Mark Cherico Set To Make Pro Boxing Debut Feb. 7th:

Mark Cherico (7-1) recently suffered his first defeat at the hands of gritty veteran Brian Kelleher (11-7) back in November and has since approached the sport with a take no prisoners attitude. Cherico is set to make his professional boxing debut for Mademen promotions Saturday, February 7th at the Serbian Cultural center in Weirton, West Virginia. 

Personally, I have always said that a good way to measure an athlete in this sport is not to watch thier wins, but watch what they do after the inevitable loss. Because let's face it, in the crazy world of cagefighting -factoring in the 300+ variables that can happen in the middle of a scramble while running full tilt into another well trained athlete- everyone loses eventually. Cherico is re-motivated and looking to move forward past the first loss of his entire career.   Cherico fully intends on continuing his MMA career, but figured why not change it up once while sharpening another tool. 

If you have never been a to a professional boxing match before, it is definitely worth the trip.  Tickets will be on sale next week.

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Travis Clark Scores 1st Round Come Back KO: Full Fight

          Travis Clark Scores 1st Round Come Back KO: Full Fight 

Travis "The Terror" Clark (6-0)  put together one of the more memorable performances of his career this weekend with his come from behind KO win in what looked to be a pretty serious upset.  I could explain it to you in beautiful adjective laced detail but I feel like watching the video does all the justice this fight needs.  

And then some. 

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MadeMen Promotions Doubleheader, This Weekend:

Don't miss the double header night of boxing going down at the Wheeling Island race track and casino this weekend featuring some named fighters including Travis Clark, Jason Bergman and Josh Baker. 

There is also a 155 pound semi pro tournament that spans the two day event.  I have a kid (well adult) fighting in the tournament for the first time so if you are in attendance you may notice me ringside.  I'll be the one holding the big paper check at the end.   These shows are always a good time and are relatively affordable at  45$ for two day entry. 

Tickets are available online at

Cody Garbrandt Training At TAM: New Video

                         Cody Garbrandt Prepares For UFC 182

Pinnacle FC bantamweight champion and personal friend Cody "No Love" Garbrandt (5-0) has been doubling down on his efforts in preparation for his up coming UFC debut against Marcus Brimmage (7-3).  Garbrandt has been sharpening up the swords in lieu of this debut and has looked lightning fast on the training videos he has been releasing. 

Brimmage is a stiff test for most UFC newcomers but being a betting man I would bet the house, one dog and the beater car that Garbrandt takes home a win in his first try. 

Check out his latest video above. 

Eric Bledsoe Vs. James Mogollon: Full Fight

                  Eric Bledsoe Vs. James Mogollon: Full Fight 

James Mogollon (3-1) is a tough guy who was able to stifle another very tough guy in Eric Bledsoe (2-1) with strong pressure and a granite face.  Bledsoe did what he could to try and turn the fight around in the 3rd, but the judges decided that Mogollon had successfully secured the 1st and 2nd rounds and awarded him the decision. 

Check out the full fight above.