Bill Hutchinson Returns To BKB April 4th:

Bill Hutchinson (8-1-4) returns to the BKB pit this New Year to finally get his chance at punching someone else in the face.  “Hutch” will be taking part April 4th in the BKB (Big Knockout Boxing formerly known as Bare Knuckle Boxing) arena in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada in what will be his second effort with the promotion.  His first time out was cut short due to his opponent’s non-compliant drug test results and unfortunately the bout was called off.

Not this time.

Well I guess technically it could happen again but "not this time" sounded more dramatic. 

BKB has brought Hutch back to Vegas in an effort to introduce him into the newest form of face punching where two guys are squared off in a small pit with even smaller gloves on and encouraged to hit each other.   Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.  Now here’s an interesting part for our local hero, some boxing pundits are actually starting to see the benefit behind this “forced action” approach and BKB’s popularity and respect are growing in kind.   But they are missing one major factor behind any good promotion; they don’t have any stars yet.  Gabe Rosado and Bryan Vera have competed at one event but with mixed results as far as public relevance goes.  This means that door is open for anyone who can step in and put it all together. 

Enter our protagonist: William “Babyface” Hutchinson

Bill has an even blend of speed, power and athleticism without any of the typical “out-of-ring” trappings that usually accompany this and that mixed in with the ability to speak in front of a camera means young William is only a few fights away from being first in line at the BKB star power window.

As it stands right now Bill’s lined up against Robert Garcia fighter and BKB veteran Herbert Acevedo (11-2), which if you google, you will find out that this is not going to be an easy task.    Don’t worry bros, we’ve got a plan, which I obviously can’t tell you about over the internet but if you come up to the gym you can see it in action.

Bill is also planning on stepping back inside the Pinnacle cage May 9th so if you’re into that sort of thing, there’s that to look forward to as well.   Check back for more as it is released. 

5 Quick Things You Should Know About Sammy Vasquez's Fight Feb. 20th:

Sammy Vasquez jr. (17-0) returns to the Consol energy center February 20th to take on Emmanuel Lartey (16-2) in the main event. I don't know much bros, but I do know a few things about this up coming showdown and here are the 5 quick things you should know. 

1.  Mike Tyson is sitting this one out

This event is not being promoted by Iron Mike Productions.  Apparently Tyson is all "wapped up" (had to) in litigation with his former promotional company and is riding the bench for a while.  The more I hear about this situation combined with my background in promoting, I am going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb here and say Tyson won't be back to the steel city again unless he gets free tickets to a stillers game. 
2.  Goossen promotes some of the top names in boxing

The promoter Goossen promotions actually got his start promoting Mr. T - I shit you not bros- and eventually ended up working his way into boxing promotions.  They promote current star Andre Ward and the formerly avoided punisher, Paul Williams.  You are only as good as the best guy in your stable and their best guy is arguably the best on the planet, so that's pretty good. 
3.  Not many people know this is happening

There has been basically zero promotion done for this fight.  I have no idea how they plan on paying for the Consol energy center which comes at a neat little price tag of around 40K a show, but hey that's none of my business.  I know Sammy is a huge draw as far as Pittsburgh fighters are concerned but the venue is huge and 2,000 people makes the place look empty. #justsayin
4. They are brining in out of Tahners 

Reportedly the undercard features mostly out of towners which we have all learned is usually the kiss of death.  Pittsburgh just doesn't have that ravenous boxing fan base like they did in the 50's and therefore they won't just show up for anyone just because for "love of the game".   However I have heard a recent rumor is that the original Pittsburgh kid Paul Spadafora may be now added to the card. Nothing official on that one yet. 
5.  Lartey has a decent resume

Lartey is pretty good.   He recently beat Steve Forbes and his only two losses come at the hands of rising star Errol Spence and the undefeated Felix Diaz.  He's not a huge puncher but has never been stopped before and with a name like Spence (15-0 12KOS) on your resume, that's fairly impressive. With that said, I expect Sammy to cruise to a late finish or a one sided decision fairly comfortably and move to a perfect 18-0. 

Cody Garbrandt calls out Ian McCall, shit just got real

News flash: Cody "No Love" Garbrandt (6-0) is still a badass, calling out fools who diss him in one way or another.

That's why I wasn't surprised when someone sent me a Facebook message linking to Garbrandt's recent response to Ian McCall's recent dissing of Team Alpha Male.

I was actually less surprised than I was excited, because one of my favorite times covering local MMA was all of the drama last year between Garbrandt and Pittsburgh fighter Dominic Mazzotta. And the best part about that was that both guys decided to get in the cage and settle their dispute like f*cking warriors.

Professional prize fighting is just more exciting when the guys talk shit. I mean, Daniel Cormier actually made a lot of us believe that he had a chance against Jon Jones, if only because he clearly won the verbal sparring battles. Chael Sonnen has perfected the ability to talk his way into title fight after title fight, and no matter what any jabroni has to say about it, he's getting paid. Or was getting paid, no he's in the old folks retirement home, probably trash talking some 75-year-old grandpa and bullying his way to extra pudding and stuff.

So to be honest I'm pretty thrilled that Garbrandt is a) being himself and taking things personal when someone talks shit about him and his team, and b) putting himself on the radar of stacked young, hungry bantamweights in the UFC.

There are a ton of talented fighters in the UFC, but seriously who outside of MMA nerds like myself and Leyshock and that nerd Jesse Saxon (love you, bud) actually know who Aljamain Sterling is? And that guy will almost certainly be the freaking champ one day.

But everybody - to the tune of 3.5 million viewers and a record for Fox Sports 1 - knows who Conor McGregor is. The only difference between Sterling and McGregor is the fact that McGregor puts his money where his mouth is, and he'll be fighting for a UFC title inside of a stadium sometime in the near future.

So Cody, please keep talking. Because we all know you can back it up.

Here are some highlights of the lack of love from "No Love":

Him calling us out like frat guys is like a fat girl calling a cheerleader a whore,” Garbrandt said. “[Team Alpha male teammate] Joe [Benavidez] whipped his ass, so I don’t know; it looks like maybe he wants another Team Alpha Male member to do it.

I think he’s basic and he has stupid hair and a stupid mustache.”

I guarantee that he would never come up to one of our Team Alpha Male guys and say that we’re douchebags and walk away with his mustache still on his face.”

And my personal favorite:

I’ll carve him up like a pumpkin.”

Ladies and gentlemen, your Pinnacle FC bantamweight champion of the world. Nay, universe.

Pittsburgh Boxers Are Heading To Cleveland This Weekend:

Boxing in Cleveland Saturday

There are some Pittsburgh boxing teams making the trek to Cleveland this weekend to compete at the "Battle In The Ballroom" event put on by Kincaid-Godhard promotions.  Conn-Grebb Heavyweight Jordan Roussos will be taking on champion Alante Green for the heavyweight title,  along with a few other notable gyms like Boyce PAL and even Southside Boxing Club will make an appearance.  

Check out the press release below:

2 Title Fights Highlight “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV” On Jan. 31ST                                            

WHAT: Live Amateur Boxing

WHEN: Sat. Jan. 31, 2015

WHERE: Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom

(6417 St. Clair Ave. / Cleveland, OH 44103)

 Cleveland, OH – January 13, 2015 – After 13 straight packed to the rafters, standing room only crowds, boxing returns to Cleveland with “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV”, on Saturday, January 31st.

The 10-bout card will take place at the Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom, located at 6417 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Built by immigrants in 1924, the ballroom was designated a Cleveland landmark in 1984.

“The Historic Slovenian Nat’l Ballroom is an amazing venue to showcase Cleveland’s top talent and we’re thrilled to be back for this event. The crowd is electrifying, and the intimacy of the venue makes everyone feel a part of the show,” said Kincaid.


  • HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Alante Green (3X champion) vs. Jordon Roussos (Conn-Grebb Boxing)
  • MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Jamar Watkins (challenger) vs. Craig Kido (challenger)

In a “NE OHIO HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP” bout, Empire Boxing Club’s Alante Green puts his title on the line against Pittsburgh’s Jordon Roussos from the Conn-Greb Boxing Club. The explosive Green captured the title on January 19, 2013 in a thrilling 3-round war. He then defended the title with a crunching 2nd round KO on September 23, 2013. And he defended the title with a bruising 1st round KO on November 1, 2014.

In a “NE OHIO MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP” bout, PAL-Thurogood’s Jamar Watkins meets up with Pittsburgh’s Craig Kido from the Boyce A.C. Boxing. Watkins was the 2014 Cleveland Golden Gloves champion, while Kido was the 2014 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves champion. 

Doors on the evening of the event will open at 6PM with the first bell at 7PM. Adult beverages, food, and refreshments will be available. FREE secure parking is located directly behind the venue.

A limited number of tickets for “BATTLE IN THE BALLROOM XIV”, starting at $25, can be purchased through the Kincaid-Godhard Promotions box office at 440-223-7409 or online

Check Out This Awesome Khama Worthy Highlight Video:

                        Khama Worthy's New Highlight Video

Since his first amateur fight where he won with an uppercut KO, I knew khama worthy (7-2) was something special.  Over the years he has proven me right time and time again by going to war with anyone and everyone we can find willing to try their luck against the Deathstar.
This new highlight clip is filled to the brim with "fuck yeah" moments topped off with a few fights you may have forgotten about but are really, really happy to be reminded of. Visually of course.  From his stoppage wins over Anthony Morgan and Jacob Butler, to his war with Reggier Merriweather and his most recent win over Matt Dimarcantonio this video has bucket loads of good ol' fashion violence.

Worthy is headed to Virginia to take on William Quarantillo (5-1) February 28th for the featherweight Strike Off strap. I'm not sure if the event is available on pay per view yet or not but keep your eyes open for a link as we get closer to the fight.