Khama Worthy Vs. Matt Dimarcantonio: Full Fight

                Khama Worthy Vs. Matt Dimarcantonio: Full Fight

Khama Worthy (7-2) stopped Matt Dimarcantonio (6-5) Wednesday night with a hailstorm of hammer fists in one of the more entertaining bouts of the evening.   Check out the video above as Worthy does it again with another KO of the night performance over a super tough opponent in Dimarcantonio. 

Pinnacle FC 9 Recap And Results

Pinnacle FC 9 Recap And Results 

Jesse Saxon put together an amazing and indepth recap of our event that went down last night.  

Check it out below;

People falling down on Thanksgiving Eve has grown into a new national pastime. As colleges across the country pause the Fall semester for Thanksgiving break, throngs of drinking-age twenty-somethings gather at local watering holes and reconnect with old friends over copious amounts of alcohol—and often fall down.   But Pinnacle FC has one-upped that to replace the root cause of the falling from alcohol to punches by giving fight fans an annual event full of friends, fights, and of course, a bar (for those interested and of age). At this year’s Pinnacle FC 9, we saw eight bouts, all full of action.

Mac ((the Younger) not to be confused with Brian) Kelleher got the party started with the opening amateur bouts when he submitted Cortland Woodard in 0:23 of the first round. It sort of goes without saying that there isn’t going to be a lot of commentary here. Woodard shot in for a low single that allowed Kelleher the Younger to use his free leg to get a hook in as he transitioned to Woodard’s back and get the Rear Naked Choke. It was a slick transition, to be sure, and I’m going to be curious to see where Mac’s career goes from here.

Local action continued with Charleroi Octane MMA fighter, Brandon Lauderback welcoming Vladimir Jean-Philippe of Morgantown, WV’s Fitness Plus Tae Kwan Do to the Pinnacle ring. The first round started with Jean-Philippe (who I hope one day incorporates the French fighting art of Savate into his game for coolness sake) opening up on Lauderback with hard punches that clearly put Lauderback on Queer Street quick. Lauderback’s internal GPS recalculated quickly enough to get him out of danger and into the second round where more of VJP’s punches and kicks found homes all over Lauderback’s body—two of which made Lauderback’s mouthpiece quit and jump out of his mouth; but not enough to end the fight. The third round saw Lauderback get back into action and moving forward, throwing strikes, securing a takedown and attempting a Rear Naked that VJP was able to work out of. VJP maintained the top game and ultimately secured a one-sided decision that the judges somehow saw as a split decision.

The next two fights were for amateur titles. Hometown favorite Malik Epperson stepped in against Nick Adkins from East Liverpool, OH. This fight was back and forth for all three rounds, and I personally found it very hard to score. Adkins came out aggressive, and Epperson was able to pick (and land) his shots. The first round saw a fun combination of two different stand-up styles and both of them working for their respective pugilists. The second round saw more of the same with Adkins trying to impose his will and set the pace. Epperson was and to eventually work to an armbar that Adkins was able to Hitchhiker Escape out of, then land some bombs from the top to close the round. Epperson must’ve felt something in that armbar because in the third round he drug Adkins to the ground. Adkins showed resilience and got to the top where he uncorked on Epperson for the remainder of the fight. The fight went to the judges who scored it for Malik Epperson—your new amateur Welterweight champion.

The amateur Flyweight championship was next with Alec Hohman and Vic Guarriello. This fight was a good demonstration of how powerful wrestling can be in the cage. Both Hohman and Guarriello came out looking dictate the fight, but it was Hohman who went on to, convincingly, dominate all three rounds. Believe me, I would love to gush about how tough Hohman looked, and how impressive he was, but I don’t want to sound like I have a crush on him. The fight went to a decision, but there was never a question of who was walking away with the strap here. Hohman, ironically, looked like the veteran out there and really out-classed the 7-7 Guarriello. Normally, I don’t like decisions (who does?), but Hohman not finishing Guarriello was possibly the more embarrassing ending than the fight getting stopped.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Order the Pinnacle FC 9 Stream on

Before you put yourself ?in a food coma tomorrow, you should park yourself in front of your computer this evening, as Pinnacle FC 9 is set to air live via iPPV over on

Tickets are all but gone for the event at the Iceoplex, but you can still cuddle up with your dog in front of your computer with a nice piece of pumpkin pie and check out the live stream of the entire event for the low price of $14.99.

I will be calling the action alongside professional broadcaster Ryan Cavanaugh, and 8 fantastic bouts are on tap.

Still not sold on purchasing the event online? Well take a look at the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Order the Pinnacle FC 9 Stream on below:

The latest boxing-to-MMA crossover takes place

It's not a true boxing-to-MMA crossover, as Bill Hutchinson actually does hold a 2-1 amateur MMA record that pre-dates his 8-1-4 professional boxing career. Hell, he even won a fight via submission. But it has been five years since he has strapped on the little gloves and stepped in the cage, so the level of intrigue about what exactly is going to happen is certainly high.

His fight with Charlie Gathers (7-7) will tell us a lot, because the "Mad Man" has been on a little bit of a roll as of late and he also isn't known for backing down. He hasn't exactly come out and said that he'll stand toe-to-toe with Hutch, which I don't blame him for, but I'm betting that Gathers will at least try to make things ugly on the feet before trying to take things down to the ground if he gets in trouble.

There is an amateur title is on the line

Alec Hohman (3-0) has been one of the biggest breakout stars inside the Pinnacle FC cage this year, and he'll get his first crack at gold as he faces veteran Victor Guarriello (7-7) in the amateur main event with the flyweight title on the line.

Hohman has put on a pair of impressive performances already this year, but this will be his toughest test to date against a fighter who has faced some of the best lighter weight opponents that this area has to offer.

This is probably Mark Cherico's last fight on the regional scene

They are beginning to drop like flies. Cody Garbrandt became the second Pinnacle FC veteran to sign with the UFC, and Mark Cherico (7-0) could very well be the third before the end of the year. But before he signs to compete in the Octagon, Brian Kelleher (10-7) will have something to say about that perfect record that "The Pride" currently has in back pocket. Kelleher is good everywhere, and comes in with the upset on his mind while Cherico has all of the pressure.

I'm betting that things will get very interesting before this one is over.

Top prospects

Aside from the guys already mentioned, you also get to witness some of the area's top prospects with big show aspirations as well. Khama Worthy (6-2) will look for his sixth straight win inside the Pinnacle cage, as he too is on the verge of signing with a national organization.

The fight that everybody seems to be overlooking could turn out to be one of the best. Eric Bledsoe (2-0) will look to stay unbeaten when he welcomes James Mogollon (2-1) to the Pinnacle cage. Bledsoe gets better by leaps and bounds each time out, while Mogollon is one of the best young fighters out of Indiana.

The fight card

It's quality over quantity this time with just eight fights on tap, but each one has the potential to absolutely tear the house down. Here's the lineup:

Professional Line Up

  • Mark Cherico Vs. Brian Kelleher
  • Khama Worthy Vs. Matt DiMarcantonio
  • Bill Hutchinson Vs. Charlie Gathers
  • Eric Bledsoe Vs. James Mogollon

Amateur line up

  • Alec Hohman Vs. Victor Guarriello - Flyweight Title
  • Malik Epperson Vs. Nick Adkins
  • Brandon Lauderback Vs. Vladimir Jean-Philippe
  • Cortland Woodard Vs. Max Kelleher

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Alec Hohman vs. Victor Guarriello

It's becoming quite the honor to be featured as the amateur main event the night before Thanksgiving, and this flyweight title bout pits one of the fastest rising stars in the Pinnacle FC ranks against a veteran who challenged for a title on this same card a year ago.

Alec Hohman (3-0) is unbeaten in his career thus far, and he has been one of the breakout stars this year inside the Pinnacle FC cage. His fan base continues to grow, and he looks to add his first title of what could be many in his trophy case. Victor Guarriello (7-7) is nicknamed "Testa Dura," which means hard headed. So yeah, that's pretty cool.  

If you haven't reserved your tickets for this event, do so now because they are going very quickly as this is one of our biggest events to date.  And if you can't make it out to the beautiful Iceoplex, be sure to order the iPPV now by clicking here.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should care about this fight:

This is Hohman’s biggest test by far

Guarriello has almost 5 times as many fights as Hohman, and despite being four years younger, he has an immense experience advantage when it comes to contests where the little gloves are strapped on. Hohman is no stranger to competition, though, as he was a wrestler and traditional martial artist long before trying his hand at this MMA thing. A big difference in this fight is the level of guys that each fighter has faced. Guarriello’s record is littered with top names like Tyler Saltsman, Isaiah Chapman, Cody Garbrandt, Ray Yanez, and Dave Crockett. He’s come up short against all of those guys, but he does have that mentality of being willing to fight anybody, and he has even fought most of his career at a higher weight class due to the shortage of flyweights. This is a serious test for Hohman, who passed his first test against a veteran earlier this year with an impressive win over Jon Coffman. If he can pass this one as well, he’ll be rewarded with Pinnacle gold.

Guarriello tends to be involved in exciting fights

I’ve seen more than a handful of Guarriello’s fights live, and he’s always a guy that I circle on my fight card, because I just like to see him fight. He has a go-for-broke style, and while that can cost him sometimes against top names, he never fights scared and fans always seem to enjoy watching him fight. There’s a reason why promoters in Ohio and Pennsylvania consistently book him to drive from New York to compete.

The little guys are always exciting

For the same reason why fans love how heavyweights can pull the big kibosh at any minute, I love the lighter guys, because cardio is never an issue and it’s always fun to see two lighter weight fighters bouncing all over the cage like they’re in a human version of Pong. Guarriello has actually fought most of his career up a weight class (or two), due to the fact that there just aren’t that many 125-pound guys around. Hohman is also cutting down to flyweight for the first time. It will be a new experience for a guy who admits that he has never cut weight before, even during his days as a wrestler.

Hohman is a generally good dude

Sure, you may be saying, “What does being a good guy have to do with being an entertaining fighter? Isn’t Tito Ortiz doing pretty well for himself?” And I would say to that, “Yes, but it doesn’t hurt to know that your favorite pugilist is the type of guy who goes to hospitals and visits sick kids when he’s not busy beating the crap out of another human.” And to that you might say, “OK David, you make a lot of sense, I should probably listen to you a lot more and even follow you on Twitter.”

It’s for a title

Duh. Championship gold being on the line always adds that little something extra to a fight, but let’s break down this contest a little further.

Hohman has a good boxing base, using his jab well from the Southpaw stance and circling the correct way. He also is adept at stealing that outside position with his lead foot and cutting off the cage so that orthodox fighters can’t counter him with hooks all day. His shots are well-timed, and he’s quick on the ground in scramble positions. There don’t seem to be a ton of holes in his game, but I’m guessing that we’ll see more of his striking on display against the grappling based Guarriello.

Guarriello’s striking is mostly straight forward, and he keeps things tight because he is typically the fighter with the shorter reach and trying to land hooks and crazy things from the outside probably wouldn’t work. He has a good clinch game and can get the fight to the ground if he wants, especially at flyweight where he is a pretty big fighter for the class. One of his two worst habits are diving into chokes when he clinches against the fence, which could be easily solved by keeping his head up and not over-committing to double leg attempts. The other is that he also isn’t as active off of his back as I’d like, but he hasn’t been taken down much in recent fights that I’ve seen. All in all, I expect this fight to be fought just about everywhere, and at this point Hohman is probably the more complete fighter.

Mark Cherico, Main Events, and UFC Talk

STU newcomer Jesse Saxon put together a seriously nice piece on Pinnacle FC champ and main eventer Mark Cherico that all you bros should read when you get a second.  I won't bore you with filler, but I will note that if you are planning on coming to the fight, we are down to general admission only and appear to be careening into a sold out show.  If you want to grab some last minute tickets, you can do so at  Check out Saxon's piece below:

Well you’ve undoubtedly seen The Godfather of Pittsburgh by now—where you get an inside look at what being an Italian in Pittsburgh is like, sort of. But in Pittsburgh, being an Italian isn’t as glamorous as being able to make a living by calling up your uncle for a job that pays in cash under the table; and finding yourself in the extraordinary circumstances that are often portrayed in the mass media. Take the Bloomfield neighborhood for example: Often referred to as “Pittsburgh’s Little Italy” for its heavily-Italian population, it’s also known to be very close-knit, and the embodiment of Pittsburgh’s blue collar work ethic. Local author, Chris Potter, says of Bloomfield “Bloomfield has always taken pride in its modest working-class aspirations and a lack of...upper-class trappings.”

Enter Mark “The Pride of Bloomfield” Cherico. The 7-0 pro will headline Pinnacle FC 9 on the 26th of this month alongside 10-7 Brian Kelleher. But Cherico won’t be in the ring alone. As his nickname suggests, Cherico will have an entire neighborhood backing him. For the uninitiated, get ready for something special.

Cherico in the ring is something fun to watch, and the support staff is the Pittsburgh equivalent of a UK soccer club’s firm making the opposition as uncomfortable as possible from their seats. But that’s not to say that the fans are what makes the fighter. Make no mistake about it: Cherico is undefeated for a reason. Since turning pro in 2012, he came out on a heater going 5 for 5 in the cage with 4 straight win via a first round submission, and the fifth fight with a second round TKO in June of 2013. With that sort of run, ‘UFC talk’ isn’t far behind.

Cherico’s next two fights took place in March and July earlier this year, with each ending with a win by decision. Don’t get it twisted, a win is a win is a win, but it’s much harder to ‘decision yourself’ into the UFC.

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