Chris Mitchell Vs. Treg Wells: Full Fight

"Philly" Chris Mitchell (3-2) put together the performance of his career against a very game and skilled opponent in Treg Wells (7-4) last weekend at Pinnacle FC 10.   Here is the video of the scrap in all it's Technicolor glory courtesy of Pinnacle Fighting Championships along with photography via Metcon Photos. 


Latimore Looks To Hand Out Speech and Vision Issues This Friday:

May 22nd Wheeling 

STU OG Ed Latimore (7-0) steps back into the squared circle this Friday in an attempt at keeping the streak alive by taking on experienced pugilist Robert "Big Philly" Hawkins.  Hawkins is a 46 fight veteran and has been in there with some of the world's best.  At 7-0, Latimore is in tough spot in his career  and I'll tell you why. 

For all intents and purposes he's widely (and wisely) avoided by most sensible heavyweight journeymen who quickly decide that maintaining brain cells trumps 1,500 cash and 2 nights at the Ramada Inn. Which means that he is now running out of options and that usually leads to stepping up the level of competition faster than what other prospects at this level are currently facing.  It's one thing to beat everyone on points and out box guys in a lopsided decision, it's another thing entirely to hand out brain damage by the fist full round after round until eventually you're waking up the next day and your ears are bleeding. Latimore is a nice guy in person but a real motherfucker in the ring and he's going to hit you with handfuls of Parkinson's until you go down or the round ends and guys are starting to wising up. I like it think of it as if he was metaphorically Oprah handing out shit to all the dummies that come to her live show "and you have brain damage, and you have brain damage, and you will notice speech issues and you may have the early onset of an aneurysm". 

So instead of traveling along the normal, early boxing prospect trajectory of fighting nothing but total cans until around fight 17 or so, Eddie is already facing off against 40+ fight vets because the rest obviously have internet access and after a quick Google search collectively said "fuck that".  It is going to be a tricky road moving forward, but equally rewarding should he continue to stone his respective opponents every time out.
Also it's worth mentioning that Matt Conway is making his professional debut and at 21 with over 100+ amateur fights he's got a real shot at a prosperous career.  I've watched Conway since his early amateur days and expect him to transition nicely from punching people for free to punching people for money. 

Come check both of these guys out plus more this Friday at Wheeling Island, the fighting starts at 7:00 Pm. 

Dann Cucuta Vs. Jesse Murray: Full Fight

It may not come as a complete shock to you bros that every once in awhile when guys get into a cage and fight one another, some crazy shit happens.  

This fight is one of those times.

Jesse Murray (2-1) and Dann Cucuta (3-1) put on one of the most controversial and unbelievable contests in Pinnacle FC history. 

I can't do it anymore justice so I will leave it at that, check it out for yourself.

Caged Madness 36: Full Card For Tomorrow Night

Caged Madness 36 

Caged Madness 36 is going off tomorrow at the Tadmor Shrine in Arkon, Ohio and features another stout line up of amateur prospects.  Everyone's favorite sparring partner Luke Burdette is on the card taking on Josh Faison and Devonte Smith returns to take on Jeremiah Leviege.  A.J Wilkins, younger brother to Pittsburgh standout Mike Wilkins, is making his amateur debut against Brandon Spring Matt Rhodes. Wilkins comes in with a pretty elite wrestling background and should be one to watch in the coming months. 

Check out the full card below:

  • 185 title fight : (3-1) Devon Kelleher vs (4-1) Frankie Festa 
  • SHW title fight : (5-4) Eddy Faison vs (4-2) Chris Araujo 
  • 155 Interim Belt fight : (6-2-1) Devonte Smith vs (3-2) Jeremiah Leviege 
  • 160 : (3-3)Mike Seibert vs (3-2) Sean Felton 
  • 185 : (2-0) Marlon Baker vs (0-0) Paul Ostlund 
  • HW : (3-3) Mesmaran Sunsearay vs (3-3) Chris Wood 
  • 130 : (0-4) Joe Myers vs (1-5) George Murphy 
  • 155 : (2-6) Josh Faison vs (3-4) Luke Burdette 
  • 185 : (1-0)Cory Ferris vs (1-0)Josh Paulus 
  • 135: (1-3) Shawn Rall vs (1-1) Tyler Ball 
  • 155 : (1-0) Dustin Bates vs (0-0) Karch Marhofer 
  • 185 : (0-0) Justan Grandison vs (0-0) Robert Johnston 
  • 170 : (1-1) Ben Meese vs (0-1) Daniel Kimble 
  • 155 : (0-1) Frank Sano vs (0-3) Cameron Caldwell 
  • 135 : (1-1) Joe Riley vs (1-0) Victor Christian 
  • 125 : (0-0) Brandon Spring Matt Rhodes (0-1) vs (0-0) Alan Wilkins

Mark Cherico Vs. Darby Halferty: Full Fight

Mark Cherico (8-1) returned to his winning ways with his impressive performance over the previously undefeated Darby Halferty (3-1). Cherico showed a technical prowess that is typically only found at the highest levels of the game and although Darby showed up looking for the upset, Cherico proved to be too much too soon for the rising prospect.

Check out the video below: