Mike Wilkins Vs. Roy Merriman: Full Video

Check out STU member Mike Wilkins (1-0) winning his professional debut against Roy Merriman (0-1) this weekend at Complete Devastation MMA 2. Fight starts at 2:25 mark and is definitely worth the time.

Round 2 is after the jump also check out the post fight interview presented by site member Leevancleef.

Mark Cherico Vs. Russell Brletrick: Preview

Russ "Ruthless" Brletrick (7-4) heads into next week's showdown with the seemingly insurmountable task of taking out one of the premiere amateur featherweights in the country in Mark Cherico (8-0).  Most, including myself, have overlooked Brletrick’s path to the finals and written his upcoming rematch against “The Pride” off as a "can't win situation". Most find it hard to shake the memory of their first fight and some will point to Brletrick’s recent competition as being a lower caliber than Cherico’s.   Brletrick hasn’t lost a fight since the summer of 2010 against Maddog fighter Francis Healy and was reeled off 4 straight, 3 in 2011 alone.  In 2011 he has beaten NAAFS mainstay Bhrandon "BP" Poindexter, undefeated Mike Velazquez and most recently Evolve's Sean Serfass.  His 2011 opponent's win/loss record at the time was 13-7. Cherico has taken out 3 of his own in Francis Healy, Mark MacDonald and Mike Putnam who at the time held a win/loss record of 13-3.

Russ and Mark previously met in 09' in what was the 3rd fight for both men.  It was short, 1:25 seconds short, Cherico closed the distance, took Russ down and them took him out.  Things have changed for Russ and a move to south hills based Independent Crew under the tutelage of Brian Pfeifer, has helped immensely.  Before the move Russ was left to his own devices haplessly fighting without a plan or direction.   Four wins later we are looking at Breltrick version 2.0, one who has fought his way through the amateur tournament in dominant fashion.

Mark is undergoing a change in his life too.  A quiet, but serious split, from his original team left “The Pride” camp-less and his career in question.   He even went as far to announce a semi retirement to get his “ducks” in a row.   The reasoning behind the split has never been fully disclosed but I have heard that the decision was mutual and both groups have moved on. The funny thing about being a team-less superstar is that there is always seems to be a place to land.  It didn’t take long for Mark to move to the premier gym in Pittsburgh, Fight Club Pittsburgh and he has made the adjustments quickly.   The move has brought on changes in training and teammates, and now new questions arise. Will Mark come out looking better than ever training and sparring daily with the club’s laundry list of killers?  Or was the old formula the winning one, one that shouldn’t be tampered with?

Was that last question dramatic enough for you to come back and read the prediction?  We will see.

UFC On Fox: This Is The Last One I Swear

I keep a soap box in the basement for moments such as these- Me: Just Now

I have never claimed to be a genius, but I do feel that I have a surplus of common sense. Why is this important?  In most ways, it's not, but I do like to think when someone gives me something for free I can at least appreciate the value.  The UFC made it's debut this weekend on the mega network FOX and the response has been surprising.  One would think that this should be a monumental occasion for fans and sportsmen alike, but instead it is filled with snide and snarky comments by those "in the know". Why? Good question.

I am going to do the best job at explaining this situation that I can so follow me after the jump people, I promise I'll keep it short:

American Hardcore Grappling: Results

It took a few days but the American Hardcore Grappling event results here are in their entirety.  I tossed in a few extra pictures that I have in no particular order, if anyone has any other shots they would like to post, drop them in the comments section.

6 and Under:

  1.  Vanessa Bosh – World Class
  2.  Isaiah Harshman – World Class

8 and Under:

  1.  Damien McCourt – Cougar Karate
  2.  Marina Luca – Contraguerro’s
  3.  Alec Livingston – Contraguerro’s

12 and Under Beginners:

  1. Blake Gendron – Contraguerro’s
  2. Denns Newton – Contraguerro’s
  3. Braden Wilkins – Hayastan

Check out the rest after the jump:

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III: Highlights and Recap

Juan Manuel Marquez met Manny Pacquiao in the middle of the ring last night and preformed better than any of Pacquiao's more recent opponents. In fact, no one has looked that good against Pacquiao since Marquez in their first re-match back in 2008. The un-informed are saying that this performance exposed a flaw(s) in the seemingly unstoppable Pacquiao offensive machine and for once I agree.  Marquez had more success than most have in a long, long time (2008). In reality Manny's "mistake's" were very small and I feel that because most (including myself) expected him to bulldoze Juan early, referring to it as a poor showing from Manny seems to detract from Marquez's overall performance.  Which by the way was pretty f*ckin' awesome.

Marquez fought a very smart and controlled game plan of counter punching combined with body work over the course of the 12 rounds.  Lets take a look at how it went down.

Check out Gifs from IFI and more in the full entry: