StandThemUp Exclusive: Ruthless Russell Brletrick

"Ruthless" Russell Brletrick (7-4) has been asking for a re-match with Mark Cherico since their run in back in '09 and this Wednesday he will get his chance.

Russ is set to face off against the undefeated fighting Pride of Bloomfield this week for the NAAFS Featherweight title, in what has made the top bill of the amateur portion of the card.

HBO 24/7: Miguel Cotto Vs. Antonio Margarito Ep.1

Props to IFI

This rematch should pan out one of two ways: It will allow Cotto to settle the score once and for all or the less popular option, Margarito beats the brakes off him again and shatters the plaster rumors indefinitely.   I am a fan of both fighters (albeit the Margacheato scandal tainted his overall body of work) and will gladly see how this fight plays out the second time around.

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Photo Of The Day: 2 Birds, 1 Stone

Now starring in the lead role of the box office blockbuster " True Life: I was Attacked By A Pack of Wild gorilla's and When I awoke, They Attacked Me Again" Cung Le everybody.

It is a rare occasion to watch someone ruin two careers in an 8 minute timeframe.  Of course, I am referring to Cung's budding film career and his position as a "mask optional" barista at the trendy Leaf and Bean

Yeah I know, Sucks right?

UFC 139 Quick Thoughts and Results:

If you tried to come to the site at some point last night and noticed that it was down or saw a strange coding issue, it's directly related to the successes we have had as a community or in other words, too much traffic for my low budget site template.   I am working on upgrading the servers but to be honest, we have more traffic than we realistically  know what to do with and things get expensive from here on out.   Thanks for understanding or scoffing and then detracting, either way. 

UFC 139 went off last night in San Jose and put on some great fights.  Both Wanderlei and Urijah picked up career rescuing wins over notable opponents and in very impressive fashion.    Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Stephan Bonnar looked like Stephan Bonner and got the nod over Kingsbury.  Unfortunately for Bonnar, this win says more about Kyle having massive holes in his game rather than a shining review of Bonnar's improved skill set.
  • Martin Kampmann weathered Rick Story's initial attack and was able to control the fight in the later round using... gasp Wrestling. Let me be the first to say I hope that his coaches pull him aside and correct this problem immediately otherwise he may f*ck around and find himself actually winning fights.  Can't have that.   Not real sure where Kampmann falls in the welterweight picture but it for Story it's back to the drawing board, maybe even back to the art supply store.  (Can't tell if that joke(s) is funny so I will shrug, assume No and move on) 
  • Urijah Faber came out like the house was on fire and took the fight to Bowles early.   He looked sharp in the pocket and moved aggressively for the finish.  Bowles has enough of a highlight reel to make him seem to be legit and they are already calling for Cruz/ Faber III, which will probably look very similar to Cruz/Faber II.
  • I am not ready to un-retire my favorite PRIDE T shirt yet but Wanderlei Silva looked better than he has in a long time.  He dealt with Le's kicking arsenal and turned on the afterburners when he sensed Le was slowing down. 
  • Cung's movie career is probably over after last night, unless he plays the role of the victim in a snuff film, because his nose has taken a serious beating.  He showed up to the fight looking soft (borderline chubby) which in my mind is worse than missing weight and looked slower than usual.  You know your complacent when you show up to fight a guy  deemed "The Axe Murderer" and spend more time at McDonald's than the gym you own.   Just sayin'
  • Chandler vs. Alvarez aside, the Henderson Rua showdown was one of the best 3 round fights I have seen on a UFC PPV in a long while, too bad it was scheduled for 5.  It was a dramatic brawl featuring both men scoring and taking blood drawing damage, all the while looking for the finish.    The wear and tear from a fight like that is hard to calculate but that fight will be forever forced onto every UFC highlight, greatest hits and commercial til the end of time. 

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Bellator 58: Michael Chandler Vs. Eddie Alvarez

Check out this instant classic between Michael Chandler and Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.  Chandler comes into the bout as a huge underdog and relative unknown taking on Alvarez touted as the best lightweight in the world.