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Smith Makes the Call: Hangover Vs. Hangover 2

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 01 June 2011

Welcome back to Smith makes the call. This week we thought it would be fun to do a "breakdown duel" of a crazy popular O.G movie VS it's new jack sequel. The Hangover VS Hangover 2.  I'm gonna give you the meat and potatoes as well as my unanimous victor. Let's get down to brass tacks.

For anybody unfamiliar with The Hangover, it was unequivocally one of the most  kickass(if not the best)  bachelor party movie's ever made. A guy named Doug and three of his friends go to Las Vegas for Doug's bachelor party looking forward to a night of comradery and debauchery. After a night of accidentally ingesting "Roofies" aka the date rape drug and binge drinking the guy's wake up in a Tommy Lee-esque trashed Caesars' Palace Villa with no recollection of the night before. Oh, and Doug who's supposed to be getting married the next day is  nowhere to be found. As the guys search for their friend the story starts to bulk up and we become privy to the absurdly hilarious predicaments that led to the disappearing Doug. Very funny, dangerous, taboo subjects fuel this movie and a fresh breath of air was blown into the lame, cookie cutter status-quo that WAS bachelor party movies. The cast had good chemistry and that really helped make this movie cool to the masses also.    Let's face it, chicks hate bachelor parties and the ideology and misconception that almost never fail to overshadow this rite of passage..But they dug the hangover. Coincidence? Maybe..

But considering the fact that almost all demographics enjoyed this movie and still quote it (way too much) to this day, and also considering that no "fighting movies" were available to myself this week I found this "Tale of the Tape" kinda apropos.
 The hangover 2 pretty much follows the exact storyline of the original except this time the Wolf Pack finds themselves in Thailand/Bangkok to celebrate Stu and his new to us Thai Fiancee. Also there is no "Bachelor party" this time. Stu's paranoia reduces the boy's to a "Bachelor Brunch". Much to Phil's chagrin.    There's a lot of content to cover and compare between these two movies and because I have a nagging suspicion that alot of you guy's haven't seen the sequel yet I will be breaking down 5 aspects and giving you my $.02 without spoiling the entire movie. After which I shall make my call.

                               1.) Opening scene/ "We fucked up" Plea

Hangover: The wedding party looks like a well oiled machine without the benefit of a groom. As recon phone calls go out the voicemails pick up and the situation looks bleak. We see a man who will be shortly identified as Phil call the bride to be and announce to her that "We
fucked up" and that there will be no wedding. How funny/horrifying is that?

Hangover 2: Unoriginal rip off of the first movie, except this time the call does not come from the side of the road in the Mojave Desert. This time it comes from Thailand ("Thighland" to quote the bizarre Allan). The distress call is once again between Phil and Doug's wife. This time she calls him out on it.

 Advantage: The Hangover

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                                         2.) Painful/ humiliating moments:  

Hangover: The really obvious moments that made me cringe; Stu removing his own tooth, Stu marrying a hooker, Allan getting punched in the face by Tyson, The old man's butt in the doctors office and of course Allan cutting his hand open with a pocket knife to become blood brothers with 3 other adult males.

Hangover 2: Somebody loses a finger. Somebody get's their Weiner licked by a monkey, several people get the crap beat out of them by Monks, Somebody get's shot, and somebody get's a very recognizable/regrettable tattoo.

Advantage: Hangover 2

                                 3.) Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll

Hangover:  No actual sex (although there is some nudity) and a couple of scenes of implied Oral sex. As far as drugs obviously roofies and extasy is mentioned. Alcohol is imbibed in excess. The song pulling up to Las Vegas is Danzig and it fit like a glove. The rest of the soundtrack was dope too and it made sense in the moment.

Hangover 2: Oh, there's sex. Pretty shocking actually LOL, I will leave it at that. Surprisingly very little drug references and the chemicals even mentioned are all legal with a prescription. No, that is not a weed reference either. The soundtrack was decent. Great Johnny Cash tune, a little Danzig and unfortunately a little Black Eyed Pea's, Can't win 'em all.

Advantage: The Hangover


      4.) Stu's impromptu song describing his feelings at that moment in time  

The Hangover: Stu plays the piano and sings the blues about losing Doug while sitting in a las Vegas hotel room with the wolf pack and a Tiger.

Hangover 2: Stu sings a watered down blues song regarding his upcoming nuptials and his newest sexual conquest.

Advantage: The Hangover

5.) Iron Mike Cameo

The Hangover: Mike Tyson shows up at the Pack's hotel and punches Allan in the face. KO'ing him. He instructs the guys to return the Tiger they stole from him. They comply and when they return the jungle  cat, Tyson commends them on stealing and trashing a cop car. Also, Tyson made his singing debut in this movie.

Hangover 2: Tyson does show his tattooed face again, repeating one of his gags from the original. Minus a lot of the punch the first go around delivered though, sadly.
Advantage: The hangover

Smith's Call: Skip it. I was really disappointed with this highly anticipated sequel. It didn't have any soul. Admittedly there were funny jokes and scenes, but it just lacked any real luster. I fear that with the success and popularity of the original, the producers are going to release lame sequel after sequel because they can easily. And people will undoubtedly continue to flock to the theaters to keep pumping money into this one trick pony of a franchise.

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 Love it or "No Love" it (I know that was a weak ass pun) , Warner Brothers has completely pussed out. Just heard on TMZ that to comply with "copyright issues" and avoid a huge lawsuit when the hangover part 2 comes to DVD they will alter the Tyson tat on Stu's face. Apparently the creator of the design threatened to sue. Just an update.

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I enjoyed it. Not as good as the 1st but not too many suquels ever truely are. Nonetheless it still was a good movie. Allen was still as funny as ever.

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It wasn't the worst sequel I have seen but still a little disappointing. They copied and pasted the flow of the first movie and just changed the location. Even some of the music in certain scenes was the same. I would say that the movie would have been a FAIL if not for Allen and Mr. Chow.

Its safe to say I will save myself 47.50 and wait for the on demand version. Thanks for the heads up

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