Dana White UFC 140 VLOG: Ep. 1

Fight Week Blog Week.
We are behind the scenes at the doctors table while all of the UFC 139 fighters are getting checked out post-fight.  Miguel Torres gets the shit slapped out of him and surprise, surprise Stephan Bonnar complains about stuff. Martin Kampmaan claims the judges were smoking pot and he makes a personal revelation about his fighting style. Cung Le is jacked and Faber is all smiles. Scratch that, Shogun is jacked and takes a shot in the eye for his trouble. 7.5/10

YO MMA Raps: These Cats From Canada Got That Maple Leaf Son

Props to MiddleEasy for this awesome find.  What you are about to witness here is maybe the most interesting rap battle-freestyle-thing I've seen since discovering the Antuks Movement Youtube Channel. Anyway, I have an appreciation for freestyle rapping and people with extensive knowledge of combat sports and this video is a pretty great mix of both. And their Canadian to boot, which in hind sight doesn't mean all that much. 

UFC 140: Open Workout Video

UFC 140 Open Workout Video

Everyone is checked in and accounted for in Canada for this weekend's light heavyweight super fight between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.  Upon further review, I have compiled these pleasantries regarding this video:

  • I'm not going to lie.  It is really hard for me to watch Lyoto Machida work out and think "This is the guy to beat Jon Jones" especially when he breaks into his karate forms at the end. 
  • Tito's hands look O.K but he looks a little tense.  Instead of boxing he should just practice winning.
  • No Nog jokes here, but Frank Mir didn't have a great showing, could be a possible product of training at his own gym. Which in my mind is ran by his wife/manager/trainer who forces him to perform household chores, in between reps and refers to his training as "playing games with your idiot friends".  Big Nog via un-intelligible post fight interview.
  • Jon Jones takes fighting requests from the crowd in his portion of the media workout. Media member laughed and cheered as they yelled out techniques like "Spinning Back kick!" "Spinning Hook Kick" "Axe Kick!" and Jones effortlessly performs each demand.  He only struggled with one, "Try Not to be an asshole".

Bayko's World: GSP, Nick Diaz, Rashad Evans and Tim Tebow?

What's up you silly sonsabitches? With no TUF for me to bring you the straight dope, I thought I'd start this new weekly feature of stuff that pisses me off, makes me laugh, basically, whatever. Mah wife might even have a few words to say from time to time.

Photo Of The Day: One Helluva Debut

Photo Courtesy of Photo Wizard Ryan Heckert and Hexlinc

Devontae Smith (1-0) burst on the NAAFS scene by handing John Looft (0-1) a free nap in what was the amateur debut of both men.

Check out Leevancleef's recap and video of the assault bout after the jump: