Junior Dos Santos Stops Cain Velasquez at 1:04 of Rd. 1:

It was a historic but short night for professional cage fighting. The UFC made it's network Tv debut featuring a heavyweight clash between Champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos.  The fight itself was short enough that it is hard to have a serious take on it either way.  Cain elected to use his standing skills to try and work around the obvious power of Dos Santos and for a minute (give or take) it worked.   He was able to hammer home a few hard low kicks and even get off a right hand or two, but it was all erased by one sky high over hand right from Junior that floored the champion and a few follow up right hands the fight was waived off.  JDS was emotional during the post fight interview with Joe Rogan and rightfully. 

Was this the best foot forward for the move to network TV?  Could have been worse, but my guess is that both the UFC and Fox were expecting this fight to go a touch longer, even though they didn't roll out the main event until 9:40 which left them exactly 20 minutes to finish a potentially 25 minute fight.

Key word is potentially. 

It was a tough fight for Cain, considering the game plan coming in, and Junior came in on point, with that said I don't see Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem having a chance in their pending showdown.  Props to ironforgesiron for the gif.

John Hawk Vs. Roger Hollett Play By Play and Results:

Strongtsyle product John Hawk faced off against Roger Hollet today in a pigtail style bout for who moves on to next years 205 tournament.  

Rd:1  Somehow, someway Bellator  did not remember to edit the Hawk preview and he dropped a few F bombs on national Television, which in my opinion is a once in a life time opportunity. 

No touch and hawk comes out jabbing. Hollet is circling off but neither are looking to commit.  Hollet hammers home a leg kick and Hawk misses with the right hand.  They are opening up alittle more with Hawk getting the better of the small exchanges.  Hollet hops for the superman and it lands hard, Hawk absorbs it but it was a glimpse of Hollets power.   They are working at the bell.

Rd:2 Hawk starts out back on the jab and Hollet is looking to land one punch.  Both guys have been stung a few times and are coming in cautiously.  Hollet is working the low kick and Hawk is staying outside ripping the straight right hand.  Hollet slides in behind a picture perfect right hand that snaps Hawk’s head around but John absorbs no questions asked.   That’s what you call a chin check.  Hawk is now closing the distance and pressing Hollet against the fence.  He is using low knees to the thigh and the bell sounds.

Rd:3  Both guys come out with a little more urgency in this round and are looking to make something happen.  Hawk lands a 1,2 and presses Hollet  against the fence.  Hawk works something through and Hollet is bleeding under his eye. Hollet seems content to work off of the fence and let Hawk control where the fight takes place.   The crowd is getting restless but Hawk is winning the round.   The separate and Hollet goes for a spinning back and Hawk shortly returns one of his own.  

I scored it 29-28 (Rds. 2 and 3) Hawk but the judges saw it 28-29 for Hollet.

Roger Hollet Talks John Hawk and Bellator:

John Hawk (6-3) takes on Roger Hollet (11-3) tonight on the Bellator 58 main card hosted by MTV2 in what is the entry fight into the 2012 light heavyweight tournament.  Hollet was recently interviewed by MMAMania.com and took the opportunity to talk about his upcoming scrap with Hawk:

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): I was in Canton when your upcoming opponent, John Hawk, fought last for Bellator. He basically fought a guy who was out of his league, but from watching him fight, he's a HUGE light heavyweight. He's one of the biggest light heavyweights I've ever seen. Do you have any expectations about dealing with this guy's size?

Roger Hollett: Nah, I've fought big guys before. They're all the same. I'm not worried about his size or anything like that. He should be more worried about his cardio and what I'm gonna do to him. His size doesn't bother me one bit. 

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): So you think cardio is going to be the major factor in this fight?

Roger Hollett: Well yeah, it will be because I'm gonna be coming at him, pushing the pace so I hope his cardio's ready to deal with that.

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): So what do you think about this Hawk character? He's got a 6-3 record with two of those losses coming to top 205-pound prospect Dan Spohn.

Roger Hollett: Well, he's a replacement fighter. It was supposed to be D.J. Linderman, which was a fight I did want. He's ranked up there high and he's a tough guy, he's no pushover, but John's a replacement fight and he's a tough guy, too. We'll see what happens.

Sounds like Hollet maybe taking Hawk a little lightly and that could be very useful for John. These Canadians and their brimming confidence is getting annoying, I'm just kidding I can't stay mad at Canada, I've tried and at this point it's impossible.

UFC on Fox Weigh In: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez

I picked Cain to beat Junior Dos Santos originally because he has more tools and the cardio to pull things off late while Dos Santos tends to fade. After watching this video, I can't help but think that Cain looks a little soft coming in and maybe the injury kept him sidelined for longer than was let on.  I have also heard rumors of an injury during his training camp that kept him off the mats for a few weeks.  The UFC put all of their eggs in one big basket this weekend, will it pay off?

Main Card:

  • Cain Velasquez (249) vs. Junior Dos Santos (239)

Preliminary Card:

  • Clay Guida (156) vs. Ben Henderson (156)
  • Pablo Garza (145) vs. Dustin Poirier (146)
  • Ricardo Lamas (145) vs. Cub Swanson (145)
  • Clay Harvsion (169) vs. DaMarques Johnson (171)
  • Norifumi Yamamoto (135) vs. Darren Uyenoyama (135)
  • Robert Peralta (145) vs. Mackens Semerzier (146)
  • Alex Caceres (136) vs. Cole Escovedo (134)
  • Paul Bradley (171) vs. Mike Pierce (171)
  • Matt Lucas (203) vs. Aaron Rosa (204)