Nov.23rd Feast Of Fists: Results and Play By Play

Here is my slightly edited recap of tonight's event at the Stage AE. The event got off to a later start(around 8:20pm) and the attendance wasn’t as strong early on as some of the other TNT promotions have been so far this year.   They are competing with one of the most popular drinking nights of the year in one of the biggest drinking towns around per cap-it-ta.  The Ring girls were dressed up as “Sexy squaws” and “Pretty Pilgrims”, which is themed appropriately.  Click on the pictures to expand and follow me after the jump for results and other stuff.

NAAFS Night Of Champions 2011: Quick Results

We are in the process of editing the play by play results and will post them as soon as possible.   But until then, here are the quick results from tonight's event provided by STU VIP member Curt Heinrichs.   Big shout out to all of the Pittsburgh fighters who competed tonight.
Preliminary Bouts:

  • Amateur 170 lb bout- Emmanuel Kangah (1-1)  defeats  Keith Dugan (0-3) by TKO  0:27 Round 1
  • Amateur 135 lb bout- Jarrel Hodge (3-0) defeats Roosevelt Archie (2-3) by TKO  0:20 Round 1
  • Amateur 155 lb bout- Bob Tipinski (6-5) defeats Dave Graf (3-4)by TKO 1:08 Round 1

Featured Amateur Title Bouts:

  • 155 lb Amateur Title Bout- Khama Worthy (9-2) defeats Frank Sloan (10-2) by TKO 2:59 Round 1
  • 170 lb Amateur Title Bout- Todd Bevan (8-0) defeats Dave Gabig (6-3) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
  • 185 lb Amateur Title Bout- Dave Lastafka (6-0) defeats Steve Burton (7-2) by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
  • 135 lb Amateur Title Bout- Isaiah Chapman (12-1) defeats Tyler Saltsman (6-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Women’s 135 lb Amateur Title Bout- Evva Johnson (5-1) defeats Rachel Dovidio (5-2) by armbar submission at 2:48 Round 1
  • 145 lb Amateur Title Bout- Mark Cherico (9-0) defeats Russ Brletrick (7-5) by TKO at 1:29 Round 3

Check out the Professional results after the jump:

A Closer Look At Dave Gabig Vs. Todd Bevan:

Both Dave Gabig (6-2) and Todd Bevan (7-0) have stormed onto the NAAFS radar in their own dramatic fashion.   Gabig suplexed and choked Bob Hopkins in two rounds and then showed Kevin Cummings the way to the doctors table in a fight that featured a right hand so pretty that the NAAFS used immortalized it on their tour van.  I'm not kidding about that.   Josh Oppenhiemer slammed Todd Bevan face first into the NAAFS cage and was shortly choked out for his efforts.  Bill Morosetti survived the bout but was stuck defending in what turned out to be a grueling three round ground war.  Both men are consummate professionals looking for the belt and both are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to get it.  I have heard that Bevan looks better than ever and recently won just about everything possible in the American Hardcore Grappling tournament.  Gabig is constantly improving under the watchful eye of MMA mastermind Don Kaecher and striking stalwart Ryan Rimsek.  This is your classic striker versus grappler contest and pits to aspiring amateurs at the top of their game against one another for the NAAFS welterweight strap.  

Let's take a closer look at this title scrap after the jump:

StandThemUp Exclusive: Nick "The Savage" Duell

STU member Curt Heinrichs stepped up on short notice and made his way to the lions den that is Strong Style Martial Arts to get his reportin' on.   Fortunately for us, Curt was successful and brought us some interesting stuff to do on a slow Wednesday before the fights.  Here is a exclusive interview with Nick "The Savage" Duell (8-2) while he is cutting weight in preparation for his co-main event bout against Dominique Steele (5-1) at the NAAFS Night of Champions (tonight).

CH: Steele is a big dude and he’s fought at Heavyweight earlier in his career. Are you expecting him to be ridiculously bigger than you on fight night?

ND: would think that dropping down from a heavier weight, you actually get a lot skinnier before you get acclimated to that weight. I think he’s going to be skinny and lose a lot of muscle weight to get down to 170. I may actually be the bigger fighter on fight night. I know he’s still going to be really strong, though.

Check out the rest of the interview after the jump:

Photo Of The Day: Jessica "Evil" Eye

Jessica (4-1) is set to take on Jennifer Scott (2-1) at the NAAFS 2011 Night Of Champions in Canton, Ohio tonight.   Jessica just recently posted a one sided win over Casey Noland at Bellator 51 and is looking to keep the ball rolling this evening. And yes, I posted this simply because I think she's attractive and find the threat of violence to be a turn-on. I am burying this revelation in a body of text with the thought that most won't actually read it.  I have found surrounding things with words is the easiest way to conceal them from the public. So for those of you who read this part, you got me and to the rest, see you tonight.