to mount. and does. Rech gives up his back and owens is working hammerfists looking for something,. He has two options the reverse triangle or rear naked but Rech comes out the back door as the round ends.

Rd3: Rech jabs and shoots. Rech is in half guard and owens is holding. A quick scramble and Rech is in the front headlock position. Nice roll by owens and hes in side mount. Rech is bleeding from a cut on the right eye. Owens is Working for a von flue choke and then goes to knee on belly but is reversed. Owens defends well but Rech ends up on top. Owens goes for the omoplata and Rech defends well. Rech threatening with a kimura and owes works to pass. He steps into mount. Owens creates some space and is punching as the bell sounds.

Winner Chase Owens 30-27 and is the new 185 NAAFS champion. That was a tough call and Im happy I didnt have to make it.

Mike King Vs. Jeff Hughes 205 title

Rd1: They agree to touch gloves and do. Some circling an Hughes pushes King into the fence and throws some hard knees. Groin shot and they separate. Hughes lands a nice hook to welcome him for the groin strike and King pushes him into the fence. Hughes reverses and works for the takedown. They are back to center. They Exchange hooks and Hughes is hurt bad. King jumps him and is landing hard. King with a nice uppercut on the button and Hughes is in bigggg trouble. King stays on him. Hughes is down and turtling. The Ref is force to jump in and save hughes.

Mike King wins by Ref stoppage at 1:45 seconds of the 1st rd and is now the new light heavy weight champion

 Rick Day Vs Nelson Best 265 lbs Title

Rd1: Fighters touch and Day throws a front kick. They share jabs and a nice leg kick by Best . Day is much taller and is trying to use it. Day eats a right hand and Nelson goes to the body very nicely. Counter left hook lands for Nelson and he lands a leg kick. Nelson is letting the right hook to the body go real nice. Best throws a right hand, which lands clean and the fight is over. Day doesn't know where he is or what day it is.

Winner by KO in1:14 of rd 1 Nelson Best and is now the new superheavy weight NAAFS champion. Noteworthy: Day's nickname is Rick "have a nice" day and was supporting a Ron Burgundy style Mustache, kinda makes you feel bad now doesnt it?

Jessica Zomcik Vs. Tammikka Brents 155lb Women's Title

Rd1: Fighters touch and  Jess with a jab, she follows by two more and a right hand. Tammika shoots and gets a big slam. she passes to side mount, and then to mount. Brents is working very smoothly and it landing some bombs from the top. Jess is covering as best she can but this maybe over soon. Brents is hammering shots from all angles, and now has an arm trapped. Its over.

Tammika Brents by referee stoppage at 2:10 in the first rd. Tammika is the new female 155 pound NAAFS champion.

Professional Bouts:

Doug Kulbis Vs. Kevin Rothacker 145lbs

Rd1: Both fighters are extremely popular with the crowd. The touch gloves and here we go. Nice straight left by Doug and his boxing is sharp Doug uncorks another left and throws a lead kick. kevin probes with the jab and finishes with the right hand and eats at left for his trouble. Doug is smooth and firing he checks a kick and throw a huge head kick that lands clean, Kevin takes it well, lead hook misses for Doug and they are both throwing with kevin landing the better of the exchange. Nice jab by doug and he grabs the plum thai and knee followed by a nice head kick attempt but gets put on his back for his attempts. kevin is working in his guard and is trying to pass but Doug is doing a good job of controlling his posture. kevin tries again but is unsuccessful. He lands a nice elbow and they are back to their feet. Doug looks for the straight left and lands a jab as kevin lands a leg kick . Doug tries the head kick and again, then a spinning back back kick. nice cut kick by kevin and the momentum is changing they are swinging till the bell. Fantastic round

Rd2: They touch and kevin jabs and throws a nice body kick. They are both throwing sharp and a head kick just misses for Doug. Doug works the right jab and lands a straight left. kevin steps forward with a double jab right hand set but doug circles out. Big over hand right lands for kevin and body kick by Doug. Right hand by kevin and hes got Doug on the fence. Doug reverses. Kevin with a elbow at the clinch, right hand lands for kevin. head kick just misses by Doug. Right hook for Doug, double jab straight left for Doug and kevins bleeding above the eye. Another head kick and Doug smells blood in the water. kevin unleashes a rough combination of right hands and lead hooks that land clean but doug is firing back too.  kevin lands another right hand and they are bombing. A right hand lands for Kevin  and Doug is down. kevin is on top trying to finish him off, but Doug appears to be ok. kevin is bleeding bad but landed some huge punches including one that drops doug. Nice elbow over the top by kevin. kevin swims with a few shots from the top and is working Doug eats another big shot. The round ends with kevin working from the top.  This is turning about to be one hell of a fight.

Rd3:  The doctor is checking kevin out and they say hes good to go. Deep breath from kevin and they touch. the crowd is chanting kevin kevin kevin.. straight left lands for Doug. kevin reaches for the right and they are back exchanging, nice cut kick inside by kevin and another. He is really shutting off the straight left hand of Doug well with cut kicks, savvy move. Doug lands one though and kevin answers with a straight right to the body. Flying double knee by Doug followed by a nice teap. Left hook lands for kevin and Doug is moving back. They are exchanging by the fence and Doug appears to be the fresher of the two,. kevin is trying to land the right hand to the body left hook to the head and is just missing. This fight turned into a  serious war. kevin lands a nice headkick but doesnt have the torque on it to put him down. Doug throws a straight right,left, right and a knee that misses. kevin reaches in for the left. Doug goes for the head kick and falls, but is right back up. They are bombing again and Doug puts him into the fence and gets the single. Kevin is working off his back as Doug is advancing. Doug is pushing to pass and they are on their feet. kevin is wading forward trying to land the right hand bomb and does, Doug is down. kevin is throwing hard trying to put him away,. some how Doug survives.

Winner by uni. decision Kevin Rothracker  This may have been the best fight I have ever seen live.  Kevin Rothracker must have dynamite in the right hand because he literally bombed his away out of trouble.

Donny walker Vs. Billy Vaughn 145lb Pro Title

Rd1: They agree to touch and do. Vaughn misses with a hook and tries it again and is all over walker. Vaughn ties him up and they are against the fence. Walker is bleeding and Vaughn is unloading hard uppercuts and hooks. walker is stuck on the fence. Big slam by Vaughn. Vaughn falls back for a heel hook and is cranking. Walker rolls to escape but they are against the cage and he cant roll any further. Walker manages to get out and is hammering vaughn with elbows.  Vaughn is holding on the single but Walker is blasting him. Walker is now on top working hammerfists. Vaughn appears to be hurt by the elbow assault. and walker is working from side mount. Walker is landing some nice elbows and takes the back mount. Rear naked choke attempt. Quick tap and its over. Wow that really turned around for Walker. Great fight.

Winner Donny Walker Rear naked choke Rd:1

Daniel Head Vs Nick Duell 170 Pro title:

Rd1: Head is a UFC vet. No touch and they are circling. Head throws two kicks but is taken down for his efforts. Duel is working from gaurd. Head hits him with an elbow from the bottom.  Duell is working on the ribs of Head. Daniel is working the triangle and eats an elbow for it. Nice body and head work by Duell hes take head to the fence and is creating some space. Nice shot by Duell and hes hammering Dan. Duell lands three hard right hands that Head couldnt defend at all. Nice elbow by Duell and another, he is really pitching a shut out thus far. I literally have blood all over my keyboard. haha cost of doing business I guess! Head is working for the kimura and may have it. Duell defends but damn it was close! Nick is hammering on Head and he is bleeding badly obviously. Duell lands another big shot and almost falls into a triangle. Head checks his cut and Duel kicks him hard during.  Duell has Head's back and is landing some big shots.  Head is working under and lands a short up kick as the round ends.  Here's a picture of my pc:

Rd2: The doctor checks the cut and here we go. Nice right hand by Duell with a big kick but Head gets the takedown. Head is in Duell's guard and is working some elbows. Duell rolls for the arm and just misses. Head is on top and is working, but Duell snags another arm. Head escapes and grabs his own arm. The attempt was real close but Duell escapes and hes now in Heads gaurd. Head goes for an arm and Duel ends up in a reverse mount and lands a nice back elbow. Head reverse him and is trying to get him down but Duell lands on top. Duell pulls him back and is trying to take heads back and does, Duell is working for the arm and gets it. Head taps.

Winner Nick Duell armbar round 2

Stipe Miocic Vs. Greg Maynard 265lbs

Rd1: Stipe has an entire cheering section. Maynard is booed accordingly. They touch and Stipe lands nice inside leg kick. Nice right hand by Stipe and Maynard smiles, uh oh. Lead inside leg kick by Stipe and a lead hook outside leg kick fom Stipe. The crowd is chanting for Stipe. Maynard looks for the right hand and Stipe comes in with another hard low kick.  Maynard moves and tries to jab. Stipe just misses with a right hand. Maynard with a low kick and covers a one, two. Stipe lands a inside kick and then a outside leg kick from stipe. He is really working the lead leg of Greg and is throwing some crisp punches from the outside. Jab right hand just misses for Stipe but he comes back and lands the combination with a lead uppercut.  Stipe looks sharp and lands a huge outside leg kick. Maynard nods in approval, Maynard reaches for the right hand and hits the air. Stipe is keeping poised and staying sharp. Another low inside kick and maynard just cant find Stipe. Upper cut, hook combination and lands for Stipe and maynard lands a kick but hes getting picked apart  now.  Stipe is kneeing while Maynards covering. Stipe smells blood. Jab right and with a nice lead uppercut lands for Stipe.  Another lead inside leg kick, followed by a right hand. Jab for Stipe lands at the bell.

Rd2: They touch and Stipe starts in with a hook, leg kick combo and another inside lead kick.  Jab by Stipe lands and Maynard reaches for a right hand.  Big right hook to the body by Stipe.  Inside lead kick and Stipe eats a right hand and lead hook but Stipe finishes hard with a rear kick. Another lead kick and this is getting bad. Jab right hand and Stipe is closing in.  Rear upper cut and Maynard is in trouble. Stipe is firing right hands on the downed maynard and the ref saves him.

Stipe Miocic wins round 2 referee stoppage

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Foundation Fight Co's picture

What exactly makes Daniel Head a UFC veteran?

That is how he was introduced and billed.  But I am looking him up and  He fought on TUF but I dont think he ever made it to the real show.

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Yeah I saw him on the first show of the season but he lost pretty bad. I was wondering if the ufc vet was something the promotion said. Good grappler though, he was a weight class above me in a tournament in Columbus about 3 years ago and beat my friend in the finals by flying triangle.
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