RFO Big Guns 15: Full Results

RFO Big Guns 15: Full Results

RFO put together another jammed packed show and from the looks of it, everything went off better than ever which is becoming RFO's new standard.  

I borrowed these results from Bluegrassmma.com because I was too busy living like 3 hours away at the time of the event. They did a nice recap of the event so if you're interested in that head over there and give it a look. 

Check out the full unadulterated results below:

Fight 1 – Jason Bevly (3-4) vs. Brandon Odom (8-11) – Amateur Lightweights
Result: Brandon Odom (9-11) def. Jason Bevly (3-5) via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
Fight 2 – Joshua Peterson (0-0) vs. Nick Spinks (1-1) – Amateur Featherweights
Result: Nick Spinks (2-1) def. Joshua Peterson (0-1) via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 0:09
Fight 3 – Shayne Britton (0-0) vs. Zachary Todi (0-0) – Amateur Featherweights
Result: Shayne Britton (1-0) def. Zachary Todi (0-1) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 2, 1:41
Fight 4 – Quentin Shumard (0-1) vs. Kyle Pongratz (0-0) – Amateur Light Heavyweights
Result: Quentin Shumard (1-1) def. Kyle Pongratz (0-1) via submission (arm bar) – Round 1, 2:20
Fight 5 – Justin Smith (2-0) vs. Dominic Bolasky (1-0) – Amateur Heavyweights
Result: Justin Smith (3-0) def. Dominic Bolasky (1-1) via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 0:32
Fight 6 – Josh Hampton (2-0) vs. Nate Jones (1-1) – Amateur Heavyweights
Result: Nate Jones (2-1) def. Josh Hampton (2-1) via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 0:42
Fight 7 – Desmond Ford (2-2) vs. Kyle Booth (3-5) – Amateur Welterweights
Result: Kyle Booth (4-5) def. Desmond Ford (2-3) via submission (arm bar) – Round 2, 0:31
Fight 8 – Spencer Tuttle (3-2) vs. Ryan Arce (5-3) – Amateur Bantamweights
Results: Ryan Arce (6-3) def. Spencer Tuttle (3-3) via submission (arm bar) – Round 2, 042
Fight 9 – Billy Windrum (5-0) vs. Alex Poinar (4-0) – Amateur Flyweight Title
Result: Billy Windrum (6-0) def. Alex Poinar (4-1) via TKO (eye injury) – Round 1, 3:00
Fight 10 – Rich Cantolina (11-7) vs. Aaron Neighbors (10-6) – Amateur Featherweight Title
Result: Rich Cantolina (12-7) def. Aaron Neighbors (10-7) via submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 2:44
Fight 11 – Leviticus Roberson (1-1) vs. Jeff Hughes (1-0) – Pro Heavyweights
Result: Jeff Hughes (2-0) def. Leviticus Roberson (1-2) via TKO (didn’t answer bell) – Round 2, 5:00
Fight 12 – Cody Gabelman (2-1) vs. Dennis Brown (3-1) – Pro 129 lbs Catchweight
Result: Cody Gabelman (3-1) def. Dennis Brown (3-2) via submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:05
Fight 13 – Eric Bledsoe (2-1) vs. Mike Williams (2-2) – Pro 150 lbs Catchweight
Result: Eric Bledsoe (3-1) def. Mike Wiliams (2-3) via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 1:21
Fight 14 – Josh Longood (1-0) vs. Jeff Mack (0-0) – Pro Bantamweights
Result: Josh Longood (2-0) def. Jeff Mack (0-1) via submission (arm bar) – Round 2, 2:28

Charlie Gathers Takes On UFC Vet Dustin Pague Tonight In Lancaster

                          Charlie Gathers Vs. Dustin Pague

Charlie Gathers (8-6), one of the few people left in the game who will literally fight anyone, is slated to take on former UFC hopeful and one of PA’s upper tier feather weights Dustin Pague (11-10).  At one time Pague was considered to be one of the best 135/145 pounders in the area and officially earned a contract with the UFC back in 2011.  Unfortunately his career hit a pretty major skid when he dropped 7 of his last 8 fights, which obviously did some serious damage to his record. 

Most of Pague’s losses were to higher end UFC talent including current champ T.j Dillashaw so factor that in before passing judgment too harshly.  There are more than a few guys who have bottomed out when they reach the bigger platforms of fighting even though they were previously tearing up the regional circuits.  Sometimes these things happen bros. 

Gathers’ last win was over Bill Hutchinson at Pinnacle FC 9 in a gutsy war that proved to me if nothing else Gathers will hang in there in spite of everything to get the win.   This is a tough fight for Charlie because of Pague’s experience more so than anything else.  Gathers needs to start fast and throw some heat Pague’s way and prepare to stop the takedown, cause it’s coming.  Pague’s offense has looked very average as of late which should help Gathers out if he can turn this thing into a shoot-out.  It also doesn’t hurt that Charlie has taken some time off since his last fight and will be coming in with that great intangible, momentum.

For Charlie to pull off this fairly sizeable upset he needs to do go out and preform much like he has his last three fights and not get lost in the perception of how much better his opponent’s resume is.  We’ve all learned that Gathers has a strong will to win and is durable as shit so he needs to push Pague into that soul searching type fight where both men are hurt and tired and ready to quit.  The best way to do this is to bomb away on the feet and fight off takedowns like he’ll be electrocuted if his back touches the fence or mat and force Pague to dump a bunch of energy getting him to the floor.   

This fight is in Lancaster so if you wanna go you’d actually have to leave like right now and I haven’t heard anything about streaming online yet.  So odds are you’re not going to see this one for a while unless you have an Amish cousin with a time machine and that’s just ridiculous (because Amish people don’t use electricity duh).  I’ll watch out for the video and post when I find it, but until then just keep an eye on everyone’s favorite waste of time, Facebook for results. 

Mazzotta Stops Seyler In 2: Recap and Results

Dom Mazzotta (6-1) and Brandon Seyler (3-2) squared off last night in the GOTC main event at the Syria Shriners hall in Cheswick, Pennsylvania.

It started off as a back and forth affair with both guys working mainly kicks on the feet and trading takedown attempts along the fence. After a few exchanges and a handful of scrambles cageside, Dom put together a beautiful and seemingly endless string of submission attempts that forced Seyler to abandon any offense and focus purely on not getting snagged.  I felt like things were about even until this point where it kinda seemed like even Seyler was like “damn this kid’s in trouble”.  And we’re all like “uh bro we’re talking about you” and he was all like “yeah, I know”.  

Heading into round 2, I had Dom up one round based on effectiveness but started to get the feeling this one was going to be over soon.  A takedown, a scramble and a few ooohs and ahhhs later, I was right. Dom took his back for the second (or third) time in the fight and was able to choke the shit out of Seyler until he was forced to quit. - Just calling it what it is. This kid is so good that not only did he choke a Bellator veteran with relative ease, he ended up exchanging a wedding ring and making a life decision in almost the same amount of time, just a few moments later.  For my friends who don't understand the subtleties of my humor - Dom asked his girlfriend to marry him last night after the fight, in the cage, while wearing a championship belt.  That is about as gangster as you can get while in a Shriner hall in Cheswick.

I'm neither shocked nor surprised because frankly bros, I told you the other day this was going to happen and even during this round.  An unbiased perspective of this roughly 8 minutes of professional fighting left me with this; the day Dom's confidence in his striking matches his confidence in his ground work is going to be the day you realize just how good this guy really is.

You can check out Dom’s next performance which will be his Pinnacle FC debut May 9th at the Iceoplex arena aka Thunderdome. 

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Dom Mazzotta Vs. Brandon Seylor:

This weekend Dom Mazzotta and Brandon Seyler will square off in a very interesting bantamweight match up that pits to very talented men against each other for a trophy and some cash for your entertainment.  You can stream the fight at GOTCmma.com. Here are the top five reasons why you should care about Dom Mazzotta (5-1) Vs. Brandon Seyler (3-1)

Seylor is really talented and has recently upgraded camps:

You may remember Brandon Seyler as the guy who choked amateur Rob Miller to the point where he actually leapt out of the cage and face planted on the ground afterwards.  That’s how most people remember him anyway.  Fun fact time; I was at Seyler’s amateur debut and remember noting him as clearly one of the best at Yankee Lake at the time.  That’s how I remember him. Seyler has a dangerous blend of athletic ability, technical know-how and “higher” end experience that make him an all-around threat to anyone in the regional bantamweight division.

Dom is quickly slicing through the regional 135 pound division and will be the man to beat soon (if not now):

Dom recently beat Bhrandon Poindexter after BP pulled a Cat Zigano like head dive into the jaws of a BJJ black belt early into the fight.  Before that he beat Chris Dunn with half a foot.  The only person to give him any problems at all was UFC prospect Cody Garbrandt and now that he is on to greener pastures Dom has a fairly clear cut line of sight to the top of the mountain. If he dispatches Seyler in his typical dramatic fashion, one could make the argument that he is the best 135 pound fighter in the region.  

Both guys are finishers:

As professionals Mazzotta and Seyler have a combined finishing rate of 70%. That means the chances of this thing going the distance is pretty low.  At the end of the day, this sport is all about finishing your opponent in some manner whether it be a walk off head kick KO or a sneaky guillotine choke.  At the end of the night these finishes are what stick with you.  

The Honey Badger Comes to Pinnacle

STU scribe and BJJ aficionado Jesse Saxon put pen to paper and fingers to keys to create this piece about Dom Mazzotta's up coming move to Pinnacle FC May 9th.  In my opinion it's been a long time a coming and I am very happy to have this addition to our already stacked line up of athletes.  Dom is a good friend of mine, a helluva of a fighter and his resume and skills speak for themselves.   Before his May 9th debut, Mazzotta takes on Branden Seyler this weekend at the Syria Shriners center in Cheswick, Pa.  

As Pinnacle FC returns on Saturday May 9th, 2015, a new, yet familiar, face will be seen in the Pinnacle cage for the first time—Dominic “the Honey Badger” Mazzotta. If you’ve kept an ear to the ground, or at least stopped in to see a few (other) local promotion shows, you’ve undoubtedly heard the name; and now Mazzotta is finally ready to advance his career to the Pinnacle cage.

Mazzotta is a great fit for the card—and the promotion—because he’s (if anything) exciting to watch and a finisher. Four of his six professional fights have ending in a submission victory for the 27-year-old bantamweight. His fifth pro win came by way of decision, but don’t let that one decision fool you into thinking that Mazzotta is anything but a little savage in the cage. He’s got a great ground game that comes with slick Jiu Jitsu. But just because he trains out of the Mat Factory doesn’t mean you can sleep the kid’s stand up, though. He’s got one head kick KO to his credit that undoubtedly spawned from the loins of his TKD background. So when Mazzotta is in the cage, you’re pretty much guaranteed non-stop action regardless of where the fight is taking place.

He’s only been stopped once in his six-fight career, and that was by current UFC bantamweight, Cody “No Love” Garbrandt—in a super-heated (and short lived) rivalry) that you might remember us talking about here. But “the Honey Badger” didn’t let that fight slow down the war wagon and he got back to his winning ways twice since that night.

Looking ahead to the next Pinnacle FC in May, we’ve got a lot to be excited about, but please mark your official fight cards with a little star (or skull, or a honey badger if you’re super-sweet at drawing) next to Mazzotta’s name to remind yourself to empty your bladder before then so you do not miss a moment of this fight. All of Mazzotta’s finishes came early in the fight, either in the first or second round, and the level of skill he brings to the fight is something to witness. Personally, I can’t wait. Professionally, well, here at STU we try not to use that word so I won’t. Let me close in saying that: if this upcoming Pinnacle card continues to produce big names/big fights like this, then I suggest getting a table seat now before they sell out because this is going to be a huge night of big fights.