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StandThemUp Exclusive: Mike "Too Pretty" Putnam

By Matt Leyshock - Posted on 11 October 2011

Mike Putnam (4-2) has not had it easy lately. He recently fought undefeated strangler Mark Cherico in late August only to turn around and get matched up against the Maddog Wrecking machine Francis Healy this weekend.   Sounds like some tough luck, but it's a challenge that "Too Pretty" welcomes with open arms.  In this exclusive interview Mike talks partying, camping and fighting:

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STU: Your opponent this weekend Francis Healy, is an intense guy, how have you prepared for some like this?

MP:  I've been doing a lot of camping so I can be as "In Tents" as Healy. Haha get it? But no I've just been training with some heavier guys all of whom bring a level of intensity I believe is comparable.

STU: How has your training gone for this fight?

MP:  Training has gone really well, especially this past week. I was fortunate enough to have great training partners both from the gym and out of town.

STU: What do you think about your match up with Francis over all?

MP:  I think it will be a crowd pleaser. We are both kind of pegged as wrestlers so you may see some big slams or just maybe something a little different this time around.

STU: What do you think will be your advantage in the fight?

MP:  Speed baby. Speed kills!

STU: Word on the street is that you have been partying alot during camp, are you worried that drinking is  going to effect you in the fight?  Francis is a killer, I mean he wears shorts that say 100% violence on it, one would guess he means business.

MP:   Who doesn't like to have a good time every now and then? I may have good times a little more then I should be, but as long as I put the work in at the gym I think one or two or ten drinks is perfectly reasonable.

STU: Do you have a prediction for this bout?

MP:  My prediction? I would love to pull a Clubber Lang right here haha but I'll just say I know its going to be a war and I'm looking forward to having my hand raised when its all said and done.

STU: How did you feel when you heard Cherico was out of the tournament?

MP:  In all honesty I was disappointed. Hes a great fighter and I would of liked another go round with him. I was hesitant last time and for whatever reason jus didn't pull the trigger. Full credit to him though, smelled the blood and went in for the kill. I wish him luck in whatever is next for him.

STU: Have you had the chance to square up with Tyler Saltsman?  If so how'd that go?
MP:  Tyler's been pretty dedicated to the PSU boxing team as of late, but yea we got some work in recently. As for the outcome I think that is something a lot of people would like to see. Maybe someone should bring a camera to central PA and check it out..hint hint

STU: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

MP:   I'd like to thank my friends and family for all the support, my training partners and Titan MMA for preparing me, and HexLinc Photos for the awesome work they do of capturing this mug of mine.

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Girls want him, guys wanna be him..... Mike "shredzilla" Putnam Is a boss

Putnam better shoot as soon as the bell rings.This dude has no idea what hes in for.

 If this kid is really drinking during camp he must have a death wish. Healy by way of bludgeoning death rd 2 is my prediction.

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